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Mobile Legends Magic Chess: Tips and Tricks

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Magic Chess

Magic Chess is one of the arcade games in Mobile Legends Bangbang (MLBB), which is among the most played mobile games in this day. The characters in Magic Chess is similar with the characters in the classic ML game, however, this is a strategy game where you only place your heroes in the board and let them fight automatically. The only input required from the player here is the placement of heroes and the management of gold and items. In this article, I will show you some tips and tricks you can use to be victorious in Magic Chess.

How to play

First, let us go with the basics of the game. You are given 100 lifepoints at the beginning of the game. Each time you lose, your lifepoints will be reduce depending on how many enemy units are remaining and what level are those remaining units. The enemy changes per round, you can either fight against enemy players (pvp rounds) or vs monsters (pve rounds). Pve rounds gives you a chance to select 1 item from a selection of 3. There are also carousel rounds where there are items scattered around and everyone can choose an unowned item on their turn (your turn depends on the amount of health remaining on your commander, the lower the health the faster you can take an item).

Leveling up heroes

Leveling up heroes

Leveling Up Heroes

Each units starts at 1 star each and the cost of heroes varies on their rarity. To level up a hero to 2 stars, you will need to have 3 copies of the 1 star version of the same hero. Then, to upgrade them to 3 stars (max level), you will need 3 2 star copies. The higher the level the stronger the heroes.

Earning interest

Earning interest


Here are a few tips base on the games I played so far.

Saving Coins - If you save your coins, you can get extra income per round (+2 if you have 10 coins and another +2 if you have 20 coins). Best to save up to 20 coins from start and only spend the excess from this. Although you can also earn extra from keeping a winstreak or losestreak so you can also spend your coins if you believe you can keep the streak alive.

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When to level - The heroes have different rarity. The rarer the hero, the higher the cost. And the chance of each type of hero to appear will depend on your level. So if you are planning on a 1 cost carry, you better stay on lower levels. If you plan on a higher cost carry (let's say a 5 cost), this means you need to go to higher levels to see them more often in your shop.

Getting power-ups - Better to focus on synergies as well. If you get 4/4 or 6/6 on synergies, you will get to choose between two power ups depending on the synergy you are using.

Stalk your enemies - At first, it may seem that character position don't matter since you have random enemies each round, but as the number of players decrease you can guess which one, you haven't fought yet and which ones you are most likely to encounter. If you can keep track what synergy your enemy uses, you can also position your heroes better to deal more damage or to minimize damage taken. For instance, let's say you have an enemy who uses mages with great AOE damage, having heroes closely positioned with each other will greatly damage your team. Another example is having an enemy with assassins as their carry, this will heavily target your rear heroes, a good counter for this is having a good place for your carry at the middle of other heroes so it won't be targeted immediately.

Don't use a hero with many competitors - It is not just the enemy positioning you need to observe when stalking your enemy boards. You also need to observe which heroes are being taken by many people. There is a limit on how many hero there can be in one game. For heroes that cost 1 coin each, there can be 27 pieces, this limit lowers for higher rarity heroes, as 5 cost heroes would only have 9 copies of each in one game.

Be ready to swap synergies - as you read earlier, there are a lot of things you need to consider in playing a strategy game, you may need to swap synergies early-mid game if situation calls for it. If you can't get a hero you want, pick the hero the game gives you a lot. The game is based on RNG and not because one strategy worked for you in one game, it will work in the next since you won't be given the same set of choices per game. You can also swap synergy because of given items. Heroes would require good items in order to compete, especially in late stages of the game. However, it would be hard to get the best ones so we need to settle for the ones available for us. It is also wise to consider the carry of your team base on the items you are getting.


The game is fun and challenging once you get to know it. I suggest you play different composition for each game to have a fun experience, you can also invite friends to play with you to make it more enjoyable. Have fun playing!

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