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Lego Indiana Jones 2 Walkthrough 8: Radiers of the Lost Ark, The Treasure Chest Levels


Welcome to the Walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

This guide is in thirteen posts, with two posts for the six parts of the game, and then one more post for the Bonus Levels. If you need to jump to another post sometime, you can do so here.

For each level, I will first discuss the first five levels of the hub, and then discuss the Treasure Chest Levels of that Hub.

It is in the Treasure Chest level where you can learn the location of the Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Green Bricks, plus all the Characters and Vehicles. 

1)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The First Five Levels

2)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The Treasure Chest Levels

3)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The First Five Levels

4)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The Treasure Chest Levels

5)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The First Five Levels

6)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The Treasure Chest Levels

7)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The First Five Levels

8)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Treasure Chest Levels

9)  Temple of Doom, The First Five Levels

10)  Temple of Doom, The Treasure Chest Levels

11)  The Last Crusade, The First Five Levels

12)  The Last Crusade, The Treasure Chest Levels

13)  The Super Bonus Levels

Creator Level not covered (yet!)

You won’t be able to take on the Treasure chest Level here, because you need the right characters.

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The first thing you can do is you will be onslaughted by a bunch of powerful men. Beat them back, and eventually you can buy the Sherpa Brawler for 15,000 Studs. When you buy him, use him to shoot out the Satellite dish thing there. These dishes are where the blue bricks are, so count yourself the owner of the First Blue Brick.

Also around here are many trees. On this level alone, you will find the First Green Brick, the Second Green Brick, the Third Green Brick, the Fourth Green Brick,

You will notice an area that has a whip knob on it, with many barrels. Use your whip on it and you can get the First Red Brick, the Second Red Brick, and the Third Red Brick. There is a rope on the lodge there that a character can grab. This will cause a barrel to roll down and burst, and you can obtain the Fourth Red Brick.

You will notice the get there that is half-buried in the snow. Go ahead and become Sallah and dig the plane out. You can then buy the Passenger Plane for 100,000 studs.

Go on and take the stairs down. Go ahead and smash the trees down there. You’ll then get the Fifth Green Brick, the Sixth Green Brick, the Seventh Green Brick, the Eighth Green Brick, the Ninth Green Brick, and finally, the Tenth Green Brick. This will cause a parcel to be parachuted in nearby, and you can buy the Poo Money for 60,000 studs.

See the big snowman down there, go ahead and take off its arm, and then throw them on the green pad. Use the debris there to build a fire. Run back up the stairs and grab the torch that hangs on a post. Set the kindling pile on fire, and the snowman will melt. This will reveal Major Toht, who can be bought for 50,000 studs.

Take over Major Toht and go all the way to the left, and then down where there is a small house. He can then knock on the door with the official guy, and he will open the door for him. Toht can then shoot out the satellite dish there and get the Second Blue Brick.

You can also buy the Snowmobile for 15,000 studs. Definitely do that, and ride it all the way up the icy hill. You can even take it all the way around and get some studs. You will find an entrance to a Treasure Chest Level known as Mountain Shack.

Mountain Shack

First thing is to smash all the plants and get the studs. Don’t worry about the six blue studs there, but you will get them later. You should then follow the arrow up the stairs and go up some stairs to get to an area with a crank. Before you turn the crank, go down in the stairs in that area and smash to get the studs.

Go back up and turn the crank. This will flood the pit with water. Go swim to the other side. There are two levers here that you should pull right now. One of them I’m not sure will do, but at least one will make an elevated platform nearby go up and down.

You can get on one of the red buttons, and the other character can get on the other. This will cause a fan to start up, and you can go up there to smash the plants and get the studs. There is also studs in the water that you can get by swimming around. Not to mention the buried treasure that Satipo can dig right up.

You should then go back to the crank and turn it back, so the water drains out of it. You can then use the elevated platform to get to a huge area in which you can smash stuff, dig up things, and essentially get more studs.

