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Looking Forward: Minecraft 1.19 and Beyond

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Dan K is an avid Minecraft player, who has enjoyed Mining, Crafting, Exploring, and turning NPC Villages into sprawling cities since 2011.

Looking Forward

Now that Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs, Part 2 has been released, players may be wondering what will be coming to the game next. Announced at Minecraft Live 2021, Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update will be bringing new biomes, blocks, mobs, and many other features to the game. Ever since the 1.13 Update Aquatic in 2018, the developers at Mojang have been hard at work making Minecraft bigger, better, and more immersive than ever; all while maintaining the core of what has made Minecraft the best selling game of all-time. In this article, we are Looking Forward: Minecraft 1.19 and Beyond, trying to predict what else Mojang has up their sleeves for the future of the game.

Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update

Announced at Minecraft Live 2021, Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update will add new layers of atmosphere to the forests and swamps of Minecraft. This update will be adding new plant and animal life, alongside a host of new blocks, to the game that should make exploring worlds more interesting than ever. 1.19 will introduce a new biome, called the Mangrove Swamp. In these swamps, Mangrove trees grow out of the water supported by "root blocks," which act sort of like leaf blocks in their transparency and ability to be water-logged. The Mangrove wood has a beautiful texture, having a color which lies somewhere between jungle and acacia wood. Mud blocks will also generate in these areas, as well as being able to be made by combining dirt blocks with water, and can be dried to create a source of renewable clay. Mud blocks can also be crafted into adobe-type bricks, providing players with a new brick type for their palette.

Also announced at Minecraft Live 2021, swamps will be home to a couple of new mobs; the first of which is the frog. Minecraft frogs will enjoy playing in the water and jumping on Lilly-pads. They will also feed on another new mob, the firefly. Fireflies will become the smallest mob in Minecraft, at only two pixels wide and one tall. These new mobs will add new layers of atmosphere and ambiance to the swamps, providing a more immersive experience for players.

Players will also have a new boat type with which they can explore these swamp biomes. Boat chests, much like minecart chests, will allow players to carry extra items while they're exploring, freeing up inventory space for sweet, sweet loot. Players have been looking for ways to free up more inventory space for a long time, and these boat chests provide another useful solution.

Alongside these announced features, some concept art shown off during Minecraft Live showed birch forests also getting an update, with seemingly new flower types, birch tree shapes, fallen trees, and what appear to be Chaga mushrooms growing on the sides of birch trees. While these features were not officially announced, they would be a welcome addition to the game, as birch forests have not seen much change since first being added to Minecraft, all the way back in Minecraft 1.7.2, in 2013!

The Wild Update is sure to add new reasons for players to explore their Minecraft worlds, while introducing a new layer of ambiance to the Minecraft experience. But what else can we expect from Mojang in the future?

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The Warden, Deep Dark, Archaeology, and Bundles

What do the Warden, the Deep Dark, archaeology, and bundles all have in common? They were all announced to be coming in Minecraft 1.17, only to be delayed until further notice. While it is widely believed that the Warden and the Deep Dark biome will be coming in 1.19, there has not been confirmation that this will be the case. Developers are working hard at ensuring that these features live up to, and even exceed, players' expectations, and they may take some time to be fully implemented.

The Warden is a blind mob that navigates the Deep Dark biome, where it resides, through a combination of sounds and "smells," that it can detect with help from the new sculk blocks set to come to the game alongside these features. At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang released a video depicting the Warden seemingly materializing upon hearing the cry of a "Sculk Shrieker." The Warden then seems to sniff around, trying to find a hint as to where the player may be, until being alerted by sculk blocks which give away the player's position. The Warden then makes a mad dash toward the player, killing them (despite being fully armored in Netherite gear) in only two hits! It is incredible and terrifying at the same time, and navigating these Deep Dark biomes is sure to be a nerve-racking experience.

As for archaeology and bundles, both have been delayed indefinitely; the only word coming from Mojang being that these features would not be coming in either 1.18 or 1.19. Of all the delayed content that was originally announced for the Caves and Cliffs update, these may be the most disappointing, as both offered unique updates on exploration and inventory management.

Bundles would have helped players with inventory management in the early game, as they are crafted using rabbit hides and string; both of which are easy to get early on in the game. They would have given players the ability to store up to 64 different, stackable items in one inventory spot. In the later stages of the game, players can obtain shulker boxes that have as many inventory slots as a single chest and which can be broken and picked up without dropping any items. However, in the early parts of the game, there are only the player's inventory and chests for storing items. Bundles would have cut down on inventory clutter, allowing for fewer trips back to base to drop off items. Unfortunately, it seems as though developers have been having trouble figuring out how bundles should work on touch-controlled devices. As a result, bundles have been delayed indefinitely and we will have to wait to hear from Mojang on when or if we can expect bundles to be coming to the game.

Archaeology would have given players a new reason for exploring their worlds. Players would have a chance of coming upon a dig site when exploring. Using a brush to sweep away dirt, gravel, or sand, players would be able to find things like diamond blocks and other treasures, or more interestingly, pottery shards. These shards could be pieced together to form a vase with different scenes depicted. While we do not know when or if archaeology will be coming to Minecraft, many players are excited for this extra dimension to exploration, and are eager to hear when we can expect to see it added.

What's Next for Minecraft?

The developers at Mojang have been hard at work adding new layers and challenges to the Minecraft experience. The next couple of updates focus on updating old biomes and world generation, with an emphasis on exploration. This leads me to believe that, moving forward, Mojang will be looking to update older Minecraft structures and features as a way to further expand world exploration. Older structures, such as Desert Temples, Jungle Pyramids, and Strongholds will likely be getting an update at some point, as each of these have been in the game for nearly a decade, without change. Everyone knows about the trap in the bottom of the Desert Temple and the redstone puzzle in the Jungle Pyramid, and they no longer pose much of a challenge to seasoned players. Hopefully, these out-dated structures can be brought up-to-date, with new challenges and reasons for players to seek them out.

Another thing Mojang has been working on is version parity. With two different versions of Minecraft (Java and Bedrock), players can sometimes be confused as to which version they are playing. Certain mechanics that exist on one version do not exist on the other, or they work in completely different ways. Redstone works completely differently between versions, world seeds do not match up, and even boss fights are completely different between versions. There are too many differences to list them all here, but the hope is that these two versions of the game get a bit closer to parity with future updates.

Finally, with the Nether and the Over-world getting major updates, it only makes sense to think that The End will be getting an upgrade in the future. New biomes and End City types could be added along with new, more powerful loot, items, and enemies. Mojang's developers have said before that they do not intend to add any new dimensions to the game until they have updated the three that already exist, so it's safe to assume that The End will eventually get a dedicated update, possibly within the next few years.

What do you think the future of Minecraft looks like? Let me know down in the comments!

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