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Mermaid World - Online Game

Mermaid World


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Mermaid World: All about the game

Mermaid World is a famous online game (application), created by "CrowdStar" company, with millions players around the world. It manages forums and has online games even on Facebook, besides of course IOS and Android Platforms. The company has also an actual online store that sells collectible objects based on the game's concept.

The game's title "Mermaid World" already reveals that it has to do with Mermaids. There is a group of Mermaids ( Aqua, Kelp, Coral, Opal, Onyx, Diamond, Coi, Seafoam, Sunkiss, Calypso, Emerald, Midas) and each one of them, possesses a special ability. Each mermaid has her favorite trinket that makes her happy (being happy is an important stage), (stages: unhappy,pleased ,happy and ecstatic). Mermaids live in reefs that have to gather up to 3 stars. The key in having 3 stars reefs is to combine specific Mermaids that get along well with each other , keeping in mind that each mermaid must have her own trinket. One way to obtain the desirable trinkets is by sending each Mermaid exploring. Exchanging specific amount of virtual money (which depends on the Mermaid) and she can be sent exploring in the reef. Exploring lasts only for a few seconds and helps to obtain different objects for your reefs (decorations or trinkets). If the object found is not desirable it can be sold.

Categories of Mermaids

In Mermaid World game all Mermaids are divided into four categories:

  1. The category one has the simplest and cheapest Mermaids that are represented with one type of colored shell, a specific emblem for each one (Mermaid names: Aqua, Coral, Citrine,Kelp, Opal, Onyx).
  2. In Second category, there are Mermaids with a combination of two shell colors (Mermaid names: Fuchia, Blue Belle,Tiger Lilly, Luau, Lotus, Honey Dew, Crystalline, Marigold and Seafoam, Belladonna, Coco, Vapor and Harlequin)
  3. In the Third category, we have Mermaids with a combination of three colors shell (Sunkiss, Glimmer Rose, Velvet Twist, Sparkle Pinkle, Twinkletail, Emerald, Tropicana, Ginger Blossom, LImelight, Carbon Night, Stinger, Celestia, Silver Song, Tigra, Isis, Koi, Inky, Domino and Sea Dragon).
  4. In the fourth and last category we can find the rarest and the most expensive Mermaids with different symbols, instead of colored shells, as an emblem(Blue Nova, Ember, Electra,Temptress, Crustacea, Midas etc) . There are also 6 hybrid Mermaids (Robata, Lumina,Tinker, Shimmer,Metallia and Spectra) that represent the combination of different symbols.

Obtaining Mermaids

There are two different ways of obtaining new Mermaids.

The first one is to buy them using virtual money provided with each new account. As in every online game, when you download and open it for the first time, you are granted with a small amount of virtual money as a boost. During the game you can obtain virtual money from the Mermaids, since every Mermaids earns coins/per minute. Each Mermaid gives you up to 28% of experience when waking them up. Virtual money can be earned from Mermaids and be spent for new Mermaids. A lot of hybrid Mermaids, especially the ones with two or more colors cannot be bought with virtual money. They can be exchanged with pearls. Pearls in this case will cost you real money. There is a section in a game, where you can purchase pearls. For example the cheapest offer is 50 pearls for 1.79 euro (about 2USD). But there is an option of earning free pearls daily by watching some promotional videos.

The cheapest Mermaid (Fuchia) costs 23 pearls, and the most expensive 5 Mermaids are (Robata, Lumina, Tinker,Shimmer, Metallia, Spectra) for 2379 pearls each!

But don't be disappointed. There is another way of obtaining those hybrid rare Mermaids without spending real money. You can actually summon a Mermaid. There is a special place called Singing Summit, where you choose two different Mermaids based on color and they start singing and summoning a new Mermaid. This can take from a minute up to 30 hours. The rarest and happiest the Mermaids are, the biggest are your chances of having a new and special one. So, the correct combination is necessary. You can also unlock another Singing Summit for 1500 pearls of by having 3 of 3 Star Realms and 15 Unique Mermaids.


Reefs and Lounge in Mermaid World

There are 15 different realms (reefs) in the game with different background for each one.

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  • The Mystic Rocks,
  • Kelp Sanctuary,
  • Deepwater Cove,
  • Crystal Cave,
  • Ice Haven, etc.

Only up to 5 Mermaids can be placed in every reef that has to be decorated in order to reach 100% of realm décor which is necessary for Mermaids to get into Happy or Ecstatic stage. You can buy decorations from the store for virtual or real money and/or you can obtain them by sending your Mermaids exploring.

There is also a place, called Lounge, which practically is a storage for Mermaids. Lounge can hold up to 5 Mermaids who can stay there as long as you wish and they can be used again whenever and wherever you like. You cannot collect coins from mermaids, placed in lounge.

Honestly speaking the graphics of the game are quite impressive as all Mermaids are being created in great details. Some Decorations are 3D animated. The reefs-realms are well made very colorful and interesting. Playing this game will relax you and even make you spend many hours on daily basis.

There is no violence, there is no tension, there are just beautiful creatures of the seas, and beautiful underwater scenes. Ideal for relaxing after a long day. Ideal for both children and grown up "children" . You should definitely try it!!!


marina on July 09, 2020:

This was an amazing game. Truly wonderful to play. I had collected all the mermaids and realms and kept them at optimal, ecstatic, state, and I had accumulated plenty of currency/pearls. I also invested real money in it, to buy pearls which we could use pay for rare items to decorate the realms with - I loved the game that much. Even after reaching that optimal stage with all the realms and mermaids, it was great to play around with, re-decorate, call new mermaids, etc. I absolutely loved it, and I, too, am an adult. The game isn’t (wasn’t) just for younger players. It was horrendously heartbreaking when they shut it down and I lost all my beautiful mermaids and realms that I had collected over the years, plus the real money investment I had made in it. Sadly, the creators/administrators just gave up on the game and the huge fandom. The fandom includes awesome artists that created/shared beautiful drawings/paintings/interpretations of the mermaids in the game’s forum, and everyone was very friendly and helpful to newcomers. I miss chatting to the friends I made there. I still wish that some large game company would offer a million$ to the creators/administrators of Mermaid World and convince them to sell this game to someone who would appreciate the beauty and fandom of the game. It would make the fandom so happy. Please, make it so.

Hunter Taylor on September 14, 2019:

I really liked playing this game as a kid and I couldn't find it anywhere! And then when I finally do, I learn that it's long been shut down and I'm pretty upset about that, still a wondrous game in my heart.

Riley on June 20, 2019:

They shut down the game and now I’m so mad and sad

player on January 11, 2018:

i can't find the game in appstore

Maggie Crooks on September 10, 2013:

Another good review. Thanks.

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