Now, go back to the fan thing, and then go where the moving platforms are. Jump from one to the other, until you are on a rock thing with a crank there. Turn the crank, and then swim down until you can leap over a fence. Destroy all the plants there, and then go over and turn the crank. You will then need to make a difficult jump from where the crank is to where the shrubs were cleared. It is a possible jump, and then you can get the six blue studs that you couldn’t get earlier.

Work your way back to that second crank, but make certain that you turn the first crank you come to along the way. Turn the second crank when you get there. Indy and Satipo need to go to an area where there are two red buttons. When they are pushed, the water level will rise. Don’t forget to get the purple stud there, and that will make you a True Adventurer. There is another purple stud atop two palm trees. Get the stud by jumping on the faucet and then on the palm trees. It will work.

There are some levers in the southeast corner here, and pulling them will open the gate, which will enable you to get the treasure chest. This will effectively end the level.

Back to the Hub

Go on and leave, and cross the bridge to get to the area where you must face off with many masked swordsman. Eventually, you can buy the Masked Bandit for 17,000 studs. Go ahead and work the Masked Bandit. You can use him to get the satellite dish to get the Third Blue Brick.

You won’t be able to play the level there yet, but go ahead and smash up things and use Sallah to dig a jeep out of the sand. You can buy the Army Jeep for 30,000 studs. You can take the jeep for a race.

Take it to the race, and you will be reward with Bazooka Trooper (Raiders) for 30,000 studs. Why not take him and the Masked Bandit to the place where you faced Level 1. This will be the Toasty Tavern.

Toasty Tavern

The first thing you should do is take the sword guy and cut down the chandelier. It will fall down and break into pieces. From there, you will need to assemble it and make a table, which will help you get over the fire.

Once you are over there, destroy all the stuff to pick up the studs. You shouldn’t have any trouble making True Adventurer here.

Become the Bazooka Trooper and destroy a hanging barrel to the left of the pile of barrels, plus two silver barrels in the barrels themselves. Go over to the barrels and push the ones with the orange tabs into the line with the rest. Assemble something to the left of the barrels, and this will create some water which will put out the fire on the stairs. You will now be able to grab the Treasure Chest, which will automatically end the level.

Back to the Hub

You can then take the Bazooka Trooper to a camel pen located down from the second level entrance, and blow up the doors. You can then take a camel and go on a race. You can then buy the Bandit Swordsmen for about 27,000 studs. However, you have to beat him with the Masked Bandit, the only character you have with a sword.

Right now, you are close to the pit where you faced the Third level, so you might as well go there. You will be ganged by soldiers, but you can then buy the Enemy Soldier (Desert) character for 15,000 studs. You should have the soldier point his gun to the roof of this place, as you will see a barrel. If he shoots it, he will get the Fifth Red Brick. He can also shoot the Satellite dish to get the Fourth Blue Brick.

Why not go up to the base camp there while you are at it. You can destroy a barrel that contains the Sixth Red Brick, and another barrel with a whip knob that contains the Seventh Red Brick.

Before you dive in and do the level known as Cryptic Crypt, be certain that you have Indy and any character with a sword.

Cryptic Crypt

You have to be Indy and a player character with a sword to defeat this one. Start by destroying everything on the floor and maximizing on studs. In case you didn’t notice it, there is a purple stud behind a ramp in the corner.

In one corner, you will smash something that contains a wrench. Go ahead and use that wrench to fix an engine, and it will operate a crane to lift a toolbox. Take the toolbox and go to the top of a ramp, and put it down on the green pad that is made for it. You will be able to assemble a statue’s arm.

As for the other statue’s arm, you probably noticed it earlier on the floor. The issue is getting it there. Have the swordsman character go to the left of the room and cut a rope. This will cause some parts to fall, which can be assembled into a red and green triangle for the Sphinx. Indy needs to get on the very end of the Sphinx, by the head, and use his whip to get the arm of the statue. The other character must push the Sphinx into place, and then Indy can place it on the statue.

