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"Mastermind Escape" Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough to Mastermind Escape. A very new point and click online adventure game found at addictinggames. While most point and click games involve you escaping from a room or dungeon of some sort, this game plays morel like a shallow RPG. You have to build up your money, rank, and crew in order to pull of increasingly difficult robberies, all in a 15 minute window. So, work fast.


This game's controls are simple, Just point and click different objects on the screen to solve problems and get yourself out of sticky situations.


You are a wannabe cat burglar who must prove himself in the criminal world of ripping people off. You start off with nothing, but are able to quickly build up your inventory.

So without further a due,

--Mastermind Escape Online Game Walkthrough--


You start the game off at home, you are told that there are 100 dollars hidden somewhere in this room and you must find it to start off your career. The money is behind the pile of books directly under the laptop, in the form of a casino chip. Pick it up and look at your computer for a few detatil. Now press map and back out to the city screen.

--Burglary Depot: Bolt Cutters--

The first place you want to go is burglary depot, go inside and purchase the bold cutters for 100 dollars. Now back out to your map and click on the corner store to the right of the pawn shop.

--Corner Store--

Drag your bolt cutters to the lock on the door to break in. You are instructed to click on the 10 video cameras to get rid of them. After doing this, you are rewarded with 1000 dollars. Back out and go back to the Burglary Depot.

--Burglary Depot: Crowbar--

Once here, but the crowbar and back out to your map. At the very top right is a brown building named Palin's Moose Restaurant. Go here.

--Palin's Moose Restaurant--

Break in by dragging your newly acquired crowbar to the door. Palin catches you and says she'll let you free if you help her find some birth control pills. Offer to help and pick up all the pills. Also, grab the 500 dollar poker chip out of the booth. You will play a quick slot machine game and hopefully win some cash. Now go back to your map. If you don't win anything, you will need to go back to the restaurant and find the birth control again to play the slot machine.

--Burglary Depot: Alarm Kit--

Next in this online adventure game, you need to go back to burglary depot where you can now purchase an alarm kit. This comes in very handy when breaking into the apartment building. Make your way there now.

--High Rise Apartment Building--

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Drag your crowbar to the door to break in. You must steal all of the wine glasses, being sure not to miss the two poker chips. You will play a brief casino game and win a few more bucks. Now you've unlocked the Pawn Shop. Head that way.

--Pawn Shop: Key Maker--

You should have over 5000 dollars in your game account. Buy the key making machine, this comes in handy for looting the Casino. That is all you need from the pawn shop at this point. Head to the casino.


Purchase the 1000 dollar room and use your key machine on the first door to the left. You will play a small casino game and hopefully not get arrested. I played it many times and always came out on top so I'm thinking your chances of doing bad are relatively small. You will find out that you robbed the pawn shop owner Tony Baritone. It asks you if you want to quit or not, choose no. Tony will now proposition you to be in his crew and give him half of your future loot. Agree, if you don't you will go to jail. Now back out and rob a few more rooms at the Casino. You can quickly build your money up to well of 50,000 by getting lucky here. Now that you got some dough, head back to the pawn shop.

--Pawn Shop: Grappling gun, Safe Cracking Kit, and Crew--

Next in this great online game, buy the remaining items from the Pawn Shop, the grappling gun, Crew, and the safe cracking kit. If you don't have enough cash go back and rob some more rooms at the casino. Your bound to hit 50,000 pretty quickly. Back out and head to Burglary Depot.

--Burglary Depot: High tech Alarm Kit--

Purchase the High Tech Alarm Kit for help robbing the museum and Bank. It's not very expensive so you should have the dough. Now, let's go jack the Bank. Head home to get the bank code off of your lap top or just read it here. "3576"


Next in this point and click adventure game, drag the grappling gun to the room to climb up top. Click the pad, enter the security code, and press unlock. The alarm will turn off allowing you to break the window with your crowbar.

