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Marvel Puzzle Quest -- Worst Characters


There are strong reasons why I call these Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign characters "worst in the game". Some seasoned players might disagree with me. Whatever your feelings, these characters have serious issues to consider if you plan to play with them competitively. Love 'em or hate 'em, these character have a reputation among hardcore players, and it isn't good.

Bag Man (**Spider Man)

I'm old enough to have read the original Alien Symbiote story arc in "Amazing Spider-Man" comics, so I applaud the game developers for trolling us with this character. "Bag Man" Spider Man is nearly useless. His purple support power creates web tiles that only Bag Man, Classic Spider Man(***), and Venom can use. You can't use Bag Man and Classic Spider Man at the same time; this leaves only Venom as a partner. Bag Man's yellow power relies on web tiles for greater effect. His purple power needs to be built up for yellow to be worthwhile. This two power combo requires extra turns, and relies too heavily on one character's survival.

Bag Man is universally reviled as the worst character in Marvel Puzzle Quest, so much so that the developers have stopped offering him as a prize in Cover Packs. The game developers, D3, have even replaced Bag Man as a prize in some of the prologue mission nodes. 2-Star Ms. Marvel is the prize in nodes where Bag Man was once available.

I keep Bag Man on my roster ironically, because I'm a jerk. I plan one day to max him out so I can hurt other players' feelings by defeating them with the second worst character in MPQ. I'm thinking of teaming Bag Man with Venom and Original Black Widow, and calling them the "Irregular Avengers".


Patch (***Wolverine)

This version of Wolverine arguably has the best healing power of any of the characters, but it doesn't make up for its flaws. Patch's "Berserker Rage" power does instant damage, but it also drops strike tiles for both teams. At its highest levels you're putting your own team in jeopardy for nearly 1000 points of damage per turn. His "Best There Is" power is only effective if he has the highest attack stats on your team, or if he is the last man standing. Sure, Patch might save the day if your other two characters are downed, but it's a better strategy to build a team that keeps each other alive. When I see Patch on an enemy team I never allow him to be the last man standing on a team.

Patch isn't truly one of the worst characters in the game, but he might be the worst of all Wolverine characters. He is definitely for veteran players only. Around the time that a new player becomes an intermediate player and starts winning PvP matches, that is when you're going to win your first Patch cover. That is also the time when his powers will do your team the most harm. If you have the space in your roster, hold onto Patch until you get strong enough to use him. Otherwise, let him go. There are better Wolverine and Daken characters you could use in his place.


How bad is Invisible Woman? Let me put it this way: She is Bag Man's girlfriend, but he doesn't want his friends to know.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman's problems highlight the major problems inherent in all 4-star characters specifically, and in the MPQ roster in general. Despite being a Legendary (4-star) character, Invisible Woman is the absolute worst character in the game. I only keep her around because occasionally, she is the Essential Character you need for a specific match.

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Invisible Woman's blue and green powers use the same two tier process as Bag Man Spider Man. She's a 4-star (very rare) character so you're not likely to collect many covers for her quickly. Unless you get a blue power cover first, and a green power second, don't bother playing with her. The green power is awful without the blue, and her blue power is not that great without green. Yellow is fairly useless. It prevents the weakest character from being targeted directly, but they still take team damage. I've built her up to level 93 and she's still the first to die in every situation. Her costly, unbalanced powers can get your whole team downed.

Some people on websites like the D3 forum, the MPQ Wiki, or the Facebook Fan page swear that Invisible woman is great when she's maxxed out and you just need to give her a chance. Well, considering her rarity, that means she sucks. That is the inherent flaw in all the 4-star characters is that they aren't that great until you have 75% of the covers you need to max them out. I just don't see anything at all good about her. Today I faced off in PvP (Player versus player event) against a team with a maxxed out Invisible Woman and I didn't hesitate to take that match. Of course, IW was the first to fall on the enemy team.


Yelena Belova

I like Dark Avengers Black WIdow, Yelena Belova. I used her a good amount when I was at that level, and if I had the available spot in my roster I'd still keep her around. However, my kind feelings toward Yelena don't make up for her enormous character flaws.

Yelena Belova's offensive power that uses Black AP to activate costs way to much to be useful. Combine her huge costs with her low health and you've got a recipe for disaster. Adding to the insult is the fact that her absurdly expensive black super power does a combo move with Bullseye. You need enough Black AP to activate Yelena's attack then Bullseye's right after, a total of 29 Black AP. The maximum number of AP you can hold for any color is 30, that should tell you something. I've been playing this game since it's very first days, and in all that time I've never hit a Bullseye/Yelena combo.


Jack Kirby's bold colors and writing style make this comic an exciting and enduring departure from standard superhero comics. Sadly, it's currently only available in a hardback edition.


Devil Dinosaur

Again, Devil Dino is not really one of the worst in the game. He does have one of the worst powers however. His purple power "Prehistoric Arms" is utterly useless. It is like Loki's "Illusions" power but even less useful. Prehistoric Arms throws a handful of tiles from the center of the board to the upper left corner, when it is fully maxxed. Basically, it is an excuse for the developers to have the dinosaur do a cute "forearm dance" when you activate his power. Funny, but dumb. Basically, it acknowledges that Devil Dinosaur is so powered up as a 4star character that he is an awesome tank, and only needs two worthwhile special powers.

To be clear, let me repeat, Devil Dinosaur is an awesome tank. When he is maxxed out, he has over 12,000 health points. However, he is prey to the same flaw that all "legendary" 4star characters have; until you get enough covers to max him out, he just doesn't live up to his potential compared to many 3star characters.


Ugh. Where to even begin with Sentry. Marvel Puzzle Quest is built around the Dark Reign story arc from Marvel comics. Sentry's character and story were added to the game after all the other Dark Avengers characters were well established. Story wise, he is a whiney, two dimensional character. When it comes to actually playing with him in MPQ, he is a nightmare.

I am prejudiced against any character that damages themselves or their team. Sentry is the worst offender of all. His World Rupture power damages enemies and allies. Some players love Sentry because World Rupture can devastate the enemy team and end the match. Still, I find the cost in terms of health points for your team unacceptable. If you are playing PVP events, you will need a ton of health packs to play with Sentry. In some cases, it is possible to defeat Sentry's World Rupture when you are facing off against him if you have a maxxed out Hulk on your team. A Hulk with Anger at a 4 cover level, can down Sentry before the World Rupture is finished in some cases.

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23rd 4 star Thor Goddess needs added to this...

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