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Minecraft water temple seed list 1.8 - 1.8.1(8 ocean monuments)

The first Minecraft 1.8 water temple seed list ever!


A quick sum up of the Minecraft water temple seed list

Thanks for stopping by, below are 7 Minecraft seeds with water temples. In most of them you spawn right at the temples themselves; they're really awesome seeds.

There are short descriptions and then a video of the seed itself. The videos will roughly walk you through the more notable features of the seed and give you a close up look of the ocean monuments themselves.

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Minecraft water temple seed #1: -354389867817945876

This is a really neat Minecraft water temple seed where you spawn on an island right by TWO ocean monuments! Depending on your block render range you may or may not be able to see both temples from the island.

If you have trouble finding them just watch the video to get an idea of where they're at.

The first temple is at x-195 z-280
The second temple is at x136 z-392

Minecraft water temple video #1 - Double ocean monument island!

Minecraft water temple seed #2: 202961

This water temple seed is interesting. You spawn right on the edge of a mountain peninsula, and just a little ways a way you can find an ocean monument off in the water. I really like this one because of the unique place to make your base in respect to the water temple.

If you have trouble finding the ocean monument, the coordinates are roughly: x-344 z151

Minecraft water temple video #2 - Mountain peninsula ocean monument

Minecraft water temple seed #3: 238746687714901116

Here's a cool one for you. You spawn right on this island, take one look around and you'll notice an ocean monument. Like all the others, you can find 8 gold blocks inside of an ocean monument, have fun trying to get a hold of it!

Minecraft water temple video #3 - Monument at an island spawn

Minecraft water temple seed #4: -7988622718145143006

Here we are, again. This time you spawn an a different island with a different ocean monument right by the island. These ocean monuments have monsters in them too, so be careful trying to get a hold of the gold. It's kinda fun, but also kinda dangerous too.

Minecraft water temple video #4 - Moument by island spawn, again!

Minecraft water temple seed #5: -1564506596542424941

And here we are again, one last time. This time around you spawn on another island. This time as well, you there's an ocean monument in sight of where you start. It's really cool.

In the water temple, you can find eight gold blocks, and plenty of monsters to kill you!

Minecraft water temple video #5 - Another ocean monument by an island spawn

Minecraft water temple seed #6: -929981354910765436

This is the last Minecraft water temple seed for 1.8, and it's not as good as the rest, honestly.

You start off really far away from the temple, but there's definitely one out there! You can find it at x711y60z184.

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If you like what you see in the video, this may be the ocean monument for you! Try to have fun with this one lol.

Minecraft water temple video #6 - An ocean monument really far from the spawn

The end of the Minecraft water temple seed list

But wait! There's more below!

But wait! There's more below!

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What do you think?


Kai on January 14, 2017:

Two things:

1. The above comment by Microsoft 24124670890 is almost entirely false to anyone who has red it. It is not cheating to post seeds. Most of you will already know many websites for seeds if you are an experienced minecraft player.

2. Seeds tend to change almost every major version update(ex: 1.7 to 1.8) so please do not be disappointed if the seed doesn't work.

Microsoft 24124670890 on January 04, 2017:

This is now false, Check it out as you wish, but at the moment, this is down thank you for your understanding, but telling seeds for players isn't allowed because players will cheat, either put this down, or we will force you too, thank you.

Stacy on February 16, 2015:

Seed #1 was so awesome! Definitely one I would reccomend

Sando on September 06, 2014:

The 1.8 is very Nice

Click2Connect (author) on August 31, 2014:

Yeah! They just added ocean monuments in the most recent patch actually, they're pretty neat.

Samuel Franklin on August 30, 2014:

Wow I haven't played Minecraft in ages, didn't even know about these monuments! Very cool.

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