You now have to solve a picture puzzle to proceed. The picture is off a masterlock and is relatively simple to solve. Start in the middle and make the circle, working your way out to the edges. If it looks like you're done but it won't advance check the corners, especially top and bottom right corners to make sure the shades line up. Once inside the safe, pick up all of the gold coins to receive three choices. You can choose A, B, or C. A gives you an immediate 20,000 while B and C are random amounts. Sometimes you will get more, sometimes less. You can always go back and do it again. Now head to your map and let's break off the Museum, after a quick stop at the Burglary Depot.

--Burglary Depot: Museum Kit--

Purchase this kit from the burglary depot and head back to the museum. Always remember you can re-rob most places you have hit so far if your running short on funds.


**Note, if the lady says "hurry time is running" leave the museum immediately or you will go to jail and waste time/money, you will be able to return on a fresh clock without having to re-complete each puzzle**

When robbing the museum in this online game you first need to use your grappling hook to get on top. Now click the outlet to use your laptop and disable the alarm system. After the code is cracked break in with your crowbar. Steal the painting in the middle and go left. Put the lady together by placing each piece relatively close to where it belongs and it will snap in. Complete her and steal her. Continue left and pick up all the fruit. Two pieces are hidden in the painting and one under the bench. Click the painting to steal it and receive 500,000.

Continue left to the final museum puzzle. A room with a traffic light and a bunch of lasers. Each laser can be clicked to change its color. Change each laser to a specific color on the light, say green, to make that particular light turn off. Turn all three lights off to remove the lasers and steal the painting. You've now robbed the museum, continue the game at the burglary depot.

--Burglary Depot: Thermic Lance--

Now head to Burglary Depot where you can purchase the Thermic Lance. Money shouldn't be a problem at this point as you should have well over one million dollars. Next you need to see what's new at the Pawn Shop

--Pawn Shop: Federal Reserve Kit--

Next in this online game you need to purchase the Federal Reserve Kit, which will allow you to break into the, you guessed it, Federal Reserve. First you need to head to Tony's house.

--Tony's house--

Once inside, Tony offers you a business deal involving some sort of excavation company for one million dollars. Agree to the purchase and head to the map.


You now have a backhoe, thanks to your business ventures, and can start digging in front of the reserve, but wait when I do that I get busted by Johnny Law. Maybe I should purchase that old abandoned warehouse for 2 million.


When you try to dig in the warehouse your mission is delayed by a pack of wild dogs. You must click all of the dogs to catch them and then drag each one into the van. You will then dig your way into the Federal Reserve.

Click the computer screen in the top right to bring up a series of questions whose answers are as follows:

If you get three wrong you will be sent to jail.

1. B

2. A

3. C

4. C

5. C

6. B

7. A

You now have to trace the blow torch tip through the maze without touching the sides. Remember you can back out and come back for a fresh clock, but you must redo the dog catching which is pointless. Map out your way before trying to complete the maze, it is kind of tricky and can get somewhat aggravating on a laptop touch pad. But, take you time and you should have no problem.

When the vault opens quickly click the gold only to be prompted to cut a specific wire. If you cut the wrong wire you will go to jail. Click the blue wire to be transferred a large amount of money and finish the game.

You haven now completed the Mastermind Escape game, hope this walkthrough was helpful and hope you enjoyed the game. Thanks for reading!


Top Online GAmes on September 17, 2010:

Thanks for the Tips I bookmark your hubs, thanks for the Info Gamers :-)

Dave on August 12, 2010:

I found a glitch in the museum. Once you complete the museum, go back and go to the room where the statue was. It will still say "Click here to steal." You can click that as many times as you want (until you are told time is running) I got over 4 billion that way

dsa on July 01, 2010:

wats the code

Jen on June 15, 2010:

The dog part kept pissing me off. You had to repeat it every time. Also, the torch part is too sensitive.

Eden on May 12, 2010:

That Tony son of a bitch took all of my 780 million dollars :@

penningl (author) from U.S. on May 10, 2010:

Not sure Kev, sounds like it could be though.

