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Lego Indiana Jones 2 Walkthrough 2: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The Treasure Chest Levels


Welcome to the Walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

This guide is in thirteen posts, with two posts for the six parts of the game, and then one more post for the Bonus Levels. If you need to jump to another post sometime, you can do so here.

For each level, I will first discuss the first five levels of the hub, and then discuss the Treasure Chest Levels of that Hub.

It is in the Treasure Chest level where you can learn the location of the Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Green Bricks, plus all the Characters and Vehicles. 

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13)  The Super Bonus Levels

Creator Level not covered (yet!)

This is a guide on how to complete the Treasure Chest Levels in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1. It will also be a guide on how to get every Red, Green, and Blue Brick as well as all the vehicles and characters. You should probably defeat all the first five levels of this Hub before continuing, which you can do here.

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You will start back at the college, just like before. The first thing you should do is go to the end of the street you are at and smash the fire hydrant at the end of the road. This will be the First Red Brick. All other red bricks come in fire hydrant form on this level.

Smash the garbage cans and collect the studs. Climb the ladder to the roof of a nearby building, and then flip the switch to turn on a fan. You can fly up to get a blue stud there.

From there, it is as easy as working your way around the block, smashing anything that you can find. While you are at it, go to the clock and have Indy target the orange knob thing on top. This will result in a bunch of extra studs.

The Second Red Brick is in a hydrant down the street. Smashing it will cause flowers to grow, which can be trod upon to get some silver coins. This is generally the case for all the flowers that come out of the ground near a hydrant. You could take the train and start the level, but why not walk down the street and smash some stuff like the bulbs in the lampposts.

You may notice that you can smash in a window and you will find a Tricycle vehicle which you can buy for 5,000 studs. This is one of eight vehicles that can be purchased on this level. You could do it now or save your money.

Fresh out of that area is a flower pot. Smash it to get the First Green Brick.

Around that area, there are some things to smash that will give you an orange knob. You can put the knob on the wall, and Indy can whip it. Canopies will come out that will give Indy a whole lot of coins.

The Third Red Brick is located here, so you should go get it.

The building with the canopies has a ladder, and if you use it, there are some blue studs on some fans that you can grab for some easy stud money. The Second Green Brick is here in the form of a flowerpot.

If you head down there, you’ll see a busted thing that says you will need some character who can fix broken machinery. You don’t have him yet, so just get the Fourth Red Brick at the fire hydrant.

In the corner of the street is a cart with a banana, and I’ve already told you the better uses of that. Right by it is another flowerpot for the Third Green Brick.

There is a small alley that has fire hydrant there. Bash that hydrant and you will have the Fifth Red Brick. Use the water spout of the thing to get to the canopy, and bounce up. Just hold the A button down to spring up to another rooftop to get the Fourth Green Brick.

You may notice that lots of blue jacketed boys are coming to get you. You can beat them up, and then you will be able to buy the character. In this case, it is the Brawler character that you can buy for 15,000 studs.

You can also go in the corner and purchase a Hot Rod for about 30,000 studs.

The Motorbike that Mutt fixed earlier is also on sale for 25,000 studs.

The Agent will also be available for sale at about 20,000 studs.

The first thing that you can do is go where you faced the Motorbike Mayhem level. Now it is the Bike Hike level, and you can beat it.

Bike Hike

There are ten balloons in this level, and I will tell you how to find every one. You should probably take advantage of getting as many studs as possible to make True Adventurer.

The first thing you should do is get on a bike or a car, and head down the street, and travel towards the college, you will see a balloon there, but you won’t be able to get to it yet. Make a right turn.

You will come to a red and white bus, and there is the First Balloon right on top. Go on and get it.

You will soon come to a corner, and there is a car with a ramp that will lead you over the fence, go ahead and get the Second Balloon and you will find yourself in the college quad area.

Go ahead and leave that area through a gate, and go back to where the ramp was. You will need to travel down the street that is parallel to the ramp. Use a ramp to get the Third Balloon.

When you get to the end of the street, take a left turn (Indy’s left, not yours) and you will soon come to a corner with many things to smash. Go ahead and get rid of everything, and get the Fourth Balloon on the scaffolding in the corner.

When you get the balloon, turn around and travel down the long street that is parallel to the college, but not along the college. You will see a green car with a ramp, and you need to get the Fifth Balloon. I found it really hard to get on a bike or car, so I just got off the bike and climbed up to get it.

