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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Twenty-One: Metal Gear EXCELSUS


Raiden's finally managed to catch up with the money-grubbing madman behind the warmongering, but Armstrong, himself just a normal human, isn't about to let Raiden take him down. Hopping in his massive Metal Gear EXCELSUS, Armstrong prepares to take Raiden down once and for all. Boss time!

The battle against Metal Gear EXCELSUS doesn't change all that much over time, though Armstrong does add a few more attacks as you wear down his health. He begins the fight by using the giant blade arms of EXCELSUS to alternatively crush and slash Raiden.

  • When EXCELSUS raises one arm, it's going to come down on top of you. You can parry or avoid these strikes. Expect EXCELSUS to do this four times, and don't bother trying to attack during this phase.
  • When EXCELSUS raises both arms, they'll come down in an unblockable attack. Zip off to the side. As soon as they hit the ground, dash in to get in some attacks.
  • When EXCELSUS moves one arm to the side, it will swipe horizontally at you. Jump or parry to avoid.
  • When EXCELSUS moves both arms to one side, it will do the same thing. Use Ninja Run to slide between the two arms.

All of these attacks, probably because of their sheer weight, will do a little bit of damage even if you manage to parry. Dodging is the better choice - but quite often you won't really have a choice.

Keep mashing the arms and EXCELSUS will eventually try to stomp you. Attack the foot whenever it comes down (you actually can parry this stomp) and eventually you'll get a Zandatsu notice. Carry it out and run up the leg to take out the foot. Once you're off the leg, EXCELSUS' control center will be on the ground and vulnerable to attack. Get in as many hits as you can before it gets up again.

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The second phase of the EXCELSUS fight isn't that different from the first, as mentioned, though Armstrong tosses in a new feature for kicks: two enormous cannons. He'll use these cannons to launch massive, sweeping laser attacks on your position. So long as you keep to the back of the battlefield, these aren't that difficult to avoid. Jump whenever appropriate.

This section is made a bit trickier by the fact that EXCELSUS will deploy twin Gekkos onto the battlefield constantly. They'll launch missiles and rush your position while you're trying to avoid the lasers. Surprisingly enough, this is more to your advantage than your detriment. The laser sweeps will demolish the Gekkos, but not to the point that they'll immediately explode. If you're fast you can rush in, jump, perform a Zandatsu kill and replenish your health before the Gekko collapses. Do this whenever your health is low.

With enough damage EXCELSUS will bring out its other foot, giving you a chance to perform the same Blade Mode manoeuvres as last time. Follow the prompts thereafter to bring the enormous machine down for good…

… but don't relax just yet. Now you're facing Armstrong, and he's a lot tougher than you might think. Final boss battle part two!

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