The Treasure Chest will fall, and the level will end.

Back to the Hub

Be sure that you have the Bazooka Trooper, and head down to the coast, and swim until you get to a small island. Blast open the metal statue heads that block an entrance to a level, and enter in to the level known as the HovitosTemple.

Hovitos Temple

In this level, you will be Indy and Sallah. Start by smashing stuff and go up and to the right. There is statue there that will constantly shoot you, but you can jump over and around it. Indy will need to be on the right where he can use a flying whip hook to get him to the other side.

From there, Indy needs to take the three spears here and hurl them at the three targets on an opposite wall. He then needs to use the flying whip-hook to go back, and then use the spears as a trapeze to get across. He can then continue to the right, where Sallah must dig up some tiles. There will be a box that must be moved to the proper area, and a character must stand on it to get to the top. That character must make a jump to get to a crank. Turning the crank will cause an elevated platform to come up, which can be used to get to the place with the buttons.

As you know, each character must step on a button. This will extend a platform, and it will be time to jump over some buzzsaws. If you want, you can grab the blue stud in the lava before turning the crank. The lava level will go down, and the characters can go down a flight of stairs. Some skeletons must be dispatched to make way for some buttons, which must be simultaneously pushed.

You will note the three elevated platforms that go up. Go on and jump across them, and meet up and defeat a bad guy. Go on and go to the left, and defeat the bad guys there.

Now, you wil need to move some boxes so that they are in the top left and right of that smooth area there. Once they are moved, you can turn the crank, and some lasers will start. The gate will open, and you can walk right in.

After the gate, it will be time to move to the right to move a box, jump on it, and then jump to another part of the level. All you need to do is pull a lever, and then take the elevated platforms out.

You will be at a place where you were before, but this time, go right. There will be a bad guy around the corner, and you might want to take him out before you use the whip-knob. When you do use the whip thing, some elevated platform will rise. Jump on it and then keep jump on rocks until you come to and interesting point. You will see lasers hitting boxes, and you must push the boxes off that area so the laser has a clear path. Make sure you push the boxes so they fall off. One time, I pushed them so they almost barely fell off, and I couldn’t push them the other 5 percent. Must be a glitch in the game. Do it right the first time.

When all lasers are engaged, a much needed platform bridge will come up. You can then cross over by jumping from box to box and get what you need. A whole lot of studs.

Have Indy make his way back up until he comes to the flying whip knob. He needs to use this to cross over to a rock, and then leap to another one. He can then take out the bad guy there and push a box so that Sallah can enter. Sallah can dig up something that will eventually be a ladder.

Build the ladder, and climb up to get the dynamite. Throw the dynamite at the steel railing that is to the left. The way will be cleared for you to pull a lever, and take some platforms to make it to the open gateway with the Treasure Chest, which will end the level.

Back to the Hub

When you end the level, you will be able to buy a Hovitos Tribesman for 30,000 studs. You should take control of one and use it to target a crane nearby. When the spears are in place, hang off of them, and a toolbox will drop that can be used to build up two boats. You can buy the Blue Speedboat for 20,000 studs and the Green Speedboat for 20,000 studs as well.

If you want, you can go on a speedboat race. When you win, you will be able to buy the Character Satipo for 25,000 studs.

You will notice on top of the pyramid nearby is a crank. Spin the crank, and something else spins as well. What you have to do is spin it so the bar on the tube is facing at you, the player. Then have a character grab the bar. The tube thing will fall in, and an airplane race thing will be put in position.

You might as well do the race while you are here. Get the Bazooka Trooper to shoot the chain on the nearby plane, and then purchase the Biplane for 100,000 studs. Fly the race. The plane race will end with winning Captain Katanga, and you can purchase him for 25,000 studs.