That about clears the city street. You should then go up to the college. Enter from the most right gate. If you keep going straight, you will see the Sixth Balloon indoors. It is very easy to get on the bike.

You will then have to go inside the college to get the last four balloons. One of them is in front of a glass window. This is the Seventh Balloon.

You will then find yourself in a green area, and there are ramps along the edges. Each of them have a balloon, and you can gather the Eighth Balloon, Ninth Balloon, and Tenth Balloon. The Treasure Chest will appear in and area above where you found balloon number seven, and you will leave the level.

Back to the Hub

Once that is beat, you should probably go to where the Hot Rod is and start a race. The starting point is by the train gate.

When you pass by the train, there is a station there. There is a flowerpot there, and if you whip it, you can get the Fifth Green Brick.

Okay, the car will take you to a place past an arm. This will reveal two new characters at the door of the college. Go back and get them. The first is a Greaser for 15,000 studs, and the other is Stanforth for 40,000 studs.

Stanforth has a book that allows him to read runes, which worked well in the first Lego Indiana Jones game. He can open the door by standing in front of it and imitating the pattern there. Go on and use him to get to the Marshall College Level.

Marshall College

In this level you are Indy and Stanforth. The first thing to do is fend off all of the agents here. Smash some stuff, and pull the lever to start the fan going.

Indy can then ride the fan to the top, and use his whip to cross to the other side. It does get kind of tricky here, though, as he must push a box to make certain the other character can get up to his level and stand on the two red buttons. This causes a platform to rise and fall. It is easy to take out the agents here and get the bottle of water.

By the way, there is a plant up here. If you use the rocket launcher on the floor, you can blow up this plant and get a ton of coins. I highly recommend it.

The bottle of the water must be carried to the moving platform going side to side. Follow the direction, and there is another upraised level with agents. Use the water to extinguish the fire near a lever, and you can pull the lever to get a platform rising.

Take out the agents there, and get the sword. Use the sword to cut a weight near the gate, and the doors will open. Take out the agent here.

If you want to get some more coins, do this. Take the non-Indy character and have him climb the box on the left side of the room, and then jump in the area on the left with the three blue studs. He won’t be able to get out, but hey, you’re almost complete anyway.

Have Indy grab the rocket launcher and then have him shoot out the silver boxes surrounding a whip-knob. From here, he can use his whip, and a ramp will be created leading straight to the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

Head down the same road that you used the Hot Rod race on. Right by the train station is some cacti. One of them has the First Blue Brick. The Cactus is the primary form of Blue Bricks on this level.

If you follow the road, you will come to a part of town by the railroad tracks. There is stuff to smash here. In one area, Indy can use his whip to reveal some dynamite, but I didn’t find a use for it. In one garage is the Sixth Green Brick.

On the other side of the tracks, near a barbed wire fence is a field full of cactus. The Seventh Green Brick is located in a flower pot by a tree. Whip every cactus and you will find the Second Blue Brick, the Third Blue Brick, the Fourth Blue Brick, and the Fifth Blue Brick located near a military base of some kind. You won’t be able to get in the base just yet, but you will.

There is a gas station located near that base, just across the road. A fire hydrant with the Sixth Red Brick is located here, as well as a Cactus nearby with the Sixth Blue Brick. If you bring Mutt to the gate, he with his wrench can fix the blue gears near the garage. When he does the Fire Engine vehicle will be revealed, and you can buy it for 40,000 studs.

The fire engine can be purchased in order to run over an orange square in the area, which can also be taken care of with the Hot Rod. The doors of the Gas Station will open, and you can deal with the Gas Station level.

Gas Station

This is about one of the easiest levels there is. It is just the two characters in cars, but only one car is needed. Just jump in and get 12 blue balloons and 10 green balloons. Unlike Bike Hike, the Balloons are right on the track, or a little off, but hidden in plain sight.

Just get all the balloons and the chest will appear. Not hard at all.

Back to the Hub

Once you have defeated that level, head on down to the hangar area with the rising and closing arm. Go ahead and get the Seventh Red Brick by the hydrant. You will notice that a lot of enemy soldiers will attack you, but if you keep attacking them, you can buy the Russian (US Disguise) character for 15,000 studs.

Have Mutt and the Russian (U.S. Disguise) enter the hangar. This is the beginning of Forklift Fun Treasure Level.

Forklift Fun

Like all levels, you should start by smashing everything. Eventually, you will need to go up on the ladder all the way to the right, by the security guard station. If you smash the box up there, you can get a lot of studs as the box contains the Ark of the Covenant.

