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Level 12+ Light Feather Farm - Avg 5 Gold/Hour - World of Warcraft Classic


This method was tested only for the Alliance location mentioned below. On the Horde side, based on the data available in Wowhead Classic, there is one spot which would be doable in the same manner as the one for the Alliance.

The spot I use to farm Light Feathers is located in Darkshore, right next to Auberdine, and the mobs we are interested in are the Moonkins.

You will find Young Moonkins, Moonkins, Raging Moonkins and Moonkin Oracles, spread around several camps.

The drop-rate for Light Feather is roughly 37%.

For the Horde, I would recommend testing farming Greater Plaintstriders in The Barrens.

The drop-chance is roughly 36% for the Light Feathers.

These alongside Fleeting Plainstriders could prove a valuable farming resource as they are tied in with quests in the area, and a few extra gold from the Light Feathers wouldn't hurt.

For this run I am presenting in this article, I used a level 12 Human Warlock, which has also leveled up to 13 during the farming span.

The server is Earthshaker - EU.

Farm Result

I farmed the Moonkins in Darkshore for 30 minutes, managing to kill 43 mobs, and the loot I got was the following:

  • 22 silver in trash/grey items
  • 31 x Small Egg
  • 14 x Light Feather
  • 1 x Bear Meat (accidentally aggroed a bear in the area)
  • 1 x Green BoE

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Average Gold Results

  • Light Feather

    On my server, the Light Feathers currently go for 30 silver per item, which would amount to a total of 4 gold and 20 silver, if I sell at the current price.

    For the purpose of this simulation, I will reduce the price to 15 silver per item, as other servers might have a higher price range or a much lower price range. Make sure to check it out on yours and see if the farm would be lucrative for your server.

    As such, at a 15s / item price, we would get:

    2g 10s - for 30 minutes of farming (14 Light Feather)

    4g 20s - for one hour of farming (~28 Light Feather)

  • Small Egg

    The Small Eggs go for 1s 50c on my server, as such the result for them would total 46 silver and 50 copper.

    For the purpose of this guide, as the prices are not the same across all servers, we'll assume a price of 75 copper per item. As such this simulation would get us to:

    23s 25c - for 30 minutes of farming (31 Small Eggs)

    46c 50c - for one hour of farming (62 Small Eggs)

As such, for one hour of farming, without taking into account BoE Items, we would end up with:

  • 14 x Light Feather - 4g 20s
  • 31 x Small Egg - 46s 50c
  • Trash Items - 22s

Total: 4g 88s 50c per hour (simulated price)

My Gold Results

Now, I will show you what I got on my 30-minute farming sessions, which will include the prices on my server, alongside the Green BoE item I got.

So far, we have the following:

  • 14 x Light Feather - 4g 6s
  • 31 x Small Egg - 46s 19c
  • 1 x Bear Meat - 8s 20c
  • 1 x Fire Wand - 18s

Total: 4g 78s - for only 30 minutes of farming at level 12-13



This is an absolutely wonderful spot to farm, as it yields a quite high gold per hour, especially if your server has a hefty price for the Light Feather.

Once more, you could get more, or you could get less, depending on your server, but nonetheless it is still a good place to farm on your low-level character, as it will allow you to purchase all the spells and most importantly, get some bags for even for farming along the way.

Happy farming!

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