Head like you are going to level four in the first time, over the drawbridge until you come to a cave. This will begin the Desert Dash Level.

Desert Dash

This is another one of those find-the-balloon levels that I hate so much. The First Balloon is located by following the road, and you can see it hanging high and almost unattainable. The only way to get it is to go forward on the wooden bridge until you grab a boost, and this will help to propel you high enough to get it.

When you leave the bride, take a left down the alley then another left on a small street that ends in a ramp. You should be able to get the Second Balloon there.

The Third Balloon is located as you cross the wooden bridge from the first, down a back alley.

You’ll need to take a right turn, towards the cliff edge, and you will see the Fourth Balloon at the end of a stony ramp. Go ahead and boost and get to it.

Believe it or not, if you keep going after getting the Fourth Balloon, then you will run into the Fifth Balloon.

Keep going down the road by the Fifth Balloon and you will see the Sixth Balloon. There is a jump thing nearby that will get your vehicle up to get it.

There is a wooden bridge that has the Seventh Balloon. You will need a jump thing in order to get it, though.

From the drawbridge, the road will fork to the left and right. Go the right and a stone will form a natural ramp to get the Eighth Balloon.

Take the fork to the left, and there will be a not-so natural ramp leading to the Ninth Balloon.

The Tenth Balloon is located within that encampment and requires you to wreck a lot before getting there.

The Treasure Chest will appear on a ramp very nearby, a little over to the left. It will end the level.

Back to the Hub

Now that this level is taken care of, keep going to the right. (Need a certain character for this.)

You will now be at the docking station here. You should be able to use a whip-hook to get another barrel, which will result in the Eighth Red Brick. There will also be a contraption with a magnet. If you turn the lock here, it will attract a barrel with a metal lid to you. This will result in the Ninth Red Brick.

There are also two satellite dishes here that need to be destroyed. This will result in the Fifth Blue Brick and Sixth Blue Brick. There are some steel boxes to destroy if you want to take advantage of that.

Now, you can either swim, fly, or take a boat to the island, and when you do, use the ladder to get to the boat. There is a level here that you should play called Bantu Wind.

Bantu Wind

You will default to this level as Indy and Sallah. Get as many coins as you can and then have Sallah dig up a place that needs to be dug up. He will find a ladder, and one of them must climb up it. From there, it’s a swing of a rope vine to get to a crank on the other side. Turning the crank will open a gate below.

This next part is a little tricky. One of the characters must get on the bike below and ride it through the gate until it gets to the Orange Pressure Pad. You have to avoid the green bushes, as they are full of spikes. You should be good to go when it makes it, and a bridge will come up.

Go to a point where Sallah must dig up something which will be another ladder, this time dissembled. Build the ladder and use it to take into up to a whip-knob. This will cause a ramp to go up, and one of the characters must ride the bike until it reaches the orange pressure pad at the top of the ramp.

This will start a moving pad going, and the characters can use it to leap to the Treasure Chest, which will invariably end the level.

Back to the Hub

After Bantu Wind, you should go on and bash a box that will contain something to build. This thing will have a button on it, and if you stand on it, it will give you Colonel Dietrich that you can buy for 75,000 studs.

You should become Colonel and blow up a box that contains two television antennae. Destroy them with a rocket launcher, and you will find a key. Take the key over to the left to a lock, and you will find yourself U Boat 26, which you can buy for 30,000 studs.

While you are over there, be sure to blow the satellite dish by the lock for the Seventh Blue Brick.

You should have the Hovitos Tribesman, so find Sallah and make him your right-hand man. Enter the level with the entrance by the Ark called Buildozer.


You will have to be the Hovitos Tribesman and Sallah to do this level. Like all levels, go around and collect all the studs, and smash stuff for more.

Have Sallah dig up something by a large skull, and it will fall on the box. This will break the box, and you can use the debris to complete the bulldozer. You may have noticed a certain orange pressure pad where it needs to be taken to.