On the left side of the room is a box that has to be pushed onto a scissorlift. This will cause the box to fall and spill out. These parts can then be used to build a forklift, which Mutt will need to repair. One of the characters can drive the forklift on one of the orange platforms.

Switch to the Russian, and get past the security gate on the right. You’ll come to a room where everything once again needs to be smashed once more. You will need to get two toolboxes and put them on two green squares. The first is located at the top of a ladder. The other is located atop some boxes. Go on and build the forklift, have Mutt fix it, and drive it to the other orange square on the other room.

This will cause the gate to open. Do not be so hasty to get the Treasure Chest. Instead take one of the forklifts and park it by the area with the bars on the top. There will be some studs there, and you can jump along and get a purple stud. This will get you to True Adventurer, because you can’t get it from the stuff in the other room.

Go on and climb the ladder, get the chest, and get out of there.

Back to the Hub

You will notice that there is a plane here. You can have it if you bring Mutt to the blue gears. He can fix it, and you can buy the Sabre Jet for 250,000 studs. You can then take it up in the air and parachute out over the closed off base that I mentioned before.

You will need to fight off a lot of Russian Diggers, but you can eventually buy the Russian Digger character for 15,000 studs. Go on and smash what you can, and then the fire hydrant for the Eighth Red Brick. There is a flowerpot back there for the Eighth Green Brick. You can open the door to the base by pulling a lever at the entrance.

From there, it is entering a warehouse to level known as Hangar 52.

Hangar 52

As always, there is a lot of stuff to smash. You should use the whip-knob on the wall, but don’t enter the gate as yet. You should repair the tiles to the floor, and then slide a box to get higher. After smashing everything there, use the whip knobs to swing across and grab yourself a torch.

Use the torch to light the barrel full of dynamite in the next room, and go back to the next room before it goes off, trust me on that one. Go back and gather as many coins as you can, and get the other character to stand on the button to get the fan to elevate Indy up. Go ahead and grab the bottle, and use it to put out a fire right in front of a lever. Pull the lever, and a gate to another room will open. There is a red crank on the side here, so go ahead and crank it until a platform rises. Smash all in that room. And you might want to grab the rocket launcher to destroy any silver boxes you see. There were some in the last room.

Indy can then go back to the fan, and use his whip to swing to a rope, and then the platform that was raised by the crank earlier. There is a lever he can pull, and a ramp will be made.

Indy can go to this risen ramp and smash most of the stuff in the area. He can make a ladder to a purple stud. It is very easy to make True Adventurer, even without that at this level.

Indy then needs to ride the tricycle to the orange pressure pad, and this will start the fan underneath the Treasure chest. It is a simple matter of using the ladder that you made and leaping to the side with it.

Back to the Hub

Once that level is done, take the plane on a race ride. It is difficult, and you may have to do it a few times, but you will be rewarded with two new characters. The first is Taylor, which you can buy for 20,000. The other is General Ross, which can be bought for 40,000.

Where these characters are found are a lot of good things. For example, there is the Seventh Blue Brick located by some cacti. The Ninth Red Brick is by the hydrant.

You will also not a magnetic crane. If you keep turning it, the crane will lift off a hatch which will reveal a flowerpot underneath. Destroy it and claim the Ninth Green Brick.

You may have noticed a shiny door by the plane. If you want, you can get General Ross and his rocket launcher to destroy it, which will result in the Army Jeep vehicle being revealed. You can buy it for 30,000 studs.

You should have Mutt repair some blue gear thing here, as it will open up a portal to another level.

Interrogation Room

First things first, smash it all, and then you can have General Ross blow up the silver chest. You will need to use Indy’s whip to get across the lava.

After Indy defeats the agents there, he can use the red crank to make a bridge. General Ross can destroy the silver boxes here, and a key will be revealed. When the key is used on the lock, a moving bridge will be revealed. Indy must cross here and beat up an agent there.

Indy can then use the whip to cross over, and he will find an agent there too. He should beat up that agent, and then pull a lever to allow General Ross to come on over. If he waits, he will show. There is a target here that the good general must shoot out completely.

This will open up a gate where a car is. However, you need to cross back and go all the way to the beginning to get there. The jeep must be driven to the orange pressure pad. This will open a gate to a green crank.

Once the green crank is turned, it is very easy. All you must do is just grab all the coins that you can and obtain true adventurer status before grabbing that Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

Now that you have finished that, head back to the town where the nuclear bomb is about to go off. You may notice that the gate is wide open for you this time.

