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Minecraft 1.16 Update

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What is the Minecraft 1.16 Update

The 1.16 Update is an update that is in beta now and set for release summer 2020. It's primary focus is the Nether with new biomes to explore and new blocks to mine and collect as well as new passive and enemy NPC's.

With this update Mojang has transformed the Nether from a dark forboding place into something a little more vibrant yet still as dangerous.

What are the new Nether Biomes

The Nether will now be made up of 4 or 5 different Biomes.

Each of these new Biomes is filled with unique blocks some you may recognise some you will not.

This update adds the following.

  • Basalt Delta

    A Volcanic Biome made up of Blackstone, Basalt, Gravel, Magma and Lava as well as Glowstone and Mushrooms. This Biome will be home to the Magma Cube Mob.

  • Crimson Forest

    This biome will be filled with red trees and vines.

  • Soul Sand Valley

    A dead valley filled with Fossils, Soul Sand and Soil, Basalt and Blue Fire. It is shrouded in a blue fog.

  • Warped Forest

    Similar to the Crimson forest with blue trees and vines.

The old Nether will still be a part of the new improved Nether and will now be known as the Nether Wastes.

Nether Biomes

Basalt Delta

Basalt Delta

Fossils in a Soul Sand Valley

Fossils in a Soul Sand Valley

New Structures

As well as the new Biomes there are also a few new Structures in the Nether and Overworld. These are


Bastion Remnants

These Large Fortified Remains are a great source of treasure and a place where you will find some of the new blocks and NPC mobs.


Once over the Soul Sand Valley must have been home to some large creatures judging by the size of the fossils dotted about the biome. (See image above). These are a nice addition to the Nether as they add to the history of the place.

Nether and Overworld

Ruined Portals

These new structures can be found in both the Nether and the Overworld and have been added to make getting to the Nether a little easier as there are lots of players that have never made the trip in survival mode.

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These structures are partialy destroyed Portals which can be rebuilt and opened by the player. They often have a loot chest which if you are lucky may be filled with everything you need to get the portal back in operation.

What are the new Blocks

There are new blocks in the Overworld and the Nether in this update with the majority being new blocks for the Underworld of the Nether.

In the nex section I'm going to continue focusing on the Nether listing it's new blocks and their uses.

The Nether

Up until now the Nether has been a fairly bland place with no real colour but as of 1.16 that will change with new blocks bringing an injection of colour to the underworld

Basalt Delta

  • Blackstone

    This is the Nether equivalent of stone.

    It is a really nice versitile building block if you are looking for a block for a dark build then this is the one for you.

    You can use it to craft furnaces and tools

    It can be crafted in to polished blocks, polished bricks and cracked bricks. There is even a chiseled variant with a pig nose design on it.

  • Basalt

    This is a dark gray stone block that looks a lot like burnt wood.

    It has a high blast resistance making it a great material to use when bridging islands in the Nether.

    It can be crafted into a polished variety.

    When placed it acts like a wood block so can be placed at different angles depending on what texture you want showing.

Crimson Forest

  • Crimson Stems

    These are the stems of large fungi that grow in the Nether

    These tree like blocks are red in colour and can be treated in the same way as their overworld equivalent for the most part.

    They can be turned into planks and used to make all wooden items with the exception of boats.

    Their plank form cannot be burned making them a great alternative to wood if you don't mind their colour.

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Tora1984 on June 16, 2020:

I'm just now getting to play Mass effect 3 and every time I play the same team times and I cannot get the perfect ending to our separate lives every time I turn around I die I get all the assets and everything and it seems to not let me have the perfect ending I got an Xbox one

Amy from Darlington, England on June 10, 2020:

Thanks for the insight. This update looks epic.

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