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Magic The Gathering: 10 of the Best Black Common Cards of All Time

I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since 1994 and have won a few draft tournaments in MTGO and MTG Arena.

Dark Ritual


Dark Ritual is a black instant that costs one black mana.

It produces three black mana.

Quick fast temporary mana used to be part of black's domain until it was switched over to being red's domain.

Dark Ritual can be used to gain you an early advantage.

You can cast a Hypnotic Specter as early as turn one.

Two Dark Rituals can get you a Sengir Vampire or Juzam Djinn in the first turn.

Several Dark Rituals can also power a finishing spell such as a massive Drain Life.

Hymn to Tourach


Hymn to Tourach is a black sorcery that costs two black mana.

It enables you to force your opponent to randomly discard two cards.

This is one of the most devastating discard spells ever created and it is surprisingly printed at a common rarity.

A first turn Thoughtseize, second turn Hymn to Tourach and third turn Stupor will most likely win you the game.

Mindstab Thrull


Mindstab Thrull is a black creature that costs one colorless and two black mana to play.

It has two power and two toughness.

If Mindstab Thrull attacks and is not block, your opponent discards three cards of his choosing.

With black's bevy of creature removal cards, Mindstab Thrull can easily go through your opponent's defenses and knock out three cards from his hand.



Doomblade is a black instant that costs one colorless and one black mana.

Doomblade destroys any non-black creature of your choosing.

This card is an upgrade from Terror which cannot destroy black and artifact creatures.



Carnophage is a black creature that costs one black mana to play.

It has two power and two toughness.

While this there are a lot of things going on for Carnophage such as having a very attractive power and toughness for its mana cost and being a zombie - a popular creature type, it does have the drawback of requiring you to pay 1 life at the beginning of your upkeep for you to be able to use Carnophage. Otherwise, it taps itself.

A nice trick to pull is getting out three Carnophages on turn one using Dark Ritual.

With six power and six toughness worth of creatures breathing down your opponent's neck, the match will end quickly.

Sign in Blood

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Sign in Blood is a black sorcery that costs two black mana.

It lets you draw two cards at the price of losing two life.

You can however use it to finish off your opponent as you can also target him with this spell.

If your opponent only has two life remaining, you can hit him with this spell to win the game.

While drawing cards is usually blue's domain, black lets you draw cards as well usually at the cost of your life points or permanents you own.



Unearth is a black sorcery that costs one black mana.

It allows you to resurrect any creature that costs three mana or less.

This is very potent as you can resurrect anything from a Carnophage to a Black Knight to a Master of the Feast.

There are many quality black creatures that cost three mana or less.

If in case you cannot use Unearth due to the lack of viable targets, you can easily cycle it for a mere two colorless mana.



Duress is a black sorcery that costs one black mana.

It lets you look at your opponent's hand and pick a noncreature, nonland card and discard it.

This is very good early disruption as you can easily pick off that powerful planeswalker or annoying combo piece.

Seeing your opponent's hand also lets you know early on what type of deck he is playing and what his key cards are.
This will help you strategize early on in the game.

Duress is one of the most annoying discard cards ever created.

Diabolic Edict


Diabolic Edict is a black instant that costs one colorless and one black mana.

It forces target player to sacrifice a creature.

The beauty of this card is that it gets around a creature's defenses such as hexproof, shroud, color protection and indestructibility.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel


Gray Merchant of Asphodel is a black creature that costs three colorless and two black mana to play.

It has two power and four toughness.

When it comes to play, each opponent loses life equal to your devotion to black.

This card can easily win you the game and can be abused through blinking and resurrecting effects.

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong

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