If you take a left before the gate, you will see two cactus. Destroy them and get the Eighth Blue Brick. Keep going up that dirt road, and there is another cactus. I found that I couldn’t destroy it with a simple punch, but used the bazooka on it. You will find the Ninth Blue Brick.

Go back to the base and get the Russian Digger. You should take him to the plain to the right of the base, as he can dig up something here. You will see what he can dig up by the glowing of the ground. This will start some prairie dogs coming up, and if you hit them, they will stay up. Make sure you will hit them all, and another character will be revealed. This will be Hangar Guard, and he costs about 15,000 studs. You can also get the Ice Cream Van for 30,000.

You should the Russian Digger take him up to town, where the refrigerator is partially buried. His shovel can dig up the Fridge Car, and then he can buy it for 25,000 studs. Have him drive it to the bomb town.

He can then go to a race, and this will open up a new character: College Girl. You can buy her for about 30,000 studs.

You might as well enter the Diner and get to the Diner Distraction level. You will need a female character and a character who can fix things, so find Mutt and use this college girl.

Diner Distraction

Well, in this level, you are going to need to smash everything you can if you want to make True Adventurer. It looks like the game has been calibrated to make certain that you can get it by smashing all the tables, chairs, stools, and everything else. Go behind the counter and have the female character jump up and grab the high bar. This will cause a trap door to open. You can smash the thing that is there if you like.

You will also notice a bunch of rats that come by. You have to kill 10 of them, but one is only obtainable if you do one thing. The character with the wrench has to fix the jukebox, and then put two discs on it. These two discs are about the room, and will be obvious when you smash the stuff.

Once you smash the tenth rat, the Treasure Chest will be revealed. You should be able get it behind the counter easily.

Back to the Hub

Once you finish the level, go and get Mac or another character with a gun and go to the train.

Target Training

The first thing you should do here is use your female character to jump up high and get the studs. Unless you have a female character in this level, you will not make True Adventurer.

Now, the shooter needs to shoot certain targets. You will see ten targets all in a row. Three are on a lion’s cage on the left, four are on a boxcar, and three are on another lion’s cage on the right.

These targets have to be shot in a certain order. For the sake of simplicity, I will pretend that the targets are number 1 to 10 from left to right. This is the order that they must be shot.

1, 3, 2, 4, 6, 5, 7, 9, 10, 8.

You had best shoot them fast, as these targets will go down a few seconds after you hit them. When you get them all, the Treasure Chest will appear on the front of the train. Go and get it.

Back to the Hub

Go back to the bomb test town. You will notice an astonishing array of gold chests by the smoking launching pad. There is a reason for those. You might want to leave them for now until you get all ten, or you could smash them and build up the rocket, it is your choice. You get one gold chest for each Treasure Chest Level completed.

From here, you will see lots of zombie looking characters that you can beat up. Keeping beating them up, and you can get four characters. The Mannequin (Girl) is 7,000 studs, the Mannequin (Boy) is 7,000 studs, the Mannequin (Man) is 10,000, and the Mannequin Woman is 10,000.

You may notice a pile of rubble, that, when smashed, becomes something that you can build. When you assemble it, it becomes one of those toy rocket rides like the type in front of grocery stores. I don’t see a use for it now.

You will note that one of the cacti is rigged to blow up and will give you the Tenth Blue Brick.

As you walk to the green house, you will note that there is a flower pot in the corner. When you smash it, you will get the Tenth Green Brick.

Continue down the road, and you will see an entrance to the next level. Don’t be too quick to take it yet. Instead, wreck the fire hydrant in front of it. This would be the Tenth Red Brick.

Now, you will need a female character to get to the next level. Just go to the backyard and jump at the designated area.

Doom Town House 2

Once again, smash everything. For some odd reason, the light bulbs form the lampposts don’t shatter and give you coins like in the staging area. The benches, chains, and that mailbox are pretty much invulnerable too.

There are some agents in here. There is four in this area, and one behind a gate. Sometimes the Agent behind the gate sneaks out and tries to shoot you. Destroy them all. While you are destroying the bushes, you will find a key. Grab the key, and use it to open the gate.

In the next room, there are a few agents. Take them out, but there is one who is on higher ground, who can’t be reached. There is a sword in the center of the room, by the couches and chairs. Get the sword, and use it to cut a rope located a little after the gate to the room. A platform will be raised to a ramp, and you can take out the agent there. While you are there, pull the lever he is guarding, a gate to another room will open.

