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Minecraft NPC village seed list 1.8.3 (videos)

Minecraft 1.8.3 Village seed list


Village seeds for the world generator

Minecraft village seeds are the most fun worlds to play because a village can potentially spawn near any other biome. For example, it's extremely rare but still technically possible to have a seed with a village right at the spawn and a mushroom island right nearby, or any other crazy village biome combination.

Two of the most important objects to think about when looking for Minecraft Village seeds are diamonds and saddles. Sometimes villages have blacksmiths in them, these contain randomly generated items based on the seed number. The two best items that a 1.8.3 village seed can have are saddles for horse taming, diamonds for diamond tools.

The three village biomes

Villages can only spawn in three of the Minecraft 1.8.3 biomes. While between the three biomes it's possible to have any biome next to the village, even taiga.

The three village biome seeds are:

  • Desert village seeds
  • Plains village seeds
  • Savanna village seeds

Desert biomes spawn the most villages out of any of the three biomes. Plains village seeds seem to have around as many villages as the savanna village seeds do. These two biomes just don't spawn nearly as many villages as desert biomes.

Plains and Savanna villages tend to be larger on average than desert village, at least in any Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed.

Ten epic Minecraft 1.8.3 village seeds

Here's the list of 10 great Minecraft 1.8.3 village seeds to try. Most of these villages work in other Minecraft versions other than 1.8.3, so don't be afraid to try them at least.

The list isn't order from best to worst, but the first few village seed videos are good ones. The later seeds are mix matched with great village seeds, good village seeds, and just plain village seeds.

Look through them all and then vote in the poll at the bottom to pick a favorite. If this number of villages doesn't cut it, then be sure to check out the full Minecraft village seed list between all versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft village seed video #1 - Three diamond village with three diamond desert temple nearby

NPC village seed #1: -471105649

On this epic Minecraft 1.8.3 seed there's a village at x-150 by z75, right by spawn. There's three village diamonds in the blacksmith at this first village, which is in a savanna by a desert. There's a river running by the village, which is cool.

On top of the amazing spawn point, this village seed also has a desert temple nearby at x-470 by z40. The other desert temple even has three more diamonds, making this a six diamond 1.8.3 village seed.

Other than that there are other biomes nearby, so feel free to search them out.

Minecraft village seed video #2 - Saddle village at spawn with some armor.

NPC village seed #2: 7025031194735563832

This awesome village seed starts players right next to a horse taming village. There's a saddle in this village with some bronze horse armor too. It's actually a fairly big village, it's a fun place to explore.

Nearby are some savanna, taiga, and plenty more biomes. There's also a quaint little river running next to the village. It's really a great place to build on to.

Minecraft village seed video #3 - Fifteen diamond village island seed

NPC village seed #3: 2151361310212770970

This is one of the best Minecraft village seeds of 1.8.3 because it's the thing a lot of people want out of a village: an island.

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Finding a village on an island is extremely rare on Minecraft, especially on an island this small. Not to mention how rare it is to have two ocean monuments nearby, and 15 natural cave diamonds right off shore.

Here's the big list of coordinates:

-Island village: x60 z-270
-Natural start to a mine on the island at: x-30 z-348
-Underwater zombie spawner with chests: x98 z132
-15 Diamond super catacomb dungeon right off island: x181 z-261
---Location of first diamond set: X178 Z-280 y11
-Ocean monument a:t X-420 by z-360
-Another ocean monument by mainland: x100 z250
-Underwater fissure dungeon: x-350 z-150
-Second underwater fissure at: x-112 z-447
-Super cool underwater dungeons + fissures: x267 z-621

Minecraft village seed video #4 - Nine obsidian village at spawn with one diamond

NPC village seed #4: 3793895581523405556

This one's a cool Minecraft seed for the world generator because it spawns players in a hilly plains section with a village. This village has a blacksmith and inside of that blacksmith is 9 obsidian, and one diamond.

Other than that there are some neat biomes to explore, and the terrain around the village itself is just wonderful. Be careful not to fall down into the river, it's annoying getting back up to the village.

