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Mobile Games I Recommend

Sarah is a gamer in her spare time, She enjoys Mobile, Pc and PS4 games.


Lifeline: The Green Series

The Lifeline Green Series games are honestly some of my favorite mobile games.

It starts with a transmission from an astronaut named Taylor who is stranded in space.

You have to help him navigate his way home, but the wrong choice has dire consequences.

I play these often and even think of Taylor fondly each time I see an astronaut.

It's a really great adventure and he is a very funny guy.


Adventure Quest

If you're looking for an mmorpg Adventure Quest is the way to go. I played the browser game for hours at a time in high school (back in 2006) and the new mobile version is out and a ton of fun.


Card Thief

In Card Thief you play a thief who is trying to make his way through several castles with as much treasure as possible without being caught.

It's simple, but the art is FANTASTIC.


Space Team

Space Team is a game for you and a group of friends.

You all control a spaceship and have to shout out instructions all at once and follow them before time runs out. It's pretty fast-paced and a whole lot of fun.



In A3! You play the role of a new director of 4 teams of actors.

You are all desperately trying to keep an old theater from being shut down.

While it looks like a dating sim, it actually turns out to just be a cute little experience.

You actually have to train each character to make deadlines and meet expectations.

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It's really great if you just want a storyline without any dating sim stress.


Mystic Messenger

Speaking of dating sim stress, Mystic Messenger looks like a regular dating sim but the mystery and the storylines are absolutely incredible.

You play as someone who has stumbled into a secret chat room in a mysterious apartment full of secrets.

It is one of my favorite games, it updates with new content very often.


Obey Me!

Right on the tail of Mystic Messenger is Obey Me!.

This is a dating sim in its most basic format, but it is honestly so well done that I play for hours.

You don't have to pay to play and the storyline is compelling, but the artwork and the effort that was put into making the game fun is very obvious.

It's one of the best sims I have played in a very long time and I highly recommend it.

You play as one of two exchange students chosen from the human world to experience school in the demon world.

The opportunities in this game are endless and it updates almost once a week with more content.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of my all-time favorite games.

I originally played it on PC and fell in love with its adorable artwork and the mysteries hidden throughout the sleepy little town of Stardew Valley.

My only problem was that, in those days, there was no way to play Stardew Valley on the go.

Stardew Valley Creator ConcernedApe, solved that problem by making a mobile version.

Now I play it everywhere.

The game starts when the player character quits their dull cubicle job at JoJa Corp. and moves onto their late grandfather's farm.

From there it's a combination of farming, mining, fishing and mystery solving.

In the game you can build a farm, get married and even participate in town festivals.

Mobile Games

Mobile games, in general, have a bad rap in the gamer community.

Personally, I believe that having access to games via a mobile phone opens up a whole new way of playing.

It never matters where you are, or who you're with there is always something fun to play.

Augmented Reality (AR) games just add to that fun by bringing your games into the real world, and I am excited to see a world where my favorite games come to life.

Mobile gaming opens up all sorts of advancement opportunities for the future of the gaming world, while also bringing with it that feeling of nostalgia.

It reminds me of my gameboy color days, and the first time I picked up a SNES controller to ruin my dad's Link to The Past save file.

I hope that the community comes to love mobile games and accepts them as another fun way to spend free time.

What do you think?

Do YOU have a favorite mobile game?

Tell me about it in the comments, I'd love to hear about it!

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