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Magformers Three for Fun: Fantasy Land Set, Backyard Adventure and Creative Play


Magformers Are Creative Play

Children’s toys run the gamut of physical and digital and big and small. But for the young, the most basic kind of toy comes from their being able to take their imagination and create sometning from it. So building blocks have long been a staple of the young, and go back many decades from many toy makers and from many lands. So what makes Magformers special? On the surface you could say they are plastic blocks in different colors and shapes, and you’d be right. But the way they go together is unique, because they don’t “snap” one onto the other, but hold through a magnetic attraction. This “rolling magnet” technology is proprietatry (utliziing rare-earth magnets) and works through a specialized welding process that applies maxium strength while manintaing a smooth rounded edge. Because the safety of children is important. And so no glue or rivets are used, and as expected and hoped for — the blocks themselves are safety tested and approved (BPA free, non-toxic, Phthalate free).

Now as accredited by, children playing with the many shapes and accessories avaialble are actually participating in critical thinking, learning and so it’s a perfect means for brain development, devleoipig motor skills, understading and developing color and shape recognition. Plus it’s fun — and isn’t that the most important thing to a kid? For the parent, having a booklet stuffed with ideas and instructions doesn’t hurt either.

So now we’ll highlight 3 Magformers kits, each with it’s point of view and value. They are the Fantasy Land, the Backyard Adventure and the Creative Play.


Creative Play

We start with Creative Play because it’s perhaps the idea behind the name says it all the most basic. And here there's no shortage of blocks to play and “build” with. And certainly it's a good start to understanding/playing with these blocks and opening up an avenue to creativity.

It's a good open attitude for this set allows creative play — which is why it’s in the name. There’s 74 pieces for making a magic ball, towers and houses (idea booklet, yes): rectangles, pentagons, circles, triangles and other shapes that can be transformed using imagination into “real” constructions. The magnetic nature of Magformers make for easy construction for small fingers and, as expected, when play time is over all can be quickly, safely and easily disassembled for play another day.

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Backyard Adventure

The Backyard Adventure takes place in the "great outdoors" and offers a wide array of choices for imagination and creativity to take flight.

Here the child is providing with quite a lot of shapes and accessories to work with: triangles, squares, rectangles, grids, walls, windows and an elephant slide, a mini bot, a seesaw and a fire place and a flower (both of which lights up) plus more — create in 2D and pull up into 3D. Skill level is beginner but the level of imagination is as high as the sky. Over 40 shapes and accessories as noted (there’s 61 pieces in all) and now you can build a house or a playground, add a character that is provided. Keep in mind that all is made for small fingers to grab at — so parents don’t need to hover. Skill level is 3+ and of course an idea booklet is included too.


Fantasy Land

The Fantasy Land goes farthest into the realm of imagination and creativity. This is the deluxe kit for those looking to really get their Magformers on. Here you have 70 pieces compromising 9 different geometric shapes, plus 23 different accessories totaling 56 pieces. The set has triangles and squares and window squares, hexagons, mini blocks, a cake shop, hotdog, elephant slides , carnival wheel accessories, mag buddies and more. So obviously you can make a lot of different things — plus prefab creations are there to be assembled into greater things. Skill level might be a bit higher but since magnets make it all “stick” together easily, intuitive play becomes more real.

Magformers has a whole line of unique and interesting designs -- the best part is that these "blocks" can work with other sets because they're all made to be interchangeable. They truly are magnetic edu-toys. For more information, go to

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