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Minecraft How to Find the Ender Dragon and the Rarest Minecraft Block - the Dragon Egg

What is the Minecraft Ender Dragon?

The Ender Dragon is the ultimate boss in the Minecraft game. It’s the largest entity at the moment that exists within Minecraft (real world and excluding test realms) and it’s defined by having purple eyes that glow as it moves. It’s absolutely black in color with small grey patches on its wings. This swopping hostile Mob only appears in The End. The End is also referred to as the Enderrealm as it has many Endermen walking around as well as other unique blocks that cannot be found in the normal realms within Minecraft.

When players are in Minecraft everybody wants to try to find the Ender Dragon, it’s like the hunt for Moby Dick or even defeating the end boss in World-of-Warcraft. Defeating the ultimate end boss is like saying you’ve done everything there is to do in the game and you wait for other challenges to be lain down.

The Ender Dragon from Minecraft

Finding the Minecraft Ender Dragon is a task not for the weary. Good planning, stock, and weapons as well as a good plan all help to defeat the Ender Dragon and get the Dragon egg rarest block currently available

Finding the Minecraft Ender Dragon is a task not for the weary. Good planning, stock, and weapons as well as a good plan all help to defeat the Ender Dragon and get the Dragon egg rarest block currently available

How to Find the Minecraft Ender Dragon

To locate the Ender Dragon in Minecraft you need to accomplish some rudimentary tasks first. The first two elements you need to have are lots of Minecraft skill and a heck of a lot of time. Just like all big accomplishments, defeating an end boss is no walk in the park.

First Aim is to Get to the End

For starters you are going to need a full set of Diamond Armour and I would recommend that you take additional sets too so you can swap out if required. You could look at getting Protection enchantments as well. Protection enchants in Minecraft work by converting environmental damage (i.e. Ender Dragon attacks) to armor damage, and since y have the strongest armor in Minecraft this will help protect you from its attacks.

Make sure you have diamond swords as well. Also check that you have a bow and arrow too as this can be used to push-back the dragon’s attacks and destroy the Ender crystals as well. You want to knock out the crystals as these effectively recharge the Dragons health. Killing these will ultimately kill the Ender Dragon.

Having a good stack of snowballs can also help defeat the Ender Dragon

You will also need to make sure you have ample food for your journey to the End World. Potions of health, regeneration, swiftness and strength should be taken and popped when you in combat with the Ender Dragon. Make sure you have a few of these top potions in Minecraft as you don’t want to run out!

Getting to the End in Minecraft

To enter the end you need to find and activate the end portal which can take considerable time. End Portal’s are found within strongholds so you first task in how to find the ender dragon is in fact how to find a Minecraft stronghold! All strongholds are located underground. If you have found and crafted an Eye of Ender you can use this to easily locate your first task and find a stronghold.

How to find Minecraft Strongholds with the Ender Eye

Ender Dragon Plush Toy

The Minecraft Ender Dragon Plush Toy

What came first the chicken or the egg? Well strictly speaking the ender dragon plush toy came first. A plush is a soft toy based on certain characters from different mediums. Considering this is the penultimate boss in Minecraft it is understandable why the ender dragon plush is so popular.

It's like the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. It represents the highest accomplishment in the game of Minecraft. The plush is a popular present or gift for kids, children, gamers and fans of Minecraft – it essentially serves all who have an interest in this endless sand-box game.

The plush itself has an overall wingspan of 2 feet which is impressive considering the soft materials that make this plush such a great gift idea. This ender dragon toy in comparison to other Minecraft plush toys really stands out due to its size.

Defeat the Stronghold and Enter the End Portal

Once you’ve found a stronghold dig down and conquer it to get to the end portal. To defeat a stronghold you need to disable and defeat a silverfish spawner. This is why you need good kit and provisions. The journey to the Ender Dragon is long! Once you’ve fought your way through the stronghold and found the portal active it by placing Eyes of Ender in each of the empty slots, and the jump in the portal.

You know face the biggest challenge in Minecraft. Your first aim is to destroy the Ender Crystals using your bow and arrow. Then fight the Ender Dragon to the death. Once he dies you’ll see an exit portal and a Dragon Egg block!

