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"Mobile Legends": Alucard Item Build Guide for Beginners

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Copyright Moonton

Copyright Moonton

I created my first build guide for Alucard years ago. Since then, a lot of things has change in the game so I’m updating this build guide to help you secure your kills using Alucard.


  • Outstanding damage
  • Excellent sustainability
  • Great gap-closer
  • Great enemy chaser
  • Effective farmer


  • No crowd control skills
  • Squishy
  • Not a natural team player


  • Pursuit – Almost no running enemies can escape from you because of this skill. Pursuit lets you quickly appear to your target when you use basic attack. Just take note that the passive will only be available after using an active skill.
  • Groundsplitter – Your gap closing skill. This is the reason why ranged enemy heroes feared Alucard. By the way, you can also use Groundsplitter to escape from danger.
  • Whirling Smash – Alucard’s basic area of effect skill. The skills low cooldown lets you use Whirling Smash often which compliments well with Pursuit. You should max this skill first.
  • Fission Wave – This ultimate skill comes with multiple functions: First, activating it will increase your life steal. Second, lockdown target will receive more damage. Finally, you can cast powerful Attack Wave to finish off enemies.


  • Purify – Alucard’s weakness is being squishy and prone to crowd control effects. With this talent, you can fill that weakness letting you escape from crowd control effects. This makes your Alucard unstoppable during clashes.
  • Retribution – Great item if you focus on killing neutral enemies on jungle so that you’ll level up faster.
  • Execute - Good for securing kills especially during early game.


Assassin Emblem Recommended if you have Killing Spree unlocked. It allows you to take a more aggressive approach in killing enemies. A nice choice for burst type of game play.

Fighter Emblem – Unlocking Disabling Strike provides great burst damage to Alucard. But if you prefer a more sustainable type Festival of Blood is the choice.

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Items for burst assassin type

The list of recommended items in this area focuses on powerful burst damage for assassinating an enemy hero. This is good for quickly eliminating enemy marksman and mages.

  • Warrior Boots (Bloody Retribution Blessings) – This boots will provide you enough defensive stats to go toe to toe with different physical damage dealing enemies. I choose Bloody Retribution for better survival capability.
  • War Axe – For an affordable price. The item provides good combination of damage, cooldown reduction, and health. But what makes the weapon special is its unique passive that increases your physical attack and penetration the more you hit with your attacks and skills.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas – Your primary source of burst damage. Make sure it’s available before diving for a kill.
  • Endless Battle – The secondary source of burst damage. Combine with Blade of the Heptaseas and Alucard’s passive plus Raptor of Machete’s extra damage, your normal attack will be seriously devastating, that you can sometimes kill a squishy enemy hero with just Groundsplitter followed by basic attack.
  • Blade of Despair – The most expensive item in your arsenal is also your most powerful one. This item multiplies your damage more.
  • Immortality – Call this item, insurance. Immortality gives your hero second life so that you have a chance to deal with un-finish business. This item will also save your Legendary status.

Item for sustainable fighter type

If you prefer your Alucard to have more survivability, the list of items here are the way to play it. The advantage of this set of items is that you can stay in fight longer and can go toe to toe effectively even when your skills are in cooldown. You can also do one on one with the strongest neutral enemy in the jungle using this set.

  • Warrior Boots (Flame Retribution Blessings)you will usually go exchanging basic attacks with an enemy physical fighter or marksman so you’ll be needing this. Flame Retribution works well when exchanging hits.
  • Endless Battle - Same as above.
  • Haa’s Claws – This is the most important item. Haa’s Claws provides outstanding life steal for survivability.
  • Rose Gold – Provides good magic resistance and defensive shield for emergency cases. Not to mention that the physical attack bonus and life steal is decent.
  • Queen’s Wings – A defensive item that complements well with Haa’s Claws and Fission Wave bonus life steal.
  • Blade of Despair – Same as above.

How to play Alucard?

The first thing you should learn when playing Alucard is his basic combo.

Groundsplitter -> Basic Attack -> Whirling Smash -> Basic Attack -> Fission Wave -> Basic Attack -> Fission Wave (Attack Wave) -> Basic Attack... Then use any available skills that is not on cooldown. Most non-tank enemies are dead using this combo.

If you need to survive from heavy damage or you think that burst won’t be enough to take the enemy down, alter the combo like this:

Fission Wave -> Basic Attack -> Groundsplitter -> Basic Attack -> Whirling Smash -> Basic Attack -> Basic Attack... -> Fission Wave (Attack Wave) -> Basic Attack... You will be using basic attack a lot while in Fission Wave mode. Release Attack Wave as finishing move or before Fission Wave expires.

Now that you know the basic combo, keep in mind that it is your responsibility to visit lanes often and ambush enemies.

Always farm in the jungle whether in your base or in enemy territory. Doing it will also give you opportunity to encounter exhausted enemy heroes. When you do, kill it obviously using your basic combo. If your Alucard is well fed, you can also chase and take down multiple enemies effectively thanks to his Pursuit skill.

During team clash, wait for your team’s tank to engage or for your other team mates to cast their crowd control skills before attacking. Engage the nearest marksman or spell caster first using Groundsplitter. The key here is to avoid being noticed by your enemies as much as possible by keeping them busy.

There are times when you cannot play well with your team mates. Your best bet to win the game is by concentrating on pushing lanes while your enemies are busy doing something else. You can simply sneak and destroy tower immediately with your heavy damage.

© 2017 Arc Sosangyo

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