Minecraft village seed video #5 - Diverse double village world

NPC village seed #5: 1793484691

Epic double village seed here. Right at the spawn is the first village with, strangely enough, three iron chestplates. It's pretty neat for survival because the armor really does come in handy, especially when playing seeds on hard difficulty.

Aside from this first desert village, there's yet another desert village really nearby at: x260 z175. Both villages should be there on any Minecraft version after 1.7.

Between the first village and the second village is segment of savanna biome with a lava pit. On some spawns the lava burns down the tree naturally, which is pretty interesting to see.

Beyond the second village, this 1.8.3 seed for Minecraft also has some savanna mountains to check out, they're pretty cool. There's also a cool river flowing by the first two villages, and plenty of other cool things to find in this Minecraft village seed.

Minecraft village seed video #6 - Big generic grass village world seed

NPC village seed #6: 5246789466573073575

This is maybe the best Minecraft 1.8.3 seed for villages. There are two villages in this seed, one at spawn, and the big one's over at x125 z1100.

There's plenty of peaceful biomes nearby which are nice on the eyes. Just for getting a village seed and playing relaxed, this is the best 1.8.3 village seed. There's water, forest, villages, and plenty more to see on this epic Minecraft village world.

Minecraft village seed video #7 - Three diamond savanna mountain village

NPC village seed #7: 890679926

Another fantastic Minecraft seed for 1.8.3, and this time with a mountain. These savanna mountains are some of the last extreme hills in all of Minecraft, because of how rare big extreme hills are now.

The super mountain can be found at x-60 by z580 and the village can be found at x-150 by z250, which is pretty close to the savanna mountain. Other than that there are the generic biomes to explore. It's a great 1.8.3 village seed to explore on.

The super mountain is at: x-60 z580 and the village at x-150 z250 which isn't super far away from spawn.

Minecraft village seed video #8 - Built-in monster spawner by roofed forest village

NPC village seed #8: 2447840193895743095

Another awesome Minecraft 1.8.3 seed to have some fun with. This one spawns players right by a roofed forest and a village, which has a spider spawner right next to it underground.

Players don't spawn exactly by the location, the coordinates of the village are x275 by z250, the spider spawner is at x260 by z250 underground. Other than that it's a super awesome roofed forest all around the village, which has only one exit by water. This is one of the most interesting NPC village seeds for 1.8.3.

The coordinates of the village are x275 z250 and the spider spawner can be found around x260 z250 underground. It's a neat village to try using and was for 1.8.3 but works on any Minecraft version after 1.7.

Minecraft village seed video #9 - Easy NPC village with diverse biomes

NPC village seed #9: -860728381

This is a neat village seed for 1.8.3 with diverse biomes and plenty of animals. Around x-500 z0 players can find a taiga village. This village isn't actually in the taiga, but right next to it. It's impossible for one to literally spawn in a taiga.

Other than that there's plenty to explore, this is one of those seeds with a ton of stuff, like animals and caves. There's probably a ton more stuff to find with a little exploration.

Minecraft village seed video #10 - Spawn at creepy roofed forest

NPC village seed #10: 1488218954

Another great Minecraft village. This one spawns players directly next to the village, which is enclosed by roofed forest on all sides but one, just like the one above. On this one however the spawn is at the village and the water on the one side is further away from the village.

There are other biomes to explore on this map too, not just roofed forest. At the same time, the roofed forest village is the whole reason to play this seed, unless maybe there's some amazing undiscovered hidden feature nearby.

Find a village to call home


Find the right Minecraft seed?

This was the 1.8.3 Minecraft village seed list, and there's plenty more Minecraft seeds to explore. These were some of the best of 1.8.3, and they usually work on any version after 1.7, so don't be timid.

Don't forget to vote in the poll below to help improve future seed lists. Be sure to bookmark and check back some other time if this is too man seeds at once. Comment at the bottom with any feedback, and enjoy the 1.8.3 village seeds.

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Favorite 1.8.3 village seed?

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