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Lifeafter - How to Level up Fast (Exp Farming Guide and Tips)

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LifeAfter is a survival game where you are in a post apocalyptic world. In this game you need to do everything you can to survive so getting stronger is inevitable. You are also expected to fight side by side with other survivors which will increase your chances of survival. However there are also events where the skills and resources of each survivors are used to compete with each other.

Level cap


What is good in leveling up fast?

In this game, level matters if you want to get competitive and have a place in event rankings. There are three mastery that you need to level up in this game which are gather, craft and combat mastery and there are several ways to earn the experience points for each. You need to level up the three masteries at the same time otherwise the higher level masteries can be locked until you upgrade your manor and unlock a new level cap for your abilities.

Gather mastery

There are several options on how to earn experience points in LifeAfter. This is a matter of how much time are you willing to spend in game in order to level up. For gather exp, first is by doing map quest. Map quest can be received by going to the npc marked in the maps. This quests involves three objectives where it gives corresponsing mastery depending on what quest it ask you to do. Next is daily duty chest. Probably, this is the largest source of exp for the three mastery. By doing task in game, one can acquire duty points which unlocks chest when a specific amount of duty points is acquired. The duty chest contains different amount of experience points while the third chest contains the most exp. Aside from map quest and duty chest, you can also obtain gather mastery by gathering resources either from your backyard or in different maps. Although I dont recommend this way personally since it takes too much time and gives less exp than other ways, it can still be a last resort when you only need a couple of thousands to level up. In this method what i suggest is for you to prepare several foods which boost your gather exp gain and also recover your vigor (you can obtain vigor recovery meal by doing furniture recycle in hope101 twice a day). Lastly, you can also collect 18 npc items or quest per day which gives corresponding exp according to your level. For gather exp there are maps where you can do fishing, cutting trees, collecting hemps, and mining rocks and have a chance to get npc items that you can exchange for exp in your camp town hall. For the quests, there are npcs which you can talk to in some maps and they will give you a quest that will give gather exp if you completed the task. Note that most npc quest can be seen during the day.

Crafting mastery

Crafting mastery can be farmed as well. Tips for this are doing dailies and duty chest. Aside from that, one can also gain some mastery by crafting workables and gears. What I recommend here is to try to get a sellable formula and keep selling that so you gain craft exp and goldbars. Make sure to craft and use advanced anticeptics too for area operations since it gives a bit of exp too. Lastly, there are quest in maps, mostly given by Dorothy Harvey, asking you to take photos of some people or monsters. This types of picture taking quest also gives significant amounts of crafting exp.

Take note: weapon mastery debuff

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Combat mastery

Lastly, the combat mastery which almost everyone farms. Combat mastery is important since it allows you to equip the equipment of the same or lower level. Having a lower level of combat compared to infected would decrease your damage against them and increase their damage on you. Aside from map quests and duty chest, there are several sources of combat exp in LifeAfter. First, similar to the craft and gather, there are also npc quest and items that would give you high amounts of combat exp. Next there is what they call today's objectives which gives you 5 quest daily depending on what preference you choose. The amount of combat mastery this gives vary depending on your combat level but personally I think the amount this gives is a lot so I really recommend you finishing this tasks. Next is daily and weekly area operations. This operations gives a fair amount of combat mastery together with some other rewards which depends on luck. Lastly, when you need a lot more exp than what the things mentioned above gives, you can resort to combat farming. Combat farming needs you to hit something with a weapon which is close to your level. Mount gray bear is a famous spot for combat farming and people often use a melee weapon in this map such as sawblade. In farming in Mount gray bear using melee weapon, I suggest you to bring lots of food that can recover your fullness and lots of nano for repair of the weapon. For buying the melee weapon, look for one with refined skill. Aside from that, you need no other stat and the stars or ap of the weapon doesn't matter anymore (though if you find a melee with refined skill and attack speed it would be better). Next spot to farm combat mastery is in camp bosses during Thursday and Sunday (18:00-22:50 in game time). Note that aside from your camp's camp boss, you can also farm combat in other camps by assisting them when they seek help in world chat. In Assisting camp boss, I recommend buffs that increase your combat mastery gain or/and firerate such as blood boiled curd (15% mastery gain if taste 5) and japanese halfbeak (event ingredients gives 10% mastery + 5% firerate). Right now, ingredients of blood boiled curd is expensive and japanese halfbeaks event are still not here, so what I recommend is to use recipes with 10% firerate increase for farming. Aside from this you can also use formula+ for hats, armors and gun to have a faster firerate and get more exp with the limited time of camp bosses. For the gun, here are the stats you need to look for if you are farming in camp boss: firerate increase (shoot more = more exp gain), reload speed (faster reload means you can also shoot more), and refined (I do not recommend that you look for this skill since camp boss have durability loss decrease, this skill is recommended if you will also farm outside camp boss).

Japanese Halfbeak


Blood boiled curd


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All in all every mastery is important since you need gather to collect resources (can be use to earn goldbars or burn nano), combat to wear gears and also fight infected with ease, and lastly crafting so that you can buy those gears. If you still have more questions about exp farming, hit the comments section I will gladly answer your queries.

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