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Mtg : Introduction to the Limited Format of Kaldheim

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering for some time, and today I want to share my tricks.

Kaldheim is the new expansion of Magic: The Gathering with a Norse mythology theme and has many features that make it attractive from a Limited point of view.

In this article we will explore the expansion and highlight the most important points to consider to improve our chances of winning in the limited format.

Ready for a Kaldheim Draft?

Ten Archetypes of Draft

In Norse mythology there are nine realms connected to the World Tree (yggdrasil) but in order to balance everything in Magic: The Gathering a tenth realm was created.

This is in fact necessary to have a dedicated realm for each pair of colors (5 pairs are with allied colors while 5 are with enemy colors), each realm in fact has its own specific game mechanics and its own "nature".

Bretagnard is focused (mostly) on Green and White e and is populated by 5 different Clans (one for each color, for color balance reasons) and is a big verdant continent surrounded by seas. The Clans fight each other for the resources of the continent and have different approaches on life, laws and Magic, of Course.

This drafting Archetype is focused on swarming the battlefield with many token creatures and spells that can buff the power and toughness on the entire army.

Istfell is the Misty Realm at the roots of the World Tree, made by a vast plain surrounded by walls of stones and crossed by rivers. Istfell is focused on White and Blue.

This world is the home for the spirits that guide who dies of old age or for the cowards that flee from the battlefield (quite similarly as happens with the Fólkvangr in Norse mythology). This is a timeless land and you can see reflected in the mist the present, the past and the future.

This drafting Archetype is focused on foretelling spells that can be used in the following turns and on evasive creatures (mostly Flying). Il plays as a Control type of deck.

Karfell was once a prosperous kingdom while today it is just a snow covered ship graveyard.

Today this Realm is inhabited only by undead called Draugr, under the icy fist of Narfi, the last king. Karfell is focused on Blue and Black colors.

Over the centuries Narfi has accumulated much of Karfell's treasures and riches, but his greed has not yet found enough satisfaction, so as to push Narfi into raids in other realms, when the connections between the various worlds open, to charge with his army of undead servants.

This Archetype is focused on Snow and Zombies, with a minor self mill - reanimator plan.

Can also act like a Control with some cards with Foretell

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Immersturm Is focused on Black and Red and is the Realm ruled by Demons and by the berserkers who find sustenance from raiding the other Realms. Between one raid and another, between one village on fire and the next, the deeds of the warriors and the great treasures that have been plundered are told.

Only the strongest and bravest can hope to survive.

This Archetype is focused on playing an hyper aggressive /suicide aggro role sometimes sacrificing even their own comrades to achieve greater rewards.

Gnottvold is the land of the Trolls, this Realm is made up of dense forests and the stone ruins of ancient giants' constructions. As easy to understand, the reference colors are Green and Red. The Trolls are divided into different families fighting each other, the Hagi are the smaller ones but meaner than the larger ones called Torga.

This Archetype is focused on playing a midrange style role ramping to big and even bigger creatures.

Starnheim is the home realm of the Valkyries and the destination that all the bravest warriors want to aspire to.

In fact, all spirits reach Istfell as a consequence of natural death or from disease, while only the worthy dead in battle can rise to Starnheim, the MTG version of "Valhalla".

Starnheim can be seen by the other realms as a Sundog light effect that inspires the most heroic deeds, often this is also represented on amulets or pendants as a good omen.

Just as the heroes in valhalla will be summoned for Ragnarǫk, in this archetype (which the concept of second chance is symbolized in MTG by casting two spells in the same turn. This Archetype, based on black and white, is focused on playing a midrange style role with small advantages over time and over the mighty Valkyries

Skemfar is a realm consisting mainly of trees and forests, with deep tunnels dug by Koma, the Cosmos Serpent (the MTG representation of Miðgarðsormr, the serpent who will face Thor during ragnarok).

This realm was initially inhabited by the Einir (ancestral deities of the elves) who clashed with the Skoti (today's deities of Kaldheim) equipped with weapons provided by the Dwarves and tied to seven majestic trees as a warning to their elven descendants.

Recently the different tribes of wood elves and shadow elves were brought together by Harald who became the new king of the elves.

Skemfar is mainly based on green and black.

The corresponding archetype is a tribal midrange deck with good removals.

Littjara is mainly composed of large lakes and pine trees but the space-time in this realm behaves differently from the other realms seen so far.

Aquatic trees and plants grow erratically following completely different laws.

Even the shape-shifters who live in this realm have adapted to these conditions and have acquired the ability to travel freely between realms and to acquire traits (including physical) of the creatures they come in contact with.

This is represented in MTG with a realm based primarily on green and blue.

Given the cryptic nature of the shapeshifters the archetype can be played alone or with other tribes and can function in different ways.

Surtland is in MTG a reference to Múspellsheimr (the land of the fire giants) but in this case it is the intersection of fire and ice, as it is easy to guess the main colors are Blue and red.

This realm is in constant geological adjustment and therefore it is normal to see rivers of lava descending from volcanoes as well as to see snow avalanches that come off the peaks due to earthquakes.

In order to survive and fight for the few resources available, the creatures had to become enormous in size.

This land also sees the presence of Giants, divided into different tribes, which are at the top of the food chain.

This archetype is based on a giant tribal that can be played as a kind of control deck against small creatures.

Axgard is a rocky expanse sparsely populated by animals and is topped by the strongholds of the dwarves.

The dwarves in fact dig their strongholds in the mountains in search of precious materials and gems for the forging of the best weapons.

Massive doors protect the strongholds and majestic interiors are carved into the rock, such as columns, stairways and amphitheaters, where legends are told and handed down.

The dwarves engage in a sort of rite of passage in which the creation of a single weapon takes place, this can take up to a hundred years. This weapon will become part of the dwarf's name and mark the transition to adulthood.

The colors of the realm are mainly red and white.

This archetype acts more like an aggro with special bonuses to enchanted or equipped creatures.


Kaldheim is extremely interesting both from the point of view of the lore and from the point of view of the gameplay since it allows so many options for the draft.

In this Article we will delve into the kaldheim Draft with Tips and Tricks

© 2021 Christian Allasia

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