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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Twenty-Two: Armstrong


Raiden has humbled the enormous Metal Gear EXCELSUS, but it turns out that its pilot, Senator Armstrong, lives up to his name. His beefy frame isn't just for show, and he wants to rip Raiden apart for messing up his precious robot. Let's see if he has the stuff to make it happen.

The first and second parts of this battle aren't meant to be won, and for good reason - you can barely damage Armstrong. Avoid or parry his attacks (preferably avoid - he stalls a lot, so parrying isn't as effective as it sounds) and give him a few good slices whenever you get an opening. For the most part, especially when Armstrong glows golden, stay away from him. Run shamelessly in the opposite direction. In the second part you need to get hit to move on, so let him mash you down and follow the prompts.

After a ton of story telling and false starts you'll finally get down to the real battle - and you'll have Sam's awesome red sword! As if you ever doubted that would eventually happen. This is the final boss, and he's a doozy. Hopefully you have a full complement of Repair Nanopastes lined up.


Armstrong is a bruiser, and can close in on you incredibly fast. You need to be able to parry in an instant to avoid getting knocked around constantly - and Armstrong is more than powerful enough to obliterate your health with only a handful of hits. He starts off with the following attacks:

  • A basic rush. He usually uses this in conjunction with other attacks. Sometimes he'll follow up with a combo strike. Parry, and be ready to keep parrying after it lands.
  • A combo attack. He'll usually use this if you're already close, or right after a rush. His hits are a bit slow, so if you think you can get away, take the opportunity.
  • A ranged fire attack that erupts out of the ground. Run to the side to get out of its way, and don't stop running until you know it's over. The line can curve. As he takes more damage Armstrong will begin launching two of these attacks in a row.
  • A massive wall of fire that will linger for a while. Run behind the wall while it's still forming to get a few hits in on Armstrong. Be careful moving around while this thing is up! It's not hard to accidentally dodge right into it! If you don't get behind the wall Armstrong will typically rush you immediately after the attack is complete.
  • A series of cracks that will spread along the ground and blast fire vertically upward. Find a large space between the cracks to avoid the fire. Armstrong will rush just as the fire blast is going off, be ready to parry.
  • A golden rushing attack, the same as he used before. Run away from Armstrong as soon as he begins to charge up. Later in the fight he'll use two of these in a row, more often than not.
  • A golden area attack. Dash away from him.

There are no special tricks to taking down Armstrong in this first part. Pick away at his health while avoiding his attacks whenever you get an opportunity. Two or three sword strokes at a time doesn't seem like much, but they'll add up over time. You'll particularly want to do this when Armstrong is charging up for a fire attack, though be ready to run before the attack goes off or you won't have a chance of escaping unscathed.

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Do enough damage and Armstrong will leap onto the debris nearby and hurl giant chunks of Metal Gear at you. Go into Blade Mode and target the chunks as best you can, one after another after another, using the control stick. Once you've sliced up three, Armstrong himself will leap down to attack; get him in the head. Successfully weathering this barrage will likely earn you a few Repair Nanopastes. Failing will hurt. A lot. Needless to say, don't foul up.

Keep up the pressure and Armstrong will eventually manage to knock your sword away. You'll engage in a series of prompt attacks that are fairly easy to bypass. This sequence is more critical than it seems, as the punching prompts will do a significant amount of damage to Armstrong if you really hammer on the button. After you knock him away, run and grab your sword immediately. Trying to kill him unarmed is a poor idea.

After you eat up about fifty percent of his health, Armstrong will adopt a defensive stance and generate a green healing aura. As soon as he does this, run behind him and use Blade Mode on the weak spot on his back. This will interrupt his healing and stun him for almost ten seconds, an ample amount of time to do massive amounts of damage. Rip him apart.

The battle doesn't change a whole lot from beginning to end, though you'll have more opportunities to do a lot of damage the further in you get. Be patient, be persistent, be flighty, and be careful with the prompts. Eventually you'll enter into another series of prompts, including a few jumps into Blade Mode, and you'll take Armstrong down. Enjoy the gruesome ending - as well as the High Frequency Muramasa Blade you'll unlock!


Annonoymus on May 07, 2013:

on revengence mode you get hit once and he is dead...maybe you have to knock him down a certain amount of health to proceed past the scripted events?

Annonoymus on March 03, 2013:

Thank you for the guide!! Helped a lot!

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