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Magic: Legends

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering for some time, and today I want to share my tricks.

What if Magic: The Gathering and an Action-RPG like Diablo had a child?

Magic: Legends tries exactly to answer this question and proposes a whole new way to enjoy Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: Legends is the new Free to play that mixes the elements of an Action RPG with the extremely vast world of Magic: The Gathering and which will enter Open beta on March 23 and will be available on the Epic Games Store or on the Arc Games website.


Don't Call It Diablo Clone!

Yes, also because although there are naturally references to the Action RPG genre, in this case, they are not clumsily copied but are reinvented to convey the feel of the original game to the player.

Furthermore, the stereotypical character classes are not recycled but it will be possible to choose one's class and evolution independently and if we deem it necessary we can also abandon the colour chosen at the beginning of the adventure to adopt new colours and new mixes.

This allows for greater gameplay exploration possibilities and greater replayability.

What will you play first? Big creatures of green and direct damage of red? Mind Control of Blue and Necromancy of Black? Lots of small creatures like the Goblins to surround your opponents or a few but massive creatures like the Baloth to break through the defences?

Settings and Lore

As you can see in the presentation videos or the first Gameplay it will be possible to explore very closely many of the most beautiful and fan-loved Magic: The Gathering settings such as Zendikar, Innistrad and Dominaria.
The game is positioned in a very large time frame after the Great Mending of Dominaria and before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet, which allows it to be able to range a lot between the different plots and the different expansions of Magic being able to take many elements between those mentioned in the more than 25 years of Magic: The Gathering history.

For example, we could see details or additional information of many activities that are not narrated for the sake of brevity in the main arc of Magic: The Gathering, we could for example discover something more about the dark plans of Nicol Bolas or deepen our knowledge on the events of Sorin Markov on the plane of Innistrad or the events that disrupt the plane of Zendikar.

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During the adventure, we will get to know other Planeswalkers in the history of Magic (both Nissa Revane and Ral Zarek have already been presented but there may be still others) or we will be able to confront Josu Vess (brother of Planeswalker Liliana Vess) or with other iconic creatures of the world of Magic, all by collecting artefacts and magical items of incredible power.

The artefacts and magical equipment will have a great role in the narrative as well as will have a great role in the customization of our character and will help him to enhance the basic traits of the 5 classes available.
Each colour in Magic: The Gathering corresponds to a specific Class: White Mana for the Sanctifier, Blue Mana for the Mind Mage, Black Mana for the Necromancer, Red Mana for the Geomancer, and Green Mana for the Beastcaller.

As in many Action RPGs, it will be possible to add equipment in the available slots of our inventory and enhance the resistances to certain types of damage or improve the damage we can inflict with the character's basic attacks or improve the effects of the spells that we will learn along the way.
The equipment can belong to one of the four different rarities also present in the paper Magic game, that is, they will be Common, Uncommon, Rare or Mythic Rare.

In addition to this, it will be possible to collect the Artifacts and use them to further enhance the character. For the Artifacts, we will have 6 other slots available (3 for minor artefacts, 2 for major artefacts and a slot for a Legendary item) with which to structure the character and customize it according to your style.

As if all this were not already more than enough to customize your character to the maximum according to your taste, we will also have the opportunity to change the aesthetic appearance of our character by changing the hair, the colour of the eyes and his clothing both in form than in colour.


There are over 170 different spells that can be collected during our adventure and, as the game is still in Beta, we don't rule out the possibility that they can be increased further in the future with the official launch of the game or through expansions or DLCs.
In addition, it will be possible to enhance our spells during the adventure up to a maximum of 10 levels, further increasing the possible character optimization scenarios.

During our adventure, we will be able to create one-colour or two-colour decks consisting of up to 12 cards by inserting those that are most aligned with our style of play. Of these 12 cards, only 4 will be available in play and this corresponds to our initial hand. Each time we cast a spell from our hand it will be replaced randomly with a new spell chosen from the deck to vary the gameplay and which can also be used to create combos if we strategically place cards in our deck that share a game mechanic such as if we put all cards that interact with our Goblins increasing their effectiveness in combat or increasing the power of subsequent spells.

The spells will be divided into three different categories we will have the Summon for the Creatures, the Sorcery with devastating single effects and the Enchantments that can provide upgrades for a certain time.
Finding the best mix between these three elements is the key to making your character invincible.


Magic: Legends can be a great variation on the theme and provide a new way to explore over 25 years of history and appreciate different environments.
We can only imagine how interesting it can be to see and visit in a different way those fantastic settings only hinted at in the small illustrations of the cards.
It could also be a way for new players to get closer to Magic: The Gathering or for established players to grasp nuances in terms of settings or storylines.

© 2021 Christian Allasia

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