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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Lunox "The Twilight Goddess"

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Eyes of Eternity | Lunox Epic Skin | MLBB

Eyes of Eternity | Lunox Epic Skin | MLBB

Introduction to Lunox:

Beautiful and powerful, that is Lunox the Twilight Goddess. If you are looking to use a mage hero to dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, look no any further. Here is a quick guide to control and balance the power of both light and dark.

Lunox was released in September 2018. A mage hero that controls the power of light and dark. Her specialty as a mage is burst and damage. Although she is quite difficult to use, these guides will help you know her better and use her skills to reign the Land of Dawn.


  • Dreamland Twist An amazing passive skill of Lunox is that she ruled over time and reality. Lunox does not have a cool down for her skills. It means you don't need to wait to use another skill. However, when her power of light becomes stronger, the cooldown effect becomes physical and magical defense while when dark power becomes grave, cool down becomes magic penetration.
  • Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assault Lunox control the power of light and dark wherein the light is the power of order and the dark is the power of chaos. When she uses the light or order, she summons a rain of starlight that allows her to damage multiple creeps and enemy heroes while gaining HP or health points. On the other hand, the power of chaos allows Lunox to cast dark energy on the target dealing an amount of damage and slowing down an enemy for one second (1s).
  • Both Power of Order and Power of Chaos gains one stack after use.
  • Cosmic Fission It's another skill of hers that when cast, slows down an opponent's hero for two seconds (2s) while inflicting an amount of damage.
  • Order and Chaos Lunox has two ultimate skills that make her powerful and indestructible. The power of order when in use, gains brilliance, her ultimate skill of light. She transforms into an orb of light that inflicts continuous damage to multiple enemy heroes. Lunox cannot be damaged in this state. On the other hand, when chaos is in use, she gains darkening, the power of the dark. It allows her to blink in a target direction disregarding the cool-down effect for chaos assault. This state makes her a destructive killing machine.
Butterfly Seraphim | Lunox

Butterfly Seraphim | Lunox

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Lunox is a gorgeous goddess that can inflict a great deal of damage even to durable enemies. The secret to winning the battle is to balance her skills. Balancing the light and dark is a great advantage. You can use the power of chaos as an offense and attack an opponent to cause a great deal of damage. As Lunox's passive is cool down effect transforms into magic penetration when dark is in use. When light is in use, brilliance, her ultimate skill can be used to either damage or as a defense. When she transforms into an orb of light, there is no skill nor crowd control can inflict damage to Lunox. In this state, it allows her to escape the battlefield safely.

Lunox is undeniably strong and powerful to withstand and win battles after battles. Aside from learning to balance and control her skills, it is necessary to give her the right item build.


While Lunox is being so powerful in the battlefield, let us not forget that she is a mage. Mage heroes most of the time require mana to cast their skills, without it, they are purposeless in battle. As for Lunox, her mana consumption is a great deal of disadvantage when she is not provided with the right item. The mana she consumes is more than the other mages. Personally, I equip her with a lightning truncheon. Using it will allow you to gain extra magic power while helping her to gain mana that Lunox requires in casting spells. it also provides a percentage of cooldown reduction that for Lunox is transformed into either magic penetration or magic and physical defense. Aside from making sure that she is equipped with items for the damage it is also helpful to get her a defense item, a winter truncheon. This provides an amount of additional magic power that when activated, makes a hero freeze for two seconds (2s). Using this will not allow you to do anything in a certain timeframe but gives immunity to damage and crowd control.

Battle Spell

Flameshot is the best friend of most mages as a battle spell. This knocks back attacking melee type of enemy while inflicting damage and slows them down when hit. I personally use flicker, most of the time I use this to attack an enemy. If the distance for the skill is too far, flicker is the best when chasing a running opponent followed by the darkening and power of chaos. using this tactic bursts down enemies. On the other hand, when I can't handle and need to retreat, transforming into an orb of light with brilliance is the key to continue damage while trying to escape. and if still, Lunox needs to fall back, flicker can be used to escape as it gives a certain amount of distance from an enemy.

This beautiful goddess teaches us that balance is the key to success. Learning to know when to keep on attacking and when to retreat is a game-changer as it will allow you and your team to protect what is important, the turrets.

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