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Mob Of The Dead BEATING THE GAME Strategy, Tips, and Guide on Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )



In this guide I will go through the steps you need to beat Mob of the Dead and get the achievement Pop Goes The Weasel which refers to breaking the cycle and winning. While this is not a requirement, I will show you guys how to get this achievement and end the game, while also attaching a video of me doing this achievement, and also outlining the steps it takes to beat the game.

Before I get going let me say if you have any trouble, or questions please feel free to comment below. Also I attached a video of myself talking about what needs to be done, so feel free to reference the video and use that if you need help.

What does beating the game maen

When you ar playing Mob of the Dead survival, there are obviously a WHOLE bunch of easter eggs, and quest steps that must be done. SO what do they all add up to. First off many people have noticed that following certain steps, you can go to the bridge, and this will allow you to beat the game. This will also get you a special achievement called Pop Goes The Weasel. While you are essentially ending a game, and will not be able to go further and compete with people on the leader boards, this is a good achievement to get out of the way if you are running low on ammunition, and will allow everyone in the game to get this achievement as well. So let me go on and talk about the necessary steps needed to beat the game.

Steps to Beat The Game.

To start off,Let me say that watching my video below will really help know any locations of anything that needs to be done in order to beat the game, so lets do these steps.

First off is the tomahawk. TO get the tomahawk please refer to my other guide detailing where all the dog locations are, and what i needed, and locations, but basically you need to feed the three dogs, and get the tomahawk to do this easter egg, so do the tomahawk first.

Second off the SPOONS- I am not 100% if the spoons are needed to beat the game, but from what I have noticed, I am pretty sure they are. You do NOT need the golden spork to beat the game, but since it really only takes about 15-20 minutes in order to get the spork at most, do this really quickly. First off you want to head towards the wardens office. You will see a poster of a zombie movie poster, and you want to throw your tomahawk at the poster. IF done right, you will notice the poster drop from the wall, revealing an afterlife symbol behind that. Now go into the after life mode, and you will be able to go through a hidden spot in the wall that is only revealable after tomahawking the poster done. Once the tomahawk is taken down, Go through this hole in the wall, and look for a spoon on the ground near the skeletons. Zap this spoon in afterlife in order to remove the spoon. NOW step 1 of the spoons is done. Now for the second spoon go into the cafeteria, towards the back near the claymores. If you look RIGHT behind the wall where the zombies are, you will see a second spoon. Throw your tomahawk at this spoon. The location is on the table directly behind the claymores on the other side of the wall. SO when walking up to the window look on the left side for the second spoon. For the third spoon go upstairs near where the mystery box, and bottle for the song is located, and look in the bathtub. THen hit the action button in order to reveal the third spoon, which you now have.

STEP 3 of beating the game - Step 3 is going to need a player to go to afterlife, and enter in a series of codes on the machine in the citadel tunnels. This is where you get one of the plane parts, and where you unlock the other easter egg song. When you go into afterlife, I suggest someone halfway revives you in order to allow you to last longer in the after life mode, until you get all the codes entered. If you watch my video you will see my teammate continually reviving me halfway each time my health starts to go down. Once you are at the box you need to enter the following numbers 872 101 386 481. When you are entering these codes, enter the first 3, wait until you see the flash or hear the noise, and enter the second 3.. After all 4 are entered a cut scene will appear, and you will hear the audio files which you see in my video.

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STEP 4 - Now you have to go through and collect all of the audio files one by one, until you have them all. THe locations essentially slowly will make their way to the roof, so get the first set of headphones, once the audio files are done playing, slowly make your way to the roof to find the next pair, and the next set. Eventually you will be on the roof for the last pair of audio files. Once you have listened to them all this unlocks the last step of the Easter Egg.


Okay so after you do the audio files, here is the most fun, and easiest step.

WHICH EVER player has an after life left, it does not matter who, needs to go into afterlife downstairs by the plane. Once you go into afterlife, then head on upstairs and hit action, and get on the plane in afterlife. Remember only the player in afterlife will board the plane, and get this started. Everyone should just stand by. Once he gets on the plane, every other player will also go into afterlife, and be put on the plane.

Once the players are on the plane, now you will head to the bridge.

Once on the bridge, go revive yourself, and each other player should go revive themselves.

NOW ITS TIME. Choose your option, whether you want to kill weasel, or let weasel kill all the players, but EITHER way either you kill weasel, or weasel kills every player, and this will end the game. Once weasel wins or loses, The game will end, and everyone will get the achievement, and now you have officially beaten MOB OF THE DEAD.

My Video for BEating the Game

My other Mob of the Dead Guides


So overall that is what you need to do, and how to accomplish beating the game. It may seem like a lot, but after you get the hang of the game, it is actually fairly easy. So if you have any questions comment below, also if you enjoyed, drop me a subscribe on Youtube, to stay on top of all things Call of Duty, and first person shooter related.

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