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Lego Indiana Jones 2 Walkthrough 3: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The First Five Levels


Welcome to the Walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

This guide is in thirteen posts, with two posts for the six parts of the game, and then one more post for the Bonus Levels. If you need to jump to another post sometime, you can do so here.

For each level, I will first discuss the first five levels of the hub, and then discuss the Treasure Chest Levels of that Hub.

It is in the Treasure Chest level where you can learn the location of the Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Green Bricks, plus all the Characters and Vehicles. 

1)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The First Five Levels

2)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The Treasure Chest Levels

3)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The First Five Levels

4)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The Treasure Chest Levels

5)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The First Five Levels

6)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The Treasure Chest Levels

7)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The First Five Levels

8)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Treasure Chest Levels

9)  Temple of Doom, The First Five Levels

10)  Temple of Doom, The Treasure Chest Levels

11)  The Last Crusade, The First Five Levels

12)  The Last Crusade, The Treasure Chest Levels

13)  The Super Bonus Levels

Creator Level not covered (yet!)

I’ll inform you how to get all the stuff later, but in the meantime, why not go to the level now.

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Peru Cell Perusal

Start by smashing everything, and getting all the studs. You can also get the studs on the fans if you whip it right. Have Mutt fix the engine, and then he can hang on the chain the opens the door. Switch to Indy, who can push some boxes over to block the bars from coming down.

Go on and smash stuff there, and you will notice that you need a key to get out of the door. Unfortunately, those Patients have a key, but they will take it away if you get too close. Have Indy use his whip to retrieve the key from a distance.

Once the door is open, go into the other room and collect as many coins as possible. Indy can use his whip to get a whipping knob, or bounce up on the trampoline to retrieve it with his hands. He will then need to put it in the green area, and whip it good. Some pieces will come out.

There will be something to assemble in the corner. It will be a railing, and this railing can be used to get to another railing. The weight of a character on this railing will cause some pieces to fall down.

By the door, some stuff can be smashed which will cause a button to appear, standing on the button will cause a column to fall. Standing on it causes it to come up again. One character has to stand on the column while another one stands on the button. The column will rise, and one character can ride it to the top. From there, that elevated character must push a box over the edge.

Before you assemble this thing, you should know that there is a purple stud in the lower right-hand corner of the room. Get it, and you shall be a True Adventurer.

Back to the Hub

What you want is down a small flight of stairs. You will need a shovel to get to the next level, and unfortunately, no one at this level has one. So, what you need to do is go to the storage closet, and have Indy use the whip-knob to open it up. Grab the shovel in the shiny area underneath the big green arrow and start digging. Eventually, a passage will be opened, and this will be the next level.

Tomb Doom

Go ahead and get every piece that you can from here, and get rid of the ambushing natives. Indy can use his whip to drag a row of pots over to jump up and get some more studs, including the coveted purple one. He should then use his whip to open a door.

Indy will find a pit with a vine, and there is something on the other side. If everything on the other side is smashed, a shovel will be revealed. You should have Mutt grab the shovel and proceed down the vine.

On the way down, you will see a brown square with spikes. You can get the blue stud, but you can’t do anything there for now. Just keep going down the vine.

You will be ambushed by natives, but they are easily beaten. Go ahead and bash what you can and use the whip to open the door. Inside is an engine like thing that is perfect for Mutt to fix. When he does, the door to the right will open and you can proceed to the next room.

There is a Skull partially buried in the ground. Have Mutt dig it out and take it down the stairs to a place that is specifically marked for it. There is another skull in the corner of this room, and he should grab that one and put it where it belongs. This will cause a vine to drop down, and Indy and Mutt can cross it to get to the other side of an incomplete bridge.

In this room, you should start smashing. You will notice two blue and gray shields. Pick them up and put them on the green pads. There is still and empty pad, and the shield you need is up high. Grab the spear, and then target the proper area. You can then climb up to the top and get the last shield. When the shield is in place, you will need to build a machine. The Crystal Skull will be there, and all you need to do is grab it.

This will open up a movie within the level, and you will see a native running away with the Skull. Chase after him. He will go through the area with the spikes, but this time, you can run past them. Time your run across them so that when they are down, you are running over them. Or, you could let Mutt run past them and trade places. However, Mutt is unreliable around scorpions, and there are a few there.

