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Minecraft : Dinosaurs


Minecraft is, indeed, a really interesting game to play. Thanks to the multiple updates and innovations that are added continuously, it is still one of the most played and loved games.

In this game you can be a farmer, a miner, a cook, anything you would like to be, even all of the above ! Have you ever dreamt of being an archeologist ? It is also available thanks to the mods.

In the "Minecraft World" you can find many kinds of animals and creatures. They are in fact called "mobs". You surely have met different kinds of mobs, such as pigs, chickens, horses, cows, bats, mooshrooms, etc. But once you have installed this mod, you will also find other creatures, such as dinosaurs ! The Fossils and Archeology Revival Mod offers you a free travel into the past. Thanks to this mod you can find fossils and live with and tame dinosaurs while in a world full of archeology. You will find a lot of kinds of dinosaurs and a whole new experience with the game is to be expected since there are much more options and possibilities that come with this unique mod.

I ) How to install the mod :

Of course, to activate any mod, including this one, you need to install it. Here are the few steps to get it installed.

The first step consists of going to " files.minecraftforge.net " and downloading the Installer for the latest 1.5.2 build.

The next step is double clicking the downloadable .jar , this runs the installer and then after selecting the box "Install Client", to confirm click the "OK" button. When the installation is done, a message like this you should appear : " Successfully installed client profile Forge for version Forge into launcher and grabbed 0 required libraries. ". We move then to the 3rd step which is starting up the Launcher of Minecraft, clicking "New Profile" and selecting "release 1.5.2-Forge7.8.738" and then click "Save Profile".

The fourth step is selecting the newly created profile and running it only once. Then, verifying that the correct Forge version is installed should be easy , and that is by checking the information in your left at bottom of the screen. Moving to the next step would need closing out the game and Exiting the Minecraft Installer.

The fifth step consists of downloading the "Fossils" mod and dropping it into the suitable folder which is the /mods . You can type " %AppData%\.minecraft\mods " into the explorer window address bar, on Windows, to get to this address quickly.

Your mod is now should be installed successfully.

Now that the mod is installed and well functional you will be able to discover and play in this whole new universe and more importantly you will be able to meet and interact with the dinosaurs.

II ) Types of Dinosaurs :

First, you need to be familiar with the types of dinosaurs in order to live happily with them.

There are around 10 Dinosaurs. We will talk about them one by one.


1 ) Triceratops :

This kind of dinosaurs is a neutral, big dinosaur, he has a medium sized tail, one horn on top of its snout, a bony frill and two horns that are positioned above its eyes. Triceratops are in fact passive mobs. They are inspired from the real dinosaur that have that similar name. They need an egg to spawn in the world, not coming naturally, same to any other prehistoric reptiles available in this mod.

They spawn thanks to "dino eggs", similar to several other mobs. They have a behavior similar to mobs like pigs and cows, with only one exception, that is that they can eat the leaves of trees and ancient ferns when they are hungry.

They have 3 subspecies which are as follow.

First the most frequent is the green subspecies. As its name shows it, their color is green, and on its frill, they have dark orange patterns.

Less frequent than the first green subspecies, there is the pale brown subspecies. It has a fallow brown color except for the frill that has patterns on it which are dark red, it is also a little dissimilar to the frill of the first green subspecies.

There is also an other green subspecies which we count with the first one. These Triceratops were before white subspecies except that since their texture file, which as white, was previously removed for being unsaturated and blandness, it is now just a duplicate of the green subspecies.

The last subspecies is extremely unusual and it is the red subspecies. Its colors are dark brown and red. This colors are very infrequent.