Of course, you can’t get it where you want to go without some help. You need to take the Hovitos to a place on the left where there are two spear targets. Target them, and use them to haul yourself to a box at the top. Push the box off, and its debris will be revealed. Use the debris to complete the ramp.

Now you can get in the bulldozer and drive up the ramp to park on the pressure pad. This will cause a big box to open which will reveal the Treasure Chest. Get it and go.

Back to the Hub

After you leave said level, why not put together a character who is in pieces. This is Belloq (Priest) and he costs a whopping 500,000.

Go ahead and take control of Belloq, because you will need him for two levels. The one you are going to take on is not one of them. Get in U-boat 26, and in the distance you will see a place where a sub can go. Take the sub to that entrance, and the gate there will actually open to receive you. However, unless you submerge, you don’t have much of a chance. I think the submerge button is different for every console. This is the Submarine Base Level.

Submarine Base

In this level, you will default as Indy and Jock. You will need to smash stuff and enemies. Be sure that one of the characters grabs a gun, because it will be needed later. Eventually, you will come to an area where a blue engine needs to be fixed by Jock. This will cause a ramp to come up, and it won’t be the last that needs to.

Keep working your way up in this level, and you will come to a whip hook hidden behind some shrubbery. Use the whip hook, and more ramps will come up.

As you come up, there will be more enemies, and a target. You can probably guess what to do now, so shoot the target with the gun you have.

From there, you need to get on the bike and ride it all the way up the ramps, through the somewhat deadly lasers. Eventually, you will be able to hit the orange pressure pad.

Back to the Hub

Once you are finished this, take Belloq and run over to the area where you faced the Third Main Level. You should hopefully have the Hovitos Tribesman with you. You can now face the Cairo Conundrum.

Cairo Conundrum

You must play this level as Belloq and the Hovitos Tribesman. As you may have guessed, it is about using the laser from Belloq’s Staff of Ra so it reflects and bounces off many mirrors until it opens the box with the Treasure Chest.

Start by smashing stuff around, if only just to obtain True Adventurer status. You will note that smashing stuff by a light will make some kind of battery. Push the battery into place, and this is the source of light for the Staff of Ra.

There is another reflector dish that must be built from debris. You will another deflector that is missing a green/red triangle thing used to aim at it. You will need to take the Hovitos Tribesman up to a higher level by targeting a spear target, and obtain that green/red triangle.

I don’t know how to describe positioning the mirror except this. Work backwards. The dish on the box is stationary, so look where the light beam must come from. Adjust that beam in front of it so it aims to another mirror, then another, and so on.

Put Belloq into place, and adjust his beam to connect with the first mirror. Hopefully, the beam will bounce off all the other mirrors until it connects with the box. If it does not, simply adjust your mirrors until they do connect.

When the box is shattered, get the Treasure Chest, and you can go.

Back to the Hub

Head over to a base that has a locked door. You will notice two yellow discs on the ground. Pick them up and put them on the light. You will notice that there are space for six of these discs, so you will need to find the other two. One of them is located to the right of that area, in the midst of some trees and plants. There is some gold artifact, and you can shatter it to get the yellow disc. The other one is located by that ice cream shop there.

When the yellow discs are in place, Belloq can stand in front of the light that it makes. He can then reflect the light of his laser onto a mirror, which will open the front door.

From here, it is all about beating up people and getting coins. You should be able to get the Enemy Officer (Desert) for about 25,000 studs.

You can also get the Flying Wing airplane for 250,000 studs.

There is a Barrel Crushing machine here that will reveal the Tenth Red Brick. You can then, if you have the money, buy the Score x3 for just 2,000,000.

You can have the Enemy Officer use his explosive on another satellite dish and get the Eighth Blue Brick.

There will be a lever near a door, and the lever will open the door. This will lead to the Airstrip Hangar level.

