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Mobile Legends - How to Climb the Ranks

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Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is a multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA where 5 players will fight side by side against another team of 5 players. The aim in this game is to destroy the enemy nexus. In order to achieve this goal, the players needs to cooperate with their team members and slowly push their way to the enemy base by accumulating several advantages as the game progresses.

Ranks in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends have some kind of ranking where each players are given points and this ranking will be affected when they win or lose a game. Currently, there are 7 divisions in ranked games namely: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. Warrior being the lowest division while Mythic is the highest. Now, the top 50 of the server is awarded with the title Mythical Glory to acknowledge their strength. This rankings are seasonal and each player are rewarded based on which rank they end up in the current season.

How can you increase your rank?

There is no truly a fast way in order to rank up. Unless you use some sort of cheat which I don't recommend since there is no fun in that. In this guide I will give you some step by step tips and tricks that you should be aware of as the game progresses.

Map Awareness

This is one of the skills that one seeks when playing MOBA games such as ML. Improving one's map awareness will let him know or have a guess on where the enemy will be and what you should do to counteract it. However, developing map awareness might take some games to improve. In developing map awareness, first you need to play couple of games where you look in the minimap once in a while. The thing to check when you look in the minimap is: are the enemies all present in your vision; if not, where are they last seen and where could have they gone; lastly, if their movements and locations suggest that they will gank your lane, do you have enough power to kill them or are your allies close enough to respond to their gank otherwise you need to back or stay near turret.

Hero Selection

This is where you first meet your comrades if you do solo rank games. This is also the first step of the game. Others think that the fight start after hero select but for high ranks, the fight begins during this phase. In lower ranks, there is no banning phase and people would just do a blind pick where everyone can pick any hero at the same time. At higher ranks, you can ban at least three heroes and the team would take turns picking heroes. For this phase, you need the knowledge on which heroes are best for the current meta, securing those picks or banning them if none of the team can use them. Next, observe the enemy picks and your team picks, base on those observations you can base which hero will be best to counter the enemy or match your team synergy. There are several sites which shows each heroes and which ones are good match for them and which ones can they counter. For the mean time, I recommend you to follow these sites and as you build up experience in the game, you will know which hero can counter the other base on previous matches you've had.

Early Game

The beginning of the game is just as important as its ending. In the beginning, the only advantage you have is the advantage you gain with the hero selection and base on your picks, there are several paths you can do in the beginning. The most important thing to do in early game is to build your lead. To create a significant lead, its either you clear jungles or lane minions faster than your enemy, push and destroy turrets or/and kill them to prevent them to accomplishing the same task for a while. Now, how to determine which of the task mentioned you should be aiming for? First you can determine it by basing on the match up, there are hero picks which are definitely good for late game skirmish and there are some that are good for early game brawls. If you picked a hero that specializes in late game, your early game duty is to farm and get your items as fast as possible to be able to be useful to your team sooner. This play is called a passive gameplay in which you avoid most of the possible fights since you don't have enough damage to peel off your enemy health bar unless you get some help from your allies. Next, if your pick is somewhat good at early game, which means you have significant damage and crowd control in order to kill the enemy, what you need to do is to hunt down enemy heroes that you can possibly kill. Now, you don't always need to kill, you also need to farm too while waiting for the opportunity. You don't only hunt enemies but you can also protect allies which the enemy targets in the early game by doing some counter ganks. This will require a good sense on map awareness that you need to develop as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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Mid-Late Game

Mid to late game will have some significant gold lead depending on how each team played the early game. If you are in the lead, you need to keep it until the end of the game by securing objectives such as towers and lord. If played well, most team carries should have enough items in this phase. Depending on which role you pick, you can either keep farming up to full item while securing objectives or protecting your team's carry. Contrary to the early game which have lanings, this phase requires team to move more in sync, since this will be a battle and most of the time most of the players stick together getting ready to fight for objectives. Going away from your teammate will make you a target or will significantly affect the firepower of your team if they're suddenly caught 4v5.

Additional Tips

Let your hero pool be small, you cannot master all the heroes and that's a fact. So keep playing a few champions again and again until you master it. A few hero in different roles is ideal since you can adjust according to your teammates pick. Also don't pick heroes that you aren't familiar with just because they are good in current meta. Always remember that even they are OP in current meta you still need to have a good mastery of the hero so you can bring them to their full potential. If you have anymore content suggestion or questions just hit the comment section below.

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