As mentioned above, Triceratops are neutral mobs same as cows and pigs. They are also tamable dinosaurs. They can be disciplined in a similar way than any of the other tamable prehistoric reptiles. The hatching will be already tamed, if its egg comes from a mating between two tamed Triceratops. Else, you would need to remain close by 6 blocks, and the baby would come already tamed. Tamed dinosaurs can be controlled if you right-click it thanks to an order drum it, or controlled with a stick without any drums by right-clicking it. Triceratops utilize feeders and, within 6 blocks, are able to spot them. They will go to it before looking for ancient leaves or ferns. The other way to nourish a Triceratops is right-clicking with apples, bread, raw potatoes , wheat , melon slices. Any leaves' kind would works too! Including jungle, birch, oak, and spruce.

Trained Triceratops can be ridden after they reached 4 Minecraft days old. Keep in mind that, triceratops will not get hungry or grow up when ridden. You can't control them if a whip is not held. , If you hold the «shift» button when ridding a Triceratops, it will go faster. The rushing Triceratops can break any block and kill any mob that may block its way. This is useful to flatten lands easily and quickly. Keys to control it are W to go forward, A to go left, D to go right, and S to go back. Holding Shift will make him rush.

Each 5 minutes Triceratops breed. The more individual nearby the better probability for them to breed. As already mentioned, the baby of already tamed Triceratops will be always tamed.


2 ) Velociraptors

Another kind of neutral mobs are the Velociraptors. They are inspired from the real dinosaur that have as a name Velociraptor mongoliensis. They need an egg to spawn in the world, not coming naturally, same to any other prehistoric reptiles available in this mod. Velociraptors eat meat, therefore are carnivorous.

Velociraptors are pack hunters since their childhood, so members of the pack will hunt together and will always be close. The pack has a simple hierarchy: the oldest is the leader. If you injure a member of the pack or if the pack is starving, the whole group will be against you. They can also learn how to use chests and steal their contents. They can open doors and fence gates.

They are about 2 and a half block and one block high in the Triassic update. They have a sickle-shaped, quite large claw on their second digit, among a long tail and narrow snout. These dinosaurs' colors depend of the biome where they were born. Four colors are available.

The green color is obtained when they are hatched on any forest biome only.

T he blue color is obtained when they are hatched on the ocean, or beach only.
The light color is obtained when they are hatched on tundra and taiga only.
The beige color is obtained when they are hatched on any other biomes then forest, tundra and taiga.

Any Velociraptor is tamable and if not, it is possible to tame it like any other tamable dinosaur. The hatching will be already tamed, if its egg comes from a mating between two tamed Triceratops. Else, you would need to remain close by 6 blocks, and the baby would come already tamed. Starting from the version of the game 1.6.4, when you right click it with your hand, the velociraptor can be controlled. Some velociraptors can learn when they are bigger how to open doors.

When you order it to «Follow» , as well as following you, it attacks the aggressive mobs who are harming you and any mob you harm. Velociraptor utilize feeders and, within 6 blocks, are able to spot them. When there isn't any animal nearby, they will go to the feeders. Another way to feed them is by dropping items. Velociraptors catch any dropped thing, and will eat dropped fish and meats. It works too if you Right-click a Velociraptor with any kind of meat or with fish. They will often get pushed into blocks by others of their kind when they are trying to reach a mob and will choke.

Velociraptors breed every 5 minutes. The more individual nearby the better probability for them to breed. Just like the other dinosaurs, the offspring of tamed Velociraptors is always tamed.


3 ) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex, which means "Tyrant Lizard King", is the highlight of the Fossil and Archeology revival mod. It lived 66-67 million years ago and was a carnivore. The cretaceous giant stood about 4m high and 12m long, only being beaten in size by Carcharadontosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus. The huge predator had an immense bite force of 35,000 to 57,000 newtons at its back teeth, more than 4 times the bite force of a modern alligator.

There was much controversy over the Jurassic Park 3 fight between Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus as the Spinosaurus won the battle. Realistically, the Tyrannosaurus would have won hands down. Spinosaurus possessed large arms, but would have been overpowered by Tyrannosaurus's jaws.