Minecraft - ENDER PORTAL

Lego Minecraft Toys The Ender Dragon

The Minecraft Ender Dragon Lego Set Toys 21117 634 pieces

Considering the popularity of the Ender Dragon and how hard he is to defeat it’s of no surprise that Lego Toys have released a block version of this formidable Minecraft enemy. To recreate this ultimate peril in Lego form is a symbol of how powerful the Ender dragon really is.

The set comprises of the simple Minecraft avatar Steve as well as 3 Endermen. In addition to these parts of Minecraft there are also obsidian pillars (which allow the dragon to regenerate).

With over 634 pieces you can easily build other parts of the Minecraft world with these Lego blocks and pieces.

Also you’ll find that the Ender Dragon measures as the following:

  • 8” (21cm) high
  • 13” (34cm) long
  • 13” (33cm) wide
  • 634 pieces
  • Comes with 3 Ender Men, Steve, and The Ender Dragon
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You also get a complete Sand Island biome and a full set of Diamond armor including body and helmet crafts. The Ender Dragon is the ultimate gift for any Minecraft fan or player or any kid or child who has an interest in the most sought-after game ever made.

Ender Dragon Egg Shrine ingame Minecraft

A well built Ender Dragon Egg Shrine in Minecraft

A well built Ender Dragon Egg Shrine in Minecraft

Why is the Ender Dragon So Important?

Well basically the ender dragon represents the ultimate prize in Minecraft. Defeating this dragon is worthy of massive respect and admiration amongst fellow players. It requires time, skill, and dedication to defeat so it is not for every player. It also requires planning and ensuring you have enough diamond armor, diamond swords, food stacks, snowballs, protection enchants and rest points (like a mobile bed) to make your mission a success. After all would you really want to face the toughest boss in Minecraft with a wooden sword?

What is the Minecraft Ender Dragon Egg

The Ender Dragon Egg is only formed when the Ender Dragon is slain in the Minecraft Game. It then appears on top of an exit portal. You will collect the rarest Minecraft block as you exit the portal.

The Minecraft Ender dragon egg block is the rarest Minecraft blocks in existence. When I say blocks I mean the egg has its own visual within the Minecraft game. It’s normal size and not over-sized like the Ender Dragon itself (61 cuboids). It exists as a solid block like other essential Minecraft blocks, like diamonds, gold and iron although it is ultimately rarer.

The Minecraft dragon egg is essentially a sign of in-game accomplishments, something to complete in the game itself. Indeed it could be said to be one of the top 10 Minecraft achievements.

The best things to do in Minecraft have to include slaying the Ender Dragon. Having said that the prestige of showing off your ender dragon egg to your fellow players is no mean achievement and many other players on your Minecraft server will be jealous. It takes lots of work to get this trophy.

If you happen to see a random Dragon Egg (not likely) then if you try and mine it, it will simply transport to an unspecified location, leaving you empty handed. However the chances of finding this egg block in some random biome location is very remote.

Can you find the Ender Dragon Egg?


The Minecraft Lego Toy Micro World The End 21107

How to Find the Minecraft Ender Dragon Egg

Well you’re going to need a very good set of Diamond armor and weapons if you want to kill the Ender Dragon. Every gamer knows that having the right tools for the job makes life a lot easier in Minecraft. Once you’ve began to learn how to find the ender dragon and defeated it, upon its death you’ll be presented with an exit portal and the dragon egg block! Make sure you grab it before teleporting out.

In Comparison Then is it Worth Hunting for the Ender Dragon or Simply Buying a Lego Toy or Plush to Compensate?

Learning how to find the Ender dragon is the key to creating fame amongst the other players in Minecraft. Once you’ve located the stronghold and teleported through the portal to the end you can fight the dragon and capture its dragon egg. Having the rarest Minecraft lock in your collection and home in Minecraft will make you a real star on any Minecraft Server.

To celebrate the importance of this ultimate end boss Minecraft Lego Toys and a Minecraft plush toy (soft toy) have been released to celebrate the toughest boss to grace the video game. Now you can see why all kids, children and fans want to have this boss and the rare dragon egg as their prize possession.

However buying a toy is really not hero material. After all simply buying a toy as a present rather than spending time, effort and energy to defeat the virtual end-boss should have its own rewards. This reward of course is to become the owner of the rarest block in Minecraft - the dragon egg! This is something that both Lego and the plush industry have yet to realize!

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