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Minecraft survival island seed list 1.7.10 - 1.8.1 (videos)

You just found the best Minecraft Island survival seed list of 1.7.10!


Quick overview of the seed list

Thanks for viewing! This page has 7 amazing island seeds for you to try out. There's a short description with all the information you need, followed by a video walkthrough of the seed that's usually 2 to 5 minutes.

These are the best survival island seeds you're going to find on 1.7.10; the ocean update made them rare as can be. You'll need to turn on the amplified setting for some of the seeds below, you'll see in the descriptions.

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Minecraft survival island seed #1: 3781795096936274275

This is hands down the most interesting survival island seed I've found in my opinion. In this seed you spawn a few blocks under the water and emerge to find a small, two tree island that has the most epic craters you'll ever see in the middle of them. If you need iron or coal, they're both down there, just good luck not dieing on the way to them.

Another nice perk of this seed is that you spawn with a few pigs on the island, so you get a little boost to your chances of survival.

Minecraft island seed #1 - Epic craters, two tree island

Minecraft survival island seed #2: 1682725888991043500

Now let's try something more generic. This is a moderately small survival island seed with 3 trees, which is more what people are used to and prefer in their island survival seeds. It's kind of a funky island though, but all it has is three trees, so good luck surviving!

Minecraft island seed #2 - Generic 3 tree island survival

Minecraft survival island seed #3: 4186179265276726155


Now with that said. This seed is hilarious. There are a couple trees, but only at the top of a 100-ish block high mountain that just shoots out of the ground in the middle of the tiny island. If you can't find a way to climb the mountain fast enough, say good-bye to your extreme survival mode game.

I think this is hands down the most interesting and funny seed I've found and the only reason it's number 3 on the list is because it's impractical. But if you don't mind the impracticality of it, then this might just be your new favorite survival island seed.

Minecraft island seed #3 - Most difficult and hilarious survival island seed

Minecraft survival island seed #4: Cat

This seed's generic and easy as pie. If you want a soothing, relaxing survival island to survive on then this is the seed for you. There are enough trees to where, at the very least, man can survive on apples alone.

Minecraft island seed #4 - Laid back tree island survival

Minecraft survival island seed #5: 99989136255453481


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This isn't a normal island survival, I just think this series of islands is really cool. You spawn up in the air on a super mountain. As you go around the island, and the island nearby you get to see some pretty epic island landscape, some cows, plenty of trees, and really just an all around cool environment.

It's not necessarily survival island, but it could easily be your own island paradise, if you want it to be.

Minecraft island seed #5 - Perfect island paradise

Minecraft survival island seed #6: 8490727198413019089

This one's pretty cool. You spawn on an island with nothing. About 20 blocks from this island is an island with everything.

The other island has three sheep and a bunch of trees. Not ideal for survival, but the great part is that you can make a bed. This is awesome if you want to make a boat and go exploring and when you die you come back, which I guess you would probably do anyway. Or when you go exploring you can place your bed wherever you want. The possibilities are endless!

Minecraft island seed #6 - Three sheep island by the barren isle

Minecraft survival island seed #7: 6824096159411435660


Well I saved the most hardcore for last. Here's a seed that only a true herobrine can survive on. You have a small dirt isle with absolutely no trees. The odds of survival on this island are slim to none, unless you have the right talents, which I can't even imagine what those would be. Basically you're screwed, and unless you figure out something it's game over.

I saved this one for last because it's the most impractical.

Minecraft island seed #7 - There is no hope for your soul... without trees

Thanks for checking out my awesome survival island seeds!


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