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Read Spanish Playing Cards With These Insights

Mexican Playing Cards


You build your future with every decision you make...

This is a system I devised for meditating on or discussing a question using Spanish or Italian playing cards. These cards are similar to tarot cards but just consist of a 50 card deck (including 2 Fools or Jokers). Remember that the results of your reading are not unchangeable absolutes, just springboards for your own truths. You build your future with every decision you make & every action you take. The cards just provide you with time, focus, and ideas for consideration.

Suzanne Bennett ©July 2008


ACE: Ideas, creativity, luck! Appreciate your deserved good fortune! A time to manifest in the material world. Investments pay off! Rewards!
TWO: Balance between work & family. Fairness & trust in all your dealings. Flexibility & ability to change. Financial solvency & productive business partnerships.
THREE: Hard work pays off! Your achievement is a result of your personal effort & vision. You can now do what you do best! This is a time of tangible success!
FOUR: Financial security! Good management brings rewards! Be wise! Save money & resources! Make every effort count! You will gain satisfaction & personal reward!
FIVE: Face the source of your anxiety, & do what you can with what you have! Actions will change your circumstances!
SIX: Contentment & balance. That which we give a way returns threefold. Drop all pretenses, & give from your heart!
SEVEN: Potential, integrity, perception. Trust the process of growth. Be a practical dreamer! Your goal is worthwhile! Persevere!
EIGHT: Movement, change, renewal. Value yourself & feel valued. Doing what you love can bring financial success! Craftsmanship counts! Attend all details with love! Avoid perfectionism.
NINE: New energy! A new situation! Transformation! Your hard work will pay off. Seek independence & take time in nature. Enjoy leisure & recreation.
PAGE/TEN: New Energy! A new situation! Practicality & Values. Good news about financial offers. Be practical & diligent. Invest conservatively for insured success. Enjoy the abundance of family.
KNIGHT/11: Generosity & good fortune! Enjoy your riches & count your blessings. Loyalty + steadfast effort = success!
KING/12: Seek a new perspective! Resolution & reward. Find a balance between work & play. Find satisfaction in what you have.


ACE: Inspiration, Love, creativity & dreams. Give & accept love on a new level. Experience the heady excitement of new love even in an existing relationship. Meditation will open your heart.
TWO: Romance, partnership & friendship. Listen with your heart. Learn what romance really means - clear, nurturing, beautiful exchange of emotion. Happy agreements, love & friendship flourish.
THREE: Celebration & Action! New energy, life, creation, joy, happy times with friends & family. Play to renew your spirit & restore your health.
FOUR: Stillness. Express your finer feelings! Examine your heart. Re-evaluate your goals & priorities in relationships.
FIVE: You are being tested. Disappointment becomes experience & ensures future success. Let go of past sorrow & regain your power to heal.
SIX: Contentment & balance. Enjoy a new lease on life. Acknowledge your personal history. Appreciate what experience has taught you. Make peace with the past in a realistic way.
SEVEN: Potential, integrity, perception, Illusion-Rely upon your instinct. Make choices that are worthy of you. Recognize golden opportunities. Decide when you are sure.
EIGHT: Movement, change, renewal, turning away. You let go of a situation after extended investment. Consider carefully & choose wisely.
NINE: The wish card. All good things. Unexpected fulfillment. Hopes become reality. Perfect balance in relationships.
PAGE/TEN: Tenderness & intuition. Contentment, peace & harmony. Good news about relationships & children. Creativity & dreams. Listen to your heart. Heed your inner voice. Follow your dreams.
KNIGHT/11: Friendship & love. Patience & gentleness restore balance. Find consistent ways to express your emotions. Emotional maturity, empathy, intuition. Think with your heart.
KING/12: The healing healer. The power of emotion. Give of yourself to others. Share emotional wisdom. Follow intuition when making decisions. Decide with your head & your heart.


ACE: A gift! Masculine energy, starting something new. Be instinctive, creative, & passionate. Create a good first impression.
TWO: Balance, Faith & partnership bring rewards. You are at a crossroads. Harness your power to create. Move forward with great opportunities to put plans into action.
THREE: Be your self. Create your future by visualizing it clearly. A time for personal gain & reward, opportunity & self expression.
FOUR: Pause, Stillness, home. Count your blessings. All is well. Celebrate, harvest, feel complete. Grow in every aspect of your life.
FIVE: Constant challenges to your position. Respect your opponent & maintain your position. Attend to every detail. Continue with your plan & be flexible.
SIX: Victory & deserved rewards. All your hard effort feels truly worthwhile. Pay attention to detail. Fulfill all promises.
SEVEN: Potential, integrity, perception, courage. Obstacles can be overcome by confidence & experience. Go forward in spite of your fears. Defend the things you love.
EIGHT: Wonderful news, movement, change, renewal. Offers will come. Set goals, prioritize, focus your energy. It is time for you to SHINE!
NINE: Conserve resources, work smarter, not harder. Schedule carefully. Pay attention to detail. You will have strength, support, & financial help for you tasks.
PAGE/TEN: Ambition, practicality, new energy, transformation, a new situation. Energy, drive & creative ideas. Bursts of inspiration. Act & check details. Be cautious of over commitment. Release excessive responsibility.
KNIGHT/11: Inspiration! Express spirituality in your actions. Creativity & practicality, nurturing, encouragement, & intuition. Ambition, a creative time. Events speed up. You may move.
KING/12: The power of creativity, maturity & wisdom naturally attract others. Seek only creative work Be the “spark”. Feel the balance of heaven & earth & the deep ability to forgive. .


