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How to Make the Game Board for Sequence


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Making the Sequence card game

The Sequence Card Game is a fun game for two people up to eight people, or for partners. Just this last Christmas, my grandson (21 yrs. old) asked if we could play Sequence. I don't think we had played this game for many, many years. When I first made the game board, we played it all of the time. It is a game that even young children can play, but adults enjoy too--also fun game for adults to play with young children. My son, who is a fifth grade teacher in Minnesota, asked me to make one of these gameboards for his classroom.

To make this game board, you will need the following: a piece of plywood (or other wood) 20"x20," a full deck of cards, including jokers, a piece of plexiglass 20"x20," two pieces of plywood (or other wood) an inch by 18 inches, two pieces of plywood (or other wood) one inch by 20 inches, a small piece of plywood (or other wood), approximately one inch by six inches, eight small bolts and nuts, eight 3/4" small screws and glue.

Drill holes for the bolts in the plexiglass--one in each corner and one in the middle on each side. If possible, countersink the hole into the plexiglass so the bolt head is even with the top. (Be careful because the plexiglass is not very thick.) Drill holes for the small screws on each side of the plexiglass between the corner holes and the middle holes on each side. (There should be five holes drilled on each side of the square--sixteen altogether.) Next drill holes in the plywood back to correspond with the holes for the bolts in the plexiglass. Then drill holes in the four longer 1" pieces of plywood to correspond with the holes for the bolts in the plexiglass/plywood unit. (These holes need to be larger than the holes in the plexiglass/plywood unit because they need to cover the nuts on the bolts.)

Take your deck of cards and cut each card exactly in half, including the two jokers, but not the jacks. Glue these cards to the top of the plywood, using the pattern in the picture. The four joker halves are placed in the four corners. If you notice, the jacks are not glued to the board. Jacks are wild cards so are not used on the board itself and can be discarded. Once the cards are attached to the plywood, place the plexiglass on top. Bolt the plexiglass to the top of the plywood square with the cards attached, using the pre-drilled holes in the corners and middle of the sides. Glue the two 1"x18" and the two 1"x20" pieces to the sides of the bottom of the plywood, matching the holes with the holes in the plywood. Screw the plexiglass/plywood unit to the smaller plywood pieces using the smaller screws. Glue smaller 1"x6" piece to the center of the bottom of the plywood, for stability.

To finish, type up the instructions for the game on a piece of paper and attach those to the back of the gameboard. To play the game, you will need two decks of cards and poker chips or other markers. Each player needs one color of chips/markers and you also need white chips for everybody to use to mark their winning sequences of five cards. I have included a picture of the instructions for your use.


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Instructions for Sequence game

Instructions for Sequence Game

Instructions for Sequence Game

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Heather on January 20, 2020:

Thank you for the instructions! I am going to make the board with TINY cards meant to be in a grab bag at a kid's party =)

joaniebaby on February 19, 2014:

The cards are cut in half on the long side - say, if you have the king, you would be cutting right across the middle of his body. The cards would be approximately 1 3/4 by 1 1/4 in. Hope this helps. It is a very fun game and very young children can play it.

Danielle on February 18, 2014:

hello! Question! You said cut the cards in half? Do you mean cut in half on the long side? What about the short side? Just curious about how big your cut cards ended up being?

Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on May 28, 2013:

I have never heard of this game before but as an avid game player, this looks interesting! I will bookmark it and hope to have time to revisit and make it! tghank you! Up++

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