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Marvel's Avengers - Should You Play in 2021 (My Game Review + Overview)

I am a lover of all things "nerdy" and "geeky" From comics to technology to video games, I love it all. I hope you enjoy the article.

Here we go

So here you are like I was debating whether or not I should play Marvel's Avengers or not. Like you I too had my doubts about this game especially after all the negative reviews and glaring issues it seemed to have. I also saw the player base leaving in droves and the pitch forks coming out. I thought, being such a huge Marvel fan I owe it to myself play this game and draw my own conclusion. That conclusion is that the game, despite some flaws in actually a good one.

The Characters

In the vanilla version of the game you have six characters to choose from:

  • Iron man
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Black Widow
  • Hulk
  • Ms. Marvel

Each of the characters I am happy to say feel quite unique in terms of gameplay and at the same time you are never at a disadvantage no matter who you choose. Sure, Thor and Iron Man can fly but the other characters are uniquely agile to the point where getting from point A to point B is never an issue. Each character has three different skill trees labelled primary, Specialty and Mastery but more on that later. These allow you to create some highly customizable builds and have characters that fit your playstyle. Like all looter shooters this game is all about the gear and this is a high point...and a low point for some. The high point is that there is such a variation of gear in the game that no two build will probably be the same. The low point for some is that the gear doesn't change the look of the characters (this is done through cosmetic costumes). The reason being is that I believe marvel/Disney wanted to keep the characters looking proper and not force the player to have a mis-mash of different looking items. Personally I am okay with this decision as the different costumes offered for each character are quite good. Next we will look at an overview of each character starting with the Man of Iron:

Iron Man

Arguably one of the most popular Marvel Characters among fans Iron Man has been well crafted in this game. While he may not have RDJ persona, he still manages to very much embody the essence of Tony Stark. In terms of gameplay he can there anything else that needs to be said. His special summons the Hulk buster. The following tables will show all his abilities and masteries in the game, enjoy.

Primary Skills

Melee AbilitiesRepulsorsLasersRockets

Iron Gauntlet

Repulsor Shot

Laser Beam

Micro Rockets

Aerial Assault

Hand Cannon

Photon Samurai

Scorched Earth

Thruster Uppercut

Power Blast

Laser Scythe

Smart Rockets

Power Dive

Power Pulse

Energy Lance


Dive Amplifier

Muon Shotgun

Whirling Tempest





Rocket Strike


Repulsor Strike

Burning Edge




Laser Strike


Specialty Skills


Arc Overload



Energy Shield

Arc Infusion

Efficient Coils

Power Beam


Arc Overcharge

Overcharged Blast

Magno Missile

Thruster Dodge

Arc Extension

Unibeam Specialization I

Hyper Reactor

Energy Pulse

Arc Overload Specialization I

Unibeam Specialization II

Hulkbuster Specialization I

Energy Shunt

Arc Overload Specialization II


Hulkbuster Specialization II

Rocket Burn




Energy Barrier
















Ion Battery




Air Dash




Parry Strike




Plasma Buffer

The previous two tables uses material from the “Iron Man” article on the Marvel's Avengers at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Captain America

Captain America relies on his agility to get across the battlefield. Not only can he double jump but he can also run along walls. His combat unsurprisingly revolves mostly around the use of his shield. Can can also block attacks including bullets with the shield and throw it at his foes. He specially turns him into a shield throwing machine. Every button combo will see his shield being throw at enemies left right and center.

Primary Skills


New York Knuckles

Shield Smash

Shield Throw

Shield Block

Eagle's Talon

Shield Dive

Ricochet Throw

Undefeatable Spirit

Cartwheel Kick

Torpedo Kick

Shield Kick

Shield Parry

Super Punch

Shield Bash

Resolute Throw


Shield Sweep

Soldier's Slam

Patriot's Throw

Unyielding Might

Feinting Uppercut

Grand Slam



Commander's Parry

Rising Hope

Truth Seeker



Shield Strike


Unstoppable Will


Commander's Call


Mirror Shield

Specialty Skills


Rally Cry


Brooklyn Brawler

Wall Run

Driving Force

Crowd Control

Strong Willed

Brawler's Escape

Enemy Intel

Trick Shot

Fighting Spirit

Commander's Vault

Commanding Resolve

Steamroller Specialization I

Brooklyn Brawler Specialization I

Somersault Jump

Rally Cry Specialization I

Steamroller Specialization II

Brooklyn Brawler Specialization II


Rally Cry Specialization II




The previous two tables uses material from the “Captain America” article on the Marvel's Avengers at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Black Widow

This expert spy relies on stealth and disguise to get the job done. This mixed with her high agility make her a formidable character for any foe to deal with. Her super ability sees her combine her two weapons together to for a staff that allows for high speed, high damage attacks. Black Widow is a very fun character to play as and feels unique to play as. As an added bonus black widow has a rope that can be used to swing across things.