Airstrip Hangar

You will default here as Indy and Jock. After bashing some coins, Indy needs to go left. He can push a box into place, and then jump across some moving platforms, narrowly dodging a shooting statue. He can then use his whip to get a spear.

He then needs to come back to the right, and use the spear on a target located just above the box. He can then climb up to a place where a target is there. Of course, Indy never has a gun when he really needs one, but if he hops across some buzzsaws, he will get one. He will then need to shoot the target.

This will cause a gate to open, where there will be a lever. When the lever is pulled a platform will start to rise and fall. This is one of two that have to be tripped.

Indy needs to go right back past his original starting point, and make certain that he jumps over some brown trapdoors. These have wooden paneling and must never be stepped on.

He then needs to turn a crank, which will cause a panel to come up. He can jump to one side, and clear away the plants until a spear is revealed. He needs to grab the spear, jump back to the platform, and hurl it at the target. He can then jump to the spear, and then to the railing to the left. Eventually, he will hit a lever, and this will start a fan going.

Jock needs to get on the fan and fix a blue engine there. This will cause another platform to elevate. You should be able to use the elevating platforms to get up and get the Treasure Chest, ending the level.

Back to the Hub

When the level has ended, take the Flying Wing for a ride. You will several hot air balloons in the sky. Keep hitting them. When you get all of them, the last character, the Enemy Boxer will be revealed. You can buy him for 20,000.

There are a few more things to do here. You will notice an area in the corner. You will need four brown gear things for it. They are located close by, under palm trees. There is some sort of carnival going on there, and you can shoot the coconuts for some coins. From there, there is an odd variety of carnival stuff to get.

The ice cream shop has two ice cream cones that can be shot, and they will rotate 90 degrees when hit right. If rotated 360 degrees, then they will start glowing and coins will appear. By the way, there is a snowball located back by the snowy area, and it can be taken to this area to make a little ice cream cone.

There are two buildings to get the last blue bricks. They have satellite dishes on the side, and they are easily missed. Go ahead and get the Ninth Blue Brick and the Tenth Blue Brick. You might need Marion or be riding an animal to get to them.

Time to use the area with the Golden Treasure Chests. They will build into this thing that will cause a volcano to blow up, with the pull of a lever.

If you would like to know how to do the Super Bonus Levels, click here

If you would like to simply go on to the next level, click here

Don’t forget, to get a 100% percent complete, you will have to have all Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Characters, Vechicles, and beat the Super Bonus Level. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Red Bricks:  Score x 3 which can be purchased for 2,000,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Blue Bricks:  Fast Build which can be purchased for 500,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Green Bricks:  Poo Money which can be purchased for 60,000 studs. 


Toni on June 09, 2015:

Hi there im missing one more satellite dish to complete the access area into the airstrip hangar. How do i find it and complete the final bonus level before the super bonus volcano level

Richard on June 02, 2012:

Me thinks that in the car balloon stage consecutive pushes of the jump button gets higher each time.

bobby on April 15, 2012:

wow thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milfanie on January 14, 2012:

Use the plane from the snowy area and as you approach them, pull back to make the plane do a backwards loop. That should get them all.

lordmagneto on January 12, 2012:

Here's a question, I have got all the items in this level but I still notice 3 vertical strands of studs round the islands in the sky. I have tried to get them with all three airplanes but none of them can reach them. I have tried parachuting out to them but still no go. Has anyone been able to get those vertical strands of studs in this level and if so how did you do it? It is one purple followed by 4 gold and a silver. Thanks!

TheMiz on April 16, 2011:

Use the plane from the cage area, crash into all of the hot air balloons, this should give you your last character

Acceber on October 27, 2010:

I've run around this level for hours, read tons of walkthroughs and I am still missing the second to last character, I'm not even sure which one he is. If you can please tell me who, and how, email ... well I hope someone is reading this anyway.

Criste on April 24, 2010:


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