ACE: Triumph, inner vision, mental agility will bring you success. Mindful energy will fuel new projects & help you deal assertively. Victory over struggle, strength in adversity, the power to win, change for the good.
TWO: Balance. A truce or stalemate, courage & intellect will bring success. Be diplomatic. Consider alternatives.
THREE: Let go of a sad situation. Confront a person or problem directly, then move forward. Focus on solutions & seek new perspectives.
FOUR: Stillness brings healing. Rest & recuperate after a barrage of stress. Ground & recharge yourself. Look inward for real change.
FIVE: The power of choice. Freedom is found in accepting your limitations. Turn away from your struggle. Let go of pride. Withdraw from conflict.
SIX: Passage, discovery, transition, contentment & balance. You will move from difficulty to smooth sailing! Breathe, renew, regain energy & enthusiasm.
SEVEN: Potential, integrity, & perception. Your creative intellect is your best ally. Use brains not brawn to prevail in a difficult situation.
EIGHT: A project or dream falls through. Have a lion’s heart. Stay courageous. The power of choice will liberate you. Seek help & wisdom within & from others.
NINE: Be patient, rest, recover, regain your equilibrium. Replace every negative thought with a positive alternative.
PAGE/TEN: Integrity, Success, closure, & a new era. Good intelligence & helpful people will take swift actions to help you. Be open to intellectual development, study, & learning.
KNIGHT/11: Intelligence, protection. Events speed up. Pay attention to detail. Think with your head, not with your heart.
KING/12: The power of intellect, ideas, & action. Truth, justice, & fairness above all. Use your wits to get your way.


There are two Fools or Jokers, exactly alike. I chose to label them with two Spanish words that translate to FOOL. You can use one, both or neither of these. It's up to you. If you choose to use them, label each one with a permanent marker so you know which is which.

INGENUO - Sincerity, naiveté, simplicity, innocence, openness to divine guidance based on trust. Be as open as a child. Trust & inspire trust in others.
NECEDAD - Folly, fun, a fresh start. Be spontaneous, playful, & willing to take light-hearted risks. Enjoy life & grow in experience.

REVERSED CARDS may be read as a delay or as something that needs special attention. Use your intuition!

A simple layout with significator at top and basic 3 card layout below. Turn over the top card of each pile to read. Draw more cards for more information.

A simple layout with significator at top and basic 3 card layout below. Turn over the top card of each pile to read. Draw more cards for more information.

The Layout

You can use any standard layout with playing cards (found in many books on the topic of card reading) or you can create your own. The simple 3-card layout is amazingly flexible and suitable for any situation. Simply shuffle your cards while thinking of your question & cut the deck into three piles from right to left using your left hand. The three piles can represent whatever you want them to: eg. Past, Present, Future, or Love, Money, Work, or Morning, Afternoon, Evening…etc. You may also wish to add a topic card or significator. This is a 4th card drawn to represent the subject of the consultation or the person being counseled.

Suzanne Bennett ©July 2008


justmesuzanne (author) from Texas on March 11, 2015:

I'm glad I could help! :)

TexasAries68 on March 11, 2015:

Thanks, that really help

Have an awesome day... God Bless

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justmesuzanne (author) from Texas on March 10, 2015:

You should focus on questions and concerns about yourself and your own well being and future. The problem with trying to determine what someone else will do is the same as the problem that arises when we invest our happiness in someone else and count on people and events outside ourselves to shape our destiny. You will get a better and more useful reading if you ask open ended questions about yourself and take time to explore the possibilities and mull over the results. Think of the cards as a problem solving tool rather than a divination tool. A tarot reading will give you a fuller and richer picture of the possibilities than a playing card reading. Have a look at my:

Tarot As a Problem Solving Tool

TexasAries68 on March 09, 2015:

I just want to know if my husband (ex-spouse now) divorce was final at end of October 2014 will come back home. I still love him very much and I don't see myself with anyone self. I know he is living with the woman he left me for but I told him a hundred times that I forgive him.

justmesuzanne (author) from Texas on March 09, 2015:

No. No decent or ethical reader would tell you something like that. The purpose of card readings is and always should be to gain more insight into your own thoughts and choices. Readers who begin prattling on about witchcraft, evil spirits, curses and whatnot are trying to scare you. The reason for this is they hope to make you dependent on them for repeat readings.

TexasAries68 on March 08, 2015:

I've had two reading lately and both reader have told me there witchcraft that been done, when the wands of 2 that look like and x come out that the beginning of the reading. The ones that look like Cubs, is that true

justmesuzanne (author) from Texas on May 31, 2013:

Thanks! Interestingly, many think that the practice of reading playing cards originated in India! :)

sweetie1 from India on May 30, 2013:

Though cards are not considered good in most families in India as these are invariably associated with gambling but this one is real good hub. I never knew everycard has so much meaning. Voting up and sharing on hubpages.

justmesuzanne (author) from Texas on May 16, 2013:

Thanks! Yes, as I say, I am not a "fortune teller". I view the cards as a tool to assist in focusing and accessing one's own subconscious mind for help in answering questions and solving problems. All the things you mention work well, too! :)

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 15, 2013:

This was interesting Suzanne, but the only kind of cards I have ever played was for fun...things like Canasta and some time ago, Bridge along with some kid friendly games that mainly teach kids how to count. I'm what you might label as a skeptic with regard to having one's fortune told by a chance drawing of a card or cards. It it makes people think about their lives and consider the path that they have traveled and where they wish to go, then a deck of cards...or a quiet walk in the woods...or a chat with a trusted friend or family member...whatever it takes to accomplish it is OK.

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