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Minecraft NPC village seed list 1.5.2 (videos)

Minecraft village seeds are the best

Some of the absolute best Minecraft village seeds for 1.5.2, all in one place.

Some of the absolute best Minecraft village seeds for 1.5.2, all in one place.

Minecraft NPC Village Seeds can be found below

I've been playing Minecraft for quite a while, and during my adventures I've come across some fantastic village seeds for you to try out. Below is a video compilation of each of the Minecraft village seeds with a short description. These only work for PC.

[Minecraft NPC village seeds for 1.6.1 (videos)]

The videos are a quick play through of each seed in creative mode. Each of these videos are usually 2 to 5 minutes in length and will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on that specific seed.

If you have any seeds to suggest, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page. Input is highly appreciated, and if you would like to buy Minecraft for the Xbox 360, or anything else Minecraft, you can get it cheap on Ebay with the link below These seeds will not work for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft.

Thanks for checking out my awesome list of Minecraft village seeds. If you have any questions feel free to comment below, thanks again everyone!

Minecraft Village Seed #1 - upmybutt

Seriously, that's the name of the seed. Coincidentally it's one of the best village seeds I've ever found. In the village that you start nearby, there are 2 diamonds. Within 300 blocks of that village is a temple with another 3 diamonds. After collecting all the diamonds you can make a diamond pickaxe and a diamond sword (or two shovels).

This is the number 1 seed in my mind, just because of the diamonds. If you want to see a cool village in general though, check out the other seeds below.

Minecraft NPC Village Seed #1 - temple village with 5 diamonds

Minecraft Village Seed #2 - 4833591787919942169

This Minecraft Village Seed is one of the most interesting by far. Close to the village is a little alcove with a zombie spawner which makes this a high-risk village in that, there's a high chance of a zombie infestation.

This village has a blacksmith, and there's an underwater dungeon in the lake next to the village. This place is a really fun adventure, and who knows what else might be nearby. Check it out for yourself and save some room for seed number 3 below.

Minecraft NPC Village Seed #2 - Zombie spawner village, save them!

Minecraft Village Seed #3 - SENZAFINE

This one's a pretty generic and happy village seed. It has a blacksmith, it's right on the border of a snow biome, and there's plenty of pigs to go around, they're just wondering through the village and everything.

If you need a village, and want some meat to tame wolves with, then holy cow you just hit the jackpot. This Minecraft village seed is perfect for taming wolves, all while keeping warm and cozy in your awesome village. Hope your staying with me, there's yet another Minecraft village seed below this one.

Minecraft NPC Village Seed #3 - pig and wolf village!

Minecraft Village Seed #4 - ArminVanBuuren

This one's pretty cool if you don't like desert villages. It's pretty generic, and it's near a forest, which is great for wood. This village does not have a blacksmith.

There's also some interesting landscapes and mines near this village, and the village itself looks really cool, just the way that organized it. Check out this seed for yourself below, and save room for yet another one below that.

Minecraft NPC Village Seed #4 - perfect forest village

Minecraft Village Seed #5 - -6331827266257900346

Just follow the desert/jungle biome border and before you know it you'll find a super awesome desert village, complete with its own 3 story lookout tower. The bad side is that this village doesn't start off with a blacksmith.

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Minecraft NPC village seed #5 - a three story desert tower?

Want to know how to make villagers breed?

It sounds weird, I know, but if you add more doors to a Minecraft village, your population will start to increase.

It basically works like this, for every 3 doors you have, you can have 1 villager. Most villages start with too few of doors to even support the villagers they have, so you'll have to add more.

But wait!

Just placing doors at random doesn't solve anything, you have to build a house, or more technically, you need more sunlight-based light hitting one side of a door than the other, then it counts as a house.

The easiest way to start doing this is to just add a few more doors to the current houses; unfortunately, there probably isn't enough space on the current houses to add very many more villagers. Instead it's best to build apartment like buildings with doors everywhere.

Be Careful Though!

I've read that if you have a door facing another door within 5 squares of it, then it nullifies one or both of the doors. To counteract this, place your doors every other door, or just only build the doors on one side of the apartment.

I usually place one door on each short side of the rectangle, and then have the rest along the long-side of the apartment. Once you get your design down, just start adding multiple floors to your apartment complex. I usually build at least 5 floors to every apartment I make, now my village has over 50 villagers!

Here's a table to show you my favorite apartment complex idea.

X's are dirt, O's are doors, T's are torches.















There you have it, expand your own Minecraft village

If you follow the pattern above, and place torches in the same spots on the roof, then you'll never have to worry about zombies and you'll get an amazing number of villagers for an extremely compact space.

Be careful where you place them however

You have to build these structures moderately close to the center of the village, which is hard to figure out. Don't fret however, as long as you build within one or two hundred squares of the village center, it will work. I usually use the well as the center point for my village, but some villages might require different estimates.

Have fun with your new Minecraft Villages, and feel free to tell me about your own success stories below in the comment section.

Want more seeds? Don't worry, there are plenty more to choose from. Here's a list of my other work. Check back often as I add more every day or two.

Did you like any of the village seeds above?


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