The Baby (<3 Minecraft Days) keeps away from you, so don't stay close to it or it will keep escaping and never hunt. The teenage (3 - 5 Minecraft Days) will not acknowledge you. The Mature (>6 Minecraft Days) breaks any blocks that are blocking its way. It can break blocks that are weaker than iron blocks and will become hostile.

In the newest update, the Tyrannosaurus only turns hostile at 17 Minecraft days old. However, in older updates it becomes hostile at 6 MC days.

When they are tamed they won't destroy houses. They only destroy trees. Also they won't attack you but will attack the other players

In order to tame a Tyrannosaurus it has to be at least 9 days old; you must have a scarab gem, a regular sword, and some strong armor. Next, you have to hit the T-Rex to 7 HP until it looks like it's laying down(check using the dinopedia to see how much health he has, so you won`t kill him), then you right click it with the scarab gem. The dino's eyes will revert back to normal (Non-Red). You can now ride your Tyrannosaurus!


4 ) Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus are passive mobs which are based on the real-life dinosaur Stegosaurus (the exact species is unknown). Like all other prehistoric reptiles of the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world.

Stegosaurus has a behavior similar to mobs like pigs and cows, except that unlike them, they eat the leaves of trees and ancient ferns when they are hungry. They also can eat from the feeders and can be ordered with a stick .


5 ) Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus is a herbivore and the biggest dinosaur in the mod . Like all the prehistoric reptiles it cannot spawn in the world naturally . This amazing creature can be extremely tall.

Brachiosaurus is a giant dinosaur that can grow up to 39 blocks high . It has a dark blue body and a white stripes down its neck . For now they have no subspecies

It is a passive mob, that will never attack you, or any other dinosaur . They can be ordered with a stick or with a drum . They will eat leaves from the trees and also apples, sugar or cookies (dropped or given). You can ride them at a certain age.

Brachiosaurus have an important value called Eye Height. It's roughly at their nose.

The formula is 4 blocks + age/1.8. a fully-grown Brachiosaurus age 35 has Eye Height of 22.

Brachiosaurus only find feeder or leaf blocks between ± 2 blocks of Eye Height.

Brachiosaurus have the ability to destroy any structures that aren't taller than half of Eye Height and weaker than iron blocks. if you want to fence them remember to build the fence taller as they grow.

Brachiosaurus can stomp and kill smaller animals, but will never attack any other dinosaur.


6 ) Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus are neutral mobs. The AI of this dinosaur is largely based on the velociraptor's AI. The species Dilophosaurus is a carnivore, eating chicken and pork. It is based off the dinosaur species Dilophosaurus venenifer, from the movie Jurassic Park. Like all other prehistoric reptiles of the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world.

The Dilophosaurus is a big dinosaur, with a pair of orange and yellow rounded crests on its head, an artichoke green body with a darker head and spots. It has an orange and yellow neck frill which is retracted most of the time, but that spreads out when attacking. The design is by Dragonith.

Like Velociraptors, Dilophosaurus are pack hunters since their childhood, so members of the pack will hunt together and will always be close. The pack has a simple hierarchy: the oldest is the leader. If you injure a member of the pack or if the pack is starving, the whole group will become aggressive against you. They have a poisonous bite that gives the Blindness effect for 4 seconds. That's why the dilophosaurus is a more dangerous predator than the velociraptor.

Dilophosaurus are tamable dinosaurs and can be tamed in the same way as all other tamable prehistoric reptiles. If the egg comes from a mating between two tamed Dilophosaurus, the hatchling will be already tamed. If not, you will need to stay in a range about 6 blocks of the egg, and the hatchling will be tamed. Dilophosaurs can be controlled by a bone.

Dilophosaurus use feeders and see them within 6 blocks. They will come for it when they find no animals around. There is another way to feed them: Dilophosaurus hold everything dropped, and eat dropped meat and fish. Right-clicking a Dilophosaurus with any kind of meat or fish works too. You can order them using bones, like with Velociraptors.