Kev on May 09, 2010:

I clicked the blue and red wire at the the end and nothing happened. I just kept getting money and at the very end when I clicked the green I got arrested. Glitch?

Mark on May 05, 2010:

I believe Level 20 is the last level you can achieve, after that it stops going up.

Level 20: "TEH HAXOR"

Money: $2,629,615,000

Ave on April 29, 2010:

I just dominated. I got to fourth time through

Got to level 18: Bob Dylan.

Money: $1,229,807,500

Easy Game on April 28, 2010:

Well, lets just say I am Level Eighteen "Bob Dylan"

Ended with 1,630,251,000. So i was a billionaire. I think i was in my 4th time through when I hit the times up.

This game is easy. You don't even need to trace the maze, just move ur mouse quickly to the goal from the left side of the screen.

PS. Level 16 was Game Designer

Level 17 was You must have cheated

So I think I actually got it.

GG nt someone try and beat my level 18ness.

Amez from Houston, Texas on April 28, 2010:

Great Hub, I love Gaming Play EQII faithfully, but this was surprizimgly a fast but challnging game. Ed

dz on April 28, 2010:

*glitch* (i think)

in the museum where the fruit paint was. theres still the green arrow stating click to steal. you can click where it was and get half a million each click. u can sit there clicking for as long as you want.

penningl (author) from U.S. on April 27, 2010:

yea you can do the museum in any order, it's just easier and quicker to do it the way Cory mentioned it.

blahblah on April 26, 2010:

and for the museum u can do click the lasers in any order , that's whgat i did and i finished it really quick

blahblah on April 26, 2010:

i clciked the blue arrow at the end and tony didn't take moey or anything, i dont know y, i finished with 827 billion money

stars439 from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State. on April 25, 2010:

Pretty good hub. God Bless

penningl (author) from U.S. on April 25, 2010:

Thanks for the tip Cory that is true, it makes the lasers a lot easier to pass.

Paintball guru - Haha yea I thought it was pretty tough myself. It looked a lot simpler than it actually was. Thanks for the kind comments.

paintball guru on April 25, 2010:

woop woop! Did anyone else find this game surprisingly challenging? Holy crikey, I failed about a dozen times before I looked around the net for a good guide. Which of course, is the reason why I found this page. WEll, I can beat the game now, with ease. Thanks so much! This game was really starting to get to me....

Cory on April 25, 2010:

Regarding the lasers in the museum, given the order of that the lasers change colors, it is a lot faster and easier to do Blue, then Green, then Orange/Red. The lasers change colors in the order of pink, blue, green, orange, so it makes it so that you just have to click on each once, then click each once, then again.

shannon on April 24, 2010:

i beat it twice in one 20 min game, but when you beat it the second time it restarts again, but you get to keep the money you just earned in the second run. So basiclly after you beat it once, you just wanna see how many more times you can beat it durning one game.

penningl (author) from U.S. on April 24, 2010:

yep, just click each laser until they are all one of the three colors on the traffic light. Then that specific color should turn off. Repeat this with the two remaining colors and all lasers will turn off.

shannon on April 24, 2010:

actually after you beta it once, you have to beat it again to keep your money, cuz tony takes all your money at the end, but says you can keep whatever else you make

davethedave on April 24, 2010:

beat it

Jim on April 24, 2010:

click them so they're all green, then blue then red (or whatever the traffic light thing shows top to bottom

kepathcy on April 24, 2010:

how do u get the last painting in the museum...cant get the lazers to go offfff.

penningl (author) from U.S. on April 23, 2010:

No it's no different, When I clicked the blue the same thing happened. I didn't play on so I'm not sure if anything changes with the story.

MsSnuggles on April 23, 2010:

I clicked the red wire in the very end, and it gave me the money and then I talked to Tony and he said the money I earned was his half. Is it different for the different colors?

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