Watch out for the second set of spikes, especially with that buzzsaw. Time your way across this as well.

Keep running after him until he goes to the first room here, and then just beat him up. This is difficult as the scorpions surround him, so you need to get as close to him as you can, and beat him up. The whip can help with that regard. Once he is gone, grab the skull and leave through the entrance.

Back to the Hub

When you leave this level, you can cross the bridge. You will notice the presence of many ants, but since Indy has the Crystal Skull, he can cross them without getting hurt. You will notice what looks like a steering wheel, and it can be taken up and put on the red box thing. This will clear some rocks out of the way for you. Keep walking around the corner until you get to a tent around the corner for the next level.

Mac Attack

This is one of those levels where Indy has to defeat a bunch of goons. It starts out with six soldiers in green, which are easy enough. They go down quite easily.

It gets a little difficult with the six brown uniformed soldiers. They have machine guns. You will have to get close to the two on the bridge, and then use the whip on the whip-knob there. This will knock them into the sludge underneath.

From there, it is soldiers in eight brown uniforms. These go down with your fists, and are really no problem.

From there, Mac is the primary target. He is guarded by soldiers at a bridge, but that bridge has a whip-knob, and it can be used to disable the soldier. From there, its just straight on attacks until he is gone. Then he goes to the one place where the uniformed soldiers were before during the second wave of attack. It’s very easy to take care of him then.

By the way, you want to make certain that you are a True Adventurer before you take out Mac, as that will end the level. You should smash all the plant life that you can find, especially those big purple flowers. They give lots of studs.

Back to the Hub

Take the pathway to the right of the screen.

Rainforest Rumble Level

This is one of those levels where you have to just go around and get some stuff. If you got the Studs x2 in the Crystal Skull Level 1, then you should use it. You will have to destroy four green trucks on the first time.

You will then have to defeat four green trucks, then six. Now, you might be comfortable in the Jungle Cutter because you can get pretty far, but you should know that you can’t rely on it forever.

You will need a jeep or one with a gun. You will then need to find the place where you have to cross by jumping. The land has a natural ramp that you can follow.

From there, take out the six last ones, and you will need to go and take out a big Jungle Runner. Use your Jungle Runner to take it out.

You will have to become Marion in order to do this, and get the toolbox.  After it is finished, you can buy the Jungle Runner for 5,000 studs

Back to the Hub

Don’t go any further to the right, because you probably won’t be able to get anything there now. You should also switch to Oxley. From here, walk to the beach, and there is a convenient box of bananas. Smash them, and have Oxley take one. Since Oxley has the Skull, he is the only one who can walk up the beach through the ants. You will notice a lock there that needs a key. Oxley has to switch items (which you should know how to do by now, and target the monkey with the banana. The monkey will throw him the key, and the key will create a path to the last level.

Dovchenko Duel Level

Dovchenko is here amidst the ants. You will have to take him, but he goes down pretty easy. It gets pretty tough here as a giant made from ants arises. You should probably take the time to walk around and get the purple studs so you can be True Adventurer.

The Antman does attack with giant swings that do damage. You can avoid taking a hit if you jump just before his ant fist hits the ground.

You will note that there are ant hills with green circles on them. The trick is to cover them with orange cones to defeat mister ant giant.

One cone is obtainable by going over to the right, there an abandoned jeep sits. Indy can use is whip to get a cone, and cover the nearest anthill.

Over to the left is another wrecked truck, and Mutt has to climb that and use his fixing skills to fix the top of it. He can then obtain another cone and put it on the nearest anthill.

Once those are covered, the ant giant will sink into the ground and Dovchenko will attack again. He’s easy to handle.

You will then need to cover the anthills again. Luckily, there are two cones in between the wrecked jeeps. Cover two hills.

As for the other anthills, the ants seem to be carrying off cones, so snatch them from the ants. I think there are about five anthills to cover in all.

Dovchenko then comes in for another attack, and is easily dispatched. Dovchenko seems to be attacking with some odd ant combinations, so it is time to cover the anthills again with cones. Once all five areas are covered, the level ends.

Back to the Hub

I’m sure you want to go on to the Treasure Chest Levels, which you can access here.


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