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Skyrim : A Letter From A Friend Theories

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A Letter From A Friend

You know, when you are playing Skyrim so long (or maybe too long), you can always find some interesting points outside the main story or the gameplay.

One among those points is the mysterious "Friend" who have sent you letters to warn you of not misusing your Thu'um and instead hint you to go & retrieve more source of words of power.

Now, There are some theories circling around Skyrim fans for years about who is this "Friend" really is, let us have a look at them and compare them to my alternative theory about who really is this "Friend" who have sent the letters anonymously.

Here is an example of the famous "Letter from a friend" below,

A Letter From A Friend

A Letter From A Friend

1.The Greybeards & Parthurnaax

The Greybeards and their master Dragon, Parthurnaax is surely our top candidates, with Arngeir is the first candidate, then Parthurnaax and then the more silence three of Borri, Wulfgar or Einarth.

But they all have flaws, such as, if you sided with The Blades and kill Parthurnaax, the letter from a friend won't stop. So if Parthurnaax have been killed and the Greybeards stop talking to you because they won't help the Dragonborn anymore, why would they still sent the letters?.

And besides, they have sent you an introduction letter to invite you to High Hrothgar in the beginnings of the game, so why they should use a mysterious name afterward if they can write their true name instead.

The Greybeards

The Greybeards

2.Ulfric Stormcloak

There are Skyrim fans out there that suggest that Ulfric is The "Friend" who sent letters to The Dragonborn, but the thing is, Ulfric CAN die (if you choose to side with The Empire) and yet the letters can still keep coming. Unless if Ulfric write his letters and give it to the courier in Sovngarde of course.

Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm

Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm

3.Delphine & Esbern (The Blades)

First, let's talk about Delphine, she's suggested by many fans as the "Friend" who sent the letters until if you hear the courier said :

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So, The "Friend" was a He, not a She, and that makes Delphine out of the candidate list.

What about Esbern? He surely has more knowledge than Delphine and probably even know some things that The Greybeards don't.

But the fact is Esbern thought that the world is going to an end when The Dragonborn first met him, He doesn't even know that The Dragonborn IS a Dragonborn. Also the fact that the letters can be received before you meet Esbern.

So, it's impossible for Esbern to sent those letters while he doesn't even know there is a Dragonborn in Skyrim.

Delphine & Esbern, Members of The Blades

Delphine & Esbern, Members of The Blades

3.An Alternative Candidate

The Psijic Order, a mysterious and very powerful mages organization that lives in the Isle Of Artaeum who was disappeared suddenly a long time ago (according to the lore) but now showed themselves for the first time to The Dragonborn.

I remember the first encounter with one of them while doing "Under Saarthal" quest, it was Nerien, he appeared like a ghost out of nowhere and talk to The Dragonborn.

The Psijic Order believes in you ! and The Order is Watching !. Those lines stuck in my head. What if they watch and learn all this time about The coming of Alduin & the dragons & The Dragonborn? I mean, we all know that they are VERY powerful mages (I mean,who on Skyrim can do teleportation or stopped the time,really?) who interested in Powerful Magic,Powerful Artifacts and Powerful Powers, which means The Shouts are also one of the things they have interested in, although they cannot use it like The Greybeards, they know about the ruins, the words of power and the dragon lore like Esbern or even have more knowledge than Esbern & The Greybeards combined.

Interestingly, there are four Psijic mages that appear in the game just like The Greybeards. First, there is Nerien who talk to you in Saarthal, Then Quaranir who ask to speak with you at the college of Winterhold at the arch mage's quarter with Aren & Ancano and also at the end of "The Eye of Magnus" quest which he, himself proclaim you as The Arch-Mage of Winterhold. And the other two are Gelebros & Tandil who appeared briefly accompanying Quaranir to retrieve The Eye Of Magnus.

Okay, so now we know they are watching and we know they have some mysterious great powers, so watching discreetly The Dragonborn from afar is a big possibility for them. If the writer of the letters is a one-man doing, then it must be one of them.

But who? you may ask. I will choose Quaranir. Why him? because unlike Nerien who appeared suddenly in Saarthal, Quaranir actually go to the college and ask the archmage to meet The Dragonborn, as if he already knew The Dragonborn (maybe because he sent those letters?) and want to meet in person.



So, my summary is like Nerien said, "the Psijic Order believes in you". How can they believe a stranger? well, I think The Dragonborn Is not a stranger to them because They are Watching!. why are they watching? they are watching because they heard the story of a dragon rising and the rise of The Dragonborn. they are watching because they are interested in powerful magic, artifacts, technology, and powers. it's just that it's coincident that The Dragonborn involved in the eye of Magnus event that makes them, even more, believe in the exceptional power of The Dragonborn to handle it. "You, mage, and you alone have the potential to prevent disaster" like Nerien said.

And lastly, Quaranir, not only he seems familiar to The Dragonborn, he even put more trust by proclaiming The Dragonborn as The Archmage. How can they put a great task and a great responsibility to a complete stranger, not to mention Just a student of a college, unless they have known well all this time that you are The Dragonborn?

© 2018 Dhani

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