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Mobile Legends: Miya Build Guide

Miya, Copyright Moonton

Miya, Copyright Moonton

Miya is your typical range ADC (Attack Damage Carry). Its main role is to safely position itself out of danger, then wipe down enemies quickly. The character is also great in pushing lanes as well as destroying enemy turrets.

If you are starting or never played Miya before, this guide will assist you in both building and playing the character.


High Attack Damage

Excellent Attack Speed


Can escape to movement impairing effects

Ease of use


Very low defense

Miya, Copyright Moonton

Miya, Copyright Moonton


Turbo – Miya is all about basic attacking a lot. The more she hits the target, the faster her attack speed increases. This is her passive skill.

Fission Shot – Increase the damage of your basic attacks for a short duration. You also fire additional split arrows to hit additional enemies. Use Fission Shot for both clashes and lane clearing.

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Rain of Arrows – The first active skill that you should have. Rain of Arrows lets you shoot down arrows from the sky that deals a lot of damage. Struck enemies are also slowed down or frozen if they stayed in the skills range for too long. Max this skill first.

Turbo Stealth – Miya’s ultimate skill can be used for both offensive and defensive. Offensively, you activate Turbo Stealth to increase both of your attack speed and movement speed. Defensively, this skill can also be used to free yourself from control-impairing effects. Max this skill whenever it is available.

Flicker – You will mostly going to use this ability for escaping danger.

Arrival – Choose this ability if you want to have the advantage of mobility.


Physical Assassin Emblem – Provides slight boost to your offensive capabilities, with bonus to cooldown reduction and movement speed.

High Damage Build Setup

Haas’s Claws – Your first priority is to get an item that can sustain your health.

Swift Boots – Movement speed with some attack speed bonus.

Scarlet Phantom – Damage multiplier plus excellent attack speed boost.

Berserker’s Fury – This item will greatly enhance you critical strike chance and damage. It complements well with Scarlet Phantom

Blade of Despair – Your ultimate weapon. Blade of Despair maybe expensive, but it’s worth it once you get your hands into this weapon.

Immortality – In case you get yourself killed. You have a second chance to make things right.

Note: When you completed this whole item list. You can swap Swift Boots for Windtalker.

Low Budget Pusher Build Setup

The item list from this build is much cheaper, which makes it easier to complete. It is recommended for beginners or to those whose playstyle is more of pushing lanes.

Haas’s Claws

Swift Boots

Windtalker – This items grants you mobility, attack speed, and lane clearing advantage at affordable price.

Malefic Roar – Also known as, “The Armor Buster”. This item can penetrate both enemy’s armor or turret’s armor.

Berserker’s Fury


Note: When you completed this whole item list. You can swap Swift Boots for Blade of Despair.

Miya, Copyright Moonton

Miya, Copyright Moonton

How To Play Miya?

As I mentioned, Miya is your typical range ADC. Her play style is all about using basic attacks, then her active skills to boost its capabilities.

At the beginning of game, clear the nearest jungle in your lane first. For best results, get help from your team mates. Doing this will give you an edge in experience level.

On lane clearing, try your best to hit as much enemies as you can with Rain of Arrows. Then you can also use Fission Shot for faster result.

During team clashes, always stay behind. Wait for enemy team to unleash their crown control skills before being aggressive on attacking, then finish them off with your powerful attacks. When enemies are trying to attack you, do the kiting method (Kitting is shooting enemies while walking backwards). An effective Miya is all about good positioning, this means knowing when to attack and when to back-out.

- Arc

© 2017 Arc Sosangyo

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