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Lego Star Wars Is Back!

Eric is a big video game, Star Wars, and Lego nerd. Obviously he is a big Lego Star Wars fan!



LEGO STAR WARS IS BACK! Coming April 5th, Lego Star Wars the Skywalker saga is going to be the biggest Lego games EVER! If you are not just so excited for this game than you are not a Lego, or a Star Wars fan! But is this Star Wars game going to be any better than the Force Awakens game? Yes, yes it is, but let's chat a while and discuss the things that will make this game SO GREAT!


With 24 planets to explore this is going to be easily the biggest Lego game to date! There is going to be so much to do aside from the regular main missions. The large 6 minute gameplay trailer showed that in this Lego game you are able to go where you want. You do not have to stick to just doing missions and then hanging out at the Cantina. (although those were the best of times weren't they?) In this game there will be side quests and arcade type things to do. It is going to be amazing exploring this massive Star Wars universe in Lego form.



Now if you have only experienced Lego games as of late this will not mean much to you. If you are an OG Lego games player this means EVERYTHING to you! The Skywalker Saga will have a mode that turns dialogue into the hilarious mumbling that we all love from the original Lego Star Wars games. The mumbling just brings so much comedy to these games, and frankly, the dialogue in recent games has been awful. In some games they pull dialogue from movies but put them in different moments. It is just bad....sooo...YAY MUMBLING!



Now this may just be me, but for an extra $10 this DLC pack will come with exclusive characters from all of the following:

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  • Mandalorian S1+2
  • Rogue One
  • Solo
  • Bad Batch
  • Troopers
  • Classic Characters

THESE ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME! Imagine just running around the Death Star as Din Djarnin with Grogu at your side. Imagine sneaking through the forests of Endor as Wrecker. The Classic Character Pack is going to be one of the best. While the specific characters have not been revealed we do know that they will resemble the yellow face classic characters just like the very early Lego Star Wars sets had. All of this DLC is going to be amazing and for only 10 extra dollars.



I am beyond excited for this game, and if you are a Lego Star Wars fan I believe you should be to! It's going to be a humongous game with hours and hours to pour into. I'M HYPE!


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