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Minecraft Builders, Minecraft NPC Mod

Look upon my builders, ye mighty, and despair! For more awesome mods, visit:

Look upon my builders, ye mighty, and despair! For more awesome mods, visit:

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Minecraft Builders is a mod that adds NPCs to your Minecraft world. NPCs that build things. How great is your life now that I've mentioned this, huh? Awesome I bet. I bet you're crying a little from joy. That's why I do what I do, telling people about things other people have made. So they can use them. And be happy. It's all about the happy.

Anyway, Minecraft builders is a mod made by OgreSean, who is probably not as much of an Ogre as he's made out to be. He's made this awesome mod for starters, which is more than most Ogres ever do in their miserable, lumbering, misunderstood lives.

Builders adds nine mobs to your world. Not all of them are builders, some are treasure hunters and some are explorers. There are 22 different buildings that the builders can make and they'll choose them at random. Builders can be made to follow you around, so you can get them to follow you to a place that is suitable for building. When a builder finds a place to build, he will automatically unfollow you and get started.

Other mobs do different things. Treasure Hunters, for instance, wander around and look for treasure. When the Treasure Hunter is at work, Treasure Chests may appear, you know, holding treasure and that sort of thing.

There are some disappointments along the way of course. Your builders are lazy. Every builder will only build a certain numbers of buildings. Once they're done, they're done. After that they just lounge around. Fortunately they can be forcibly despawned at this point.

What's really awesome about this mod however is that the builders don't much care about you or your plans. They'll build anywhere. This means that as you wander around, you'll find that a civilization springs up around you.

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There's also a Mayor who will put together a team to build a wall around the town if it happens to be a trading town. What's a trading town? A town where there are trading shops, where you can go to trade your spare coal, iron, gold and diamonds. As if there's such a thing in this world as spare diamonds. There are never spare diamonds. Ever. Unless you're Donald Trump, and even then there are no spare diamonds because he needs his to attract super model wives to spawn his children.

There are also Bakers, Explorers, Home Seekers. You'll discover what they do when they do it. Just trust me when I say you'll probably like it, or be slightly confused by it. This mod works with Humans +, so you can have plenty of buildings and people to inhabit them. Like the real world.

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Five minutes later, buildings began popping up, strange and wonderful buildings!

Five minutes later, buildings began popping up, strange and wonderful buildings!

WARNING: Do not trust these builders. I went into the tower on the left as it was being constructed and when I'd gotten to the top and come down again I discovered that the entrance had been bricked up.

TL,DR Minecraft Builders tried to wall me up alive.


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