Dilophosaurus breed every 5 minutes. The breeding probability is handled by how many individuals nearby. As mentioned above, the offspring of tamed Dilophosaurus is always tamed.


7 ) Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus (meaning "spine lizard") is a genus of Theropod dinosaur which lived in what is now North Africa that lived 97 million years ago . It is a piscivore (fish eating carnivore). In the mod it resembles Spinosaurus aegyptiacus . It is the biggest Theropod in the mod and the world. (even bigger than T-Rex). Currently, it has no subspecies .

Spinosaurus is a big theropod dinosaur that has a dark green body, a lighter underbelly, a long tail, a sail on its back, yellow and red lines around its eyes and a crocodile-like head . When it's a juvenile it only has 2 teeth hanging on each side of its mouth . When it is old enough it will have 4 teeth hanging out on each side of its mouth and will be able to catch fish in the nearest body of water .

Spinosaurus can't be damaged by arrows and can break any blocks that are weaker than iron . When it is hungry, it will attack any other dinosaur in sight, including other Spinosaurs. Also, it can't be tamed. Note also that essence of chicken will not work on spinosaurus.


8 ) Pachycephalosaurus

Pachycephalosaurus are neutral mobs based on the real-life dinosaur genus Pachycephalosaurus. Like all other prehistoric reptiles of the mod they do not spawn naturally in the world.

Pachycephalosaurus is a big dinosaur that has a large, bony dome atop its skull. The dome's rear aspect was edged with bony knobs and short bones. This dinosaur has 3 subspecies. They need to be in iron bars or stronger, or else they will break the blocks that it is encaged in.

The orange subspecies is the most common subspecies, It has an orange body and a black underbelly. It can be spawned in a desert biome only.

The white subspecies has a white body and a black underbelly. It can only be spawned in a taiga biome.

The green subspecies has a green body and a slightly lighter underbelly. It can only be spawned in a forest biome.

Pachycephalosaurus is a neutral mob and will not attack you unless you attacked them first. When hostile they attack with their bony skulls dealing damage and knocking you back. Tame them by staying near them, around two blocks, when the egg hatches. When tamed they can be ordered with a stick. They will gravitate towards leaf blocks and will eat them if hungry, destroying the leaf blocks in the process. They can detect leaf blocks through walls and may become stuck trying to reach them, they also have a habit of getting stuck inside blocks and suffocating.


9 ) Deinonychus

Deinonychus is a genus of carnivorous dromaeosaurid dinosaurs. There is one described species, Deinonychus antirrhopus. These dinosaurs, which could grow up to 3.4 meters (11 ft) long, lived during the early Cretaceous Period, about 115–108 million years ago (from the mid-Aptian to early Albian stages). Fossils have been recovered from the U.S. states of Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma, in rocks of the Cloverly Formation and Antlers Formation, though teeth that may belong to Deinonychus have been found much farther east in Maryland. This dinosaur will be added in the 'Triassic' update.

Deinonychus stands roughly at 2 blocks high, or as tall as the Velociraptor in update 5.3 (In the Triassic update Velociraptor will be smaller). It is light grey/black in color, with feathers on forearms and neck. Currently, there are no subspecies.


10 ) Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus are big herbivore dinosaurs. They have plates of bone and massive knobs, identified as scutes or osteoderms, implanted in their skin and a tail club used to be protected from predators. Ankylosaurus are in fact passive mobs. They are inspired from the real dinosaur that have that similar name. They need an egg to spawn in the world, not coming naturally, same to any other prehistoric reptiles available in this mod.

Ankylosaurus behave like mobs such as cows and pigs, but they feed of the leaves of ancient ferns and trees when hungry, unlike the other mobs. Again, they can eat from feeders and if they are tamed, can be controlled thanks to sticks. Feeding them automatically can be realized by giving them melons, bread , apples, potatoes or wheat.

Unfortunately, Ankylosaurus cannot break blocks. To tame it, you need to be near it when hatching, or it will be born untamed and cannot be tamed any other way.

