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Minecraft jungle seed list 1.8 - 1.8.1(7 seeds/videos)

The best Minecraft jungle seed list of 1.8


A quick sum up of the jungle seed list

Thanks for stopping by! I have seven cool Minecraft jungle seeds for you to try on the all new Minecraft 1.8! Each of these ten come with their own videos too, so be sure to check them out.

Each seed has a description first, followed by the video walkthrough, which shows off any notable features that I stumbled upon. Some of these jungle seeds are really cool, so be sure to check them all out.

I didn't really put these in best to worst because I don't know what makes a perfect jungle seed for everyone; but I put a few of the best ones at the top. Be sure to look through all of them, because I honestly don't know what each person wants, so that's up to the viewer to decide!

When you're done be sure to check out my other seed lists at the bottom, and be sure to vote in the poll too, that way I can do an even better job next time!

Minecraft jungle seed #1: 104060137

This Minecraft jungle seed is awesome! You spawn right at a temple and somewhere lost in the jungle abyss is this weird river fissure thing. I lost the coordinates honestly, so feel free to comment them if you find out and I'll edit this.

Other than that it's a pretty cool jungle, generic, free temple, etc.

The next Jungle seed in the list though has some of the coolest landscapes I've seen, if that's what you were looking for, be sure to read on.

Minecraft jungle seed video #1 - Temple at spawn and a cool river fissure thing

Minecraft jungle seed #2: -1979490758777550706

To find the the particular landscape I'm talking about, go to z320 x100

There are plenty of other neat geographical features on this map as well. There's probably a jungle temple, I'm pretty sure there's one in nearly every jungle now days. Have fun with this one, and there are plenty more below.

Minecraft jungle seed video #2 - Coolest jungle landscape ever

Minecraft jungle seed #3: -4102811428506499635

If you want to find the temple on this one, it's at: x375 z359

Other than that it's a pretty generic jungle. As like all jungles it has several hidden caves, and strange geological formations. If you find anything spectacular in any of these seeds that I didn't notice or find, be sure to tell about it in the comments section and the bottom of this page.

Minecraft jungle seed video #3 - Exciting jungle with a temple

Minecraft jungle seed #4: -8856977132060193226

This one is an animal temple! The temple can be found at: x-136 z-169 in case you get lost.

There's really nothing special about the temple at all other than it's covered in animals usually. I hope they didn't sacrifice animals here, *GASP*.

I found some bunnies if you like those, other than that it's got some neat caves, chickens, water features, and just about everything else that you can find in any other jungle. There's not really much to write about in any of these jungle seeds because they all have just about everything usually because they're so massive.

Minecraft jungle seed video #4 - Animal temple!

Minecraft jungle seed #5: 1191187185

This one just has a ton of caves. When wondering around be careful not to fall and break your legs! I haven't explored all the caves at all, but with how many there were, I'm sure there's something interesting under this Jungle.

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Minecraft jungle seed video #5 - Fun jungle with caves

Minecraft jungle seed #6: 594916370

On the video, there was a temple where my computer stopped loading the Minecraft world. Unfortunately I didn't find it in the video, and I lost the coordinates. As far as I'm aware, every jungle has a temple, so I can at least confirm for you that there is in fact a temple on this Minecraft 1.8 jungle seed.

Other than that it's a pretty generic jungle to explore, be careful at night in the jungle if you're playing on survival mode. Jungle nights are the most dangerous in the game.

Minecraft jungle seed video #6 Massive computer crashing jungle

Minecraft jungle seed #7: -1154741793

The only unusual thing I found in this one was a lava pit that naturally burns a bunch of trees down when you find it sometimes. It was pretty interesting to watch a small portion of the world burn.

The jungle temple is at: x-280 z275 if you want to see that. You'll have to watch the video to see what's in the temple.

Minecraft jungle seed video #7 - Another jungle temple jungle!

The sun doesn't have to set on this day

There are plenty of other seed lists below!

There are plenty of other seed lists below!

But wait! There's more!

I've made more seed lists than the one you just read. In fact, I've done quite a few. Be sure to read below and see if you're interested in my other works before you move on.

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I hope you found the Minecraft 1.8 jungle seed you were looking for, if not then I'll definitely nail it next time! Be sure to vote in the polls and tell me which seed you liked the most, or else I won't be able to make the list any better next time.

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