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Primary Skills


Martial Art


Pistol Shot

Widow's Line


Spinning Fury

Full-Auto Shot


Spider Sweep

Back Alley Gambit

Bullet Storm

Power Line

Cyclone Kick

Impact Grenade

High Caliber Shot

Widow's Sting

Splinter Kick

Night Watch

Rain Maker

Operative's Feint


Baton Strike

Ammo Overload



Madripoor Special





Stun Rounds




Extended Clip




Polygonal Rifling


Specialty Skills

Support AssaultUltimateIntrinsic

Veil Of Shadows

Widow's Bite

Power Surge

Shadow Ops

Unseen Fate

Second Sting

Pistol Surge


Shadow Walker

Wrist of Stingers



Veil Of Shadows Specialization I

Widow's Bite Specialization

Light Storm


Veil of Shadows Specialization II

Widow's Bite Specialization II

Power Surge Specialization I

Femme Fatale



Power Surge Specialization II

Smoke Grenade




Escape Artist

The previous two tables uses material from the “Black Widow” article on the Marvel's Avengers at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Hulk...Smash. Need I say more.

Primary Skills



Gamma Hammer



Green Bomber


Air Spike

Gamma Siphon



Power Spike

Devil's Rampage


Tectonic Fury


Klaxon Frenzy

Shatter Spin

Sky Fall

Aerial Gamma Crusher

Unstoppable Ferocity

Battering Ram

Earth Smasher

Gamma Crusher

Unbounded Fury

Ram Reinforcement

Ground Shaker

Ionic Overflow

Controlled Chaos

Monstrous Swipe

Hammer Strike

Monster of Mayhem

Survival Instincts


Unbearable Might

Specialty Skills





Brawler's Dodge

Resonant Frequency

Siphoning Grasp

Heavy Handed

Giant's Grip


Raging Grasp

Fly Swatter

Bounding Jump

Unsteady Ground

Stranglehold Specialization I

Thunderclap Specialization I

Boneshaker Specialization I

Stranglehold Specialization II

Thunderclap Specialization II


Boneshaker Specialization II




The previous two tables uses material from the “Hulk” article on the Marvel's Avengers at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel has the abilities to morph her body and to heal. In game is is incredibly effective at melee combat and has high survivability thanks to her healing. She can also use her ability to grab on to far ledges makings movement a breeze. He ultimate allows her grow grow in size increasing the damage that is done and the impact. Her weapon of choice is her fists which she can grow in size to increase all damage given.

Primary Skills


Flexi Fists

Five Finger Fury

Whip Fist


Flying Fists

Hammering Strike

Crushing Grasp

Morning Star

Spin Kick

Spinning Heel Strike


Hip Check

Whirling Wallop

Double Barrel Punch



Double Dow Kick

Hammer Fist

Grip Strength

Palm Strike

Leg Sweep

Sliding Kick

Aerial Spike

Shining Will


Catapult Kick

Panic Button

Seismic Slam


Fists of Justice




Rubber Band Bash




Iron Spike



Specialty Skills

Support AssaultUltimateMovement

Healing Spirit

High Five


Polymorphic Dodge

Spirit Walk

Hand Clap

Living Large

Leap Frog

Team Spirit


Walking Tall


Defensive Spirit

High Five Specialization I

Embiggen Specialization I

Breakaway Swing

Healing Spirit Specialization I

High Five Specialization II

Embiggen Specialization II


Healing Spirit Specialization II




The previous two tables uses material from the “Ms. Marvel” article on the Marvel's Avengers at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


The god of thunder, is the AOE powerhouse of the group. He can deal massive amounts of damage to multiple foes around him. His ultimate ability also deals AOE damage in the form of the bifrost. He combat focuses around his hammer and infusing it with lightning for devastating effect.

Primary Skills


Hammer Spin

Air Lunge

Crashing Thunder

Divine Field

Midgard's Finest

Bring The Thunder

Drop The Hammer

Electric Field

Mjolnir Cyclone

Crack The Sky

Immovable Intent


Sky Fire

Falling Star


Eternal Spark


Hammer Slash

Mjolnir's Flight


Slide Smash

Sigurd Strike

Tornado Throw

God of Thunder

Star Heart Slam

Storm Striker

Tenacious Bolt

Legacy of Odinson

Whirling Uru


Uru Uppercut

Odin's Offering








Power of Uru




Shock Resistor

Specialty Skills

SupportAssault UltimateMovement

Warrior's Fury

God Blast



Warrior's Protection

Burning Light

Precision Bifrost

Wings of Asgard

Warrior's Fury Specialization I

High Voltage Blast

Bifrost Specialization I

Divine Swiftness

Warrior's Fury Specialization II

God Blast Specialization I

Bifrost Specialization II

Beam of Star Fire


God Blast Specialization I



The previous two tables uses material from the “Thor” article on the Marvel's Avengers at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Like I stated earlier this game is an absolute joy for any marvel fan. Each character feels so unique and fun to play as. The different combat styles have such great diversity and the skill trees add to the customization options. The campaign alone is worth the play through. This mixed with the various costume options make this a soild game choice for any fan. Please do not let the negative reviews deter you from this gaming experience. Have fun avengers.

© 2021 Christopher Warren

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