11 ) Others

In addition to these types of dinosaurs there are also other mobs available only in this mod. There are prehistoric Mammals such as Smilodon, which also named Saber-toothed cat tiger. Smilodons are social animals, which means, if any one of them is attacked, each close by smilodon will it. At birth, it's not already tamed and to discipline it, feeding it milk as a baby would be necessary along with raw meat as an adult. If not tamed, Smilodons act like any wolf, they will attack all kinds of animals and you can't order them to sit. When tamed, they act like dogs, attacking animals just when ordered, following you around and sitting when you right-click them. Smilodons can be acquired if you right-click a pig, cow or sheep holding Smilodon Embryo or if you breed with wheat two mature smilodons.

You can also meet some Mammoths. Mammoths are one of the biggest animals from this mod. They can be obtained only if you right-click a sheep, pig or cow holding Mammoth Embryo . Mammoths have dark brown colored fur along with two big tusks on their head . When adults, the tusks become even more bigger. Until now, they don't have subspecies. Any mammoth acts like a sheep, walking around calmly and eating grass, and won't attack first, but when you attack it, you will be thrown into the air with extra damage from the fall. Its fur can be obtained if you right-click it with shears. If it eats 5 grass's blocks, it will grow its fur back. To tame it, staying near the sheep, pig or cow that would have some mammoth embryo within it. It can also be bred with wheat. The baby will be tamed too if it comes from two already tamed mammoths.

III ) Dino Eggs :

We have previously talked about Dino Eggs. Dinosaur eggs are created in a culture vat. These items can be placed and picked up by right-clicking them. When put on the ground near a torch to keep it warm it will start hatching. Click on the egg with your DinoPedia to see how far the egg is from hatching a little dinosaur. Dinosaur eggs can be used to make cake. Don’t forget that to have a tamed baby, you need to stay in range (about 6 blocks) when the baby is coming out. Otherwise, it will live in the wild.

To create a Dino Egg in the culture vat which is a block of emerald green color, modern DNA would be needed such as : Milk, Steak, Eggs, Fish, Raw beef or bio-fossils . The best one to utilize is milk since you simply need one bucket of milk, and the bucket will not be consumed, the others would need multiples of each item. You can put the dinosaur DNA in the top left position and the fish, milk, eggs, bio-fossils, or meat in the bottom position. After some waiting, mostly you will obtain a dino egg.

Occasionally the cultivator would explode and a Failuresaurus, a Zombie Pigman or a Creeper would spawn. Thankfully, the explosion will not deal any harm to you or to any nearby block. The cultivator instead would leave in its position a block of water source. Of fear it breaks, it is suggested to set a hopper under around two blocks from the device so that when the culture vat blows up, the dropped objects would be caught.

Now for the DNA is what you receive when you put a bio-fossil, frozen meat, or normal meat in an analyzer. When you put the DNA in a cultivator you can get either a dino egg or an embryo. DNA (any type) is needed to craft a Dinopedia.

An analyzer is a particular block which is the fundamental element to make everything else in the mod. It necessitates a relic, a bio fossil and 4 iron. You need to be sure to place the relic above the fossil, else the recipe would fail. The block is utilized to analyze relics and fossils and is the first step to getting dinosaurs. Many items can be put in an analyzer. Frozen meat give meat or mammal DNA. Relic scrap will return gravel or one stone tablet . If instead you put Bio fossil, either bonemeal, fern seeds, dinosaur DNA, a bone or sand would be returned. And as for Dino meat, the dinosaur DNA of the dinosaur meat that were analyzed will be returned.

Now that you are familiar with the kinds of dinosaurs and how to tame them and take care of them, you are ready to explore more in depth the mod and find its secrets.

There are also many mobs available in the Fossils and Archeology mod that we did no talk about such as other Archeologists,
Armed with your dinosaurs, the chores can be done much more easier and funnier. Come up with your own ways of using the dinosaurs !


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