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Minecraft desert seed list 1.5.2 (videos)

Welcome to the best Minecraft desert seed list of 1.5.2!


Quick summary of the desert seed page

This page has 5 awesome Minecraft desert seeds to choose from. Each one has a short description followed by a 1-3 minute video walking you through the desert seed.

If you don't like one, don't worry, just scroll down to the next, there's 5 great seeds to choose from. One has 6 diamonds, one has a natural sugar cane farm, one has a village and a desert temple, and another has a giant epic mountain range made of sand with floating sand islands.

Thanks for checking out the page, if you want to follow my work just go like my facebook page.

If you want more, or if there's any seeds you would think should be added to the list, please leave a comment as a guest user at the bottom of the page. Your input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Minecraft 1.5.2 desert seed #1: 339459163

This is a really awesome seed to try. If you like deserts then you'll love this one. You spawn on the border of a forest and a desert, and in that desert you can almost immediately find a temple. Right past that temple is a village, which makes this a pretty cool desert seed.

If that's not enough, there's plenty more desert to run around and explore, so have fun with this one, and check out the next 4 on the list, they're pretty awesome too.

Minecraft desert seed video #1 - A village and a temple near spawn

Minecraft 1.5.2 desert seed #2: 19420

This one's really interesting. If you follow the path I take on the video you'll find what I like to clal an empty volcano with a zombie spawner in it. There's some cool stuff in the treasure chests too. There's also a few hidden little caves that you can uncover in the sides of the volcano if you want to.

There's plenty more desert to explore too if that's not enough, so have fun with this one and check out the next one on the list, it's awesome too.

Minecraft desert seed video #2 - Empty volcano with zombie spawner

Minecraft 1.5.2 desert seed #3: 383198117031762710

This is an interesting desert seed even though it has no volcano's, temples, or villages. Instead this seed has epic mountains, awesome floating sand islands, and when you break one of the sand blocks they'll all come tumbling down.

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It's an interesting seed, on top of being mountainous, it's also got plenty of deformed floating chunks of sand and other stuff that doesn't make any sense. It's a fun place to explore if you like deserts, be sure to give it a try, and check out the next two seeds on the list, they're pretty awesome too.

Minecraft desert seed video #3 - Epic desert mountains and floating sand islands

Minecraft 1.5.2 desert seed #4: 99151625161

This village seed is pretty plain, except for one really interesting feature. For the first time, in my experience at least, it's a seed with a natural sugar cane farm. I've never seen a natural occurrence like this one before, so I figured it would be noteworthy to put on my list.

Other than that it's a pretty generic desert to build upon if you like desert seeds. If you don't like this seed, try the last one, it has some underground diamonds to find.

Minecraft desert seed video #4 - A natural sugar cane farm

Minecraft 1.5.2 desert seed #5: 19456684112

On this seed I found some diamonds by accident when I randomly decided to dig straight down in one spot. If you want to find 6 diamonds then you can try to reach them at X499 Y10 Z452. It's tough getting to them, watch out for lava, and there will be a mine cart dungeon between you and the diamonds. Watch your step on the way, it's dangerous down there.

Minecraft desert seed video #5 - With 6 diamonds underground!

Thanks for viewing, tune in next time!


In summary

Minecraft desert seeds are fun for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons I really like them is because you can find villages in the desert all the time. On top of that you can find desert temples, and all sorts of weird land formations with the sand.

Another nice feature about deserts is that there's plenty of sand to use to make sandstone structures. Also if you like glass, well there's all the sand you need.

That's all the seeds for now. Follow my facebook page to keep up to date with my work. If you have any seeds to add to the list, or want to comment on my work, feel free to say so in the comments section below as a guest user. Thanks for viewing!

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