There will be two rooms here where some men in military whites will try to attack you, as well as an agent. Take them out, and get the shovel. Proceed to the wide open room.

Go to the whipping knob in this area, and use it. Clear the area to get the studs, and use the trampolines to get even more. There is a ball here, along with a net. Get the ball in the net by pushing it or kicking it, and a platform will appear to give you access to more studs. Go ahead and dig up everything to get the treasure chests with more studs, and one will have a rocket launcher.

Use the rocket launcher on anything that you can, which is a lot. If you aim at it, and it has a target, it can usually be destroyed. The chains are an exception to this rule. Those big plants will give you lots of coins if you hit them. One of the things that you will destroy is a silver box that is blocking a laser by a nearby gate. This will open a door to a new room.

You will need to get a tricycle from the one big green room or the tricycle from the first area and drive it to the orange pressure pad in this room. A platform will rise up and down, and you can get the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

You can then go to the last Treasure Chest Level, Dummy Run, in the house nearby. You will need the Russian Digger and Mutt, so get them.

Dummy Run

As mentioned before, you need to be the Russian Digger and Mutt. Get all the coins you can, and then have the Russian Digger dig up the area in the corner. Some gears will be revealed, and they can be put on the smaller of the green areas by the odd-looking machine.

Use the Russian Digger’s security clearance in the one guard’s booth, and a door will open nearby. Inside the storage shed is a toolbox, and it should be placed on the green area in front of the machine. Assemble the machine, and then have Mutt repair it.

What happens next is sort of a Zombie invasion, and then you have to get from room to room. At least the mannequin zombies go down easily. Start by assembling a ladder to get to the porch level.

Go inside, and some more zombies will attack you, as they make a huge hole in the room. Don’t go down into the hole until you have every stud that you can get in that area. There is one at the bottom of the blocked stairs that is easy to miss. If you can get all of the studs, you should make True Adventurer, but just barely.

Go down the hole and take out all the zombies in this kitchen/hallway/living room area. Hey, there is a purple stud behind one of the kitchen counters that is not easily seen, so make sure you get it. You can then repair the sofas and bounce to the next floor up.

This next floor up has more stuff to smash, plus a rope. Take the rope to the bar and to the rooftop. You should be able to get to the Treasure Chest, and you can always go back through the house if you didn’t maintain True Adventurer status.

By the way, if you die on this level, kiss getting True Adveturer goodbye. By the couches there is a place that leads to the outside that will kill you. Don’t take this entrance.

Back to the Hub

Now that you are finished with this, go on and destroy all the gold Treasure Chests by the tower. This will assemble into a rocket, and, if you take it, it will lead to the Bonus Level. Space Rocket.

Don’t forget, to get a 100% percent complete, you will have to have all Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Characters, Vechicles, and beat the Super Bonus Level. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Red Bricks:  Score x2 which can be purchased for 1,000,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Blue Bricks:  Fast Fix which can be purchased for 300,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Green Bricks:  Disguise which can be purchased for 10,000 studs. 

If you would like to know how to do the Super Bonus Levels, click here

If you would like to simply go on to the next level, click here


Ethan on December 01, 2015:

What is the sword for? In the building with the canaries, the second one you mention.

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Hobie on March 02, 2011:

I had the same trouble as Britt - all bricks, all chests, all true adventurers and stuck at 97% with one treasure chest missing. Crystal's advice works. No idea why you have to beat the cafe level AGAIN in order for the chest to appear by the rocket. Weird.

Ds4family on February 17, 2011:

Question.... In the Forklift fun level, I can't get the gate to the second room to open. I have mutt and the Russian. What am I doing wrong? I just started this game yesterday, and I'm hooked!

jared on January 23, 2011:

ok, im lost... i have all the items, and Im still 86 percent done... what next? im have been all over this My rocket is completed, well I think...

Help please. this game is getting the best of me.:)

Emile` on November 23, 2010:

hi everyone. i have 60.1% done. i know, that reeks, but i am stuck on this level. i think its called river chase in act 3. its the part when u need 2 people to pull on that lever thinging, but u need mutt 2 climb up it. i think there is a robe doo-dad that gets the second player up. the box holding the rope is there, but theres no rope! how do i get the rope down? or do i need the next player 2 turn in2 mutt. i can't get player 2 up. i need help. if u can, tell me what to do. my brother & i think it's just a mess up, but we can never be to sure. he mite come on as will the thrill, if he ever comes on, to ask 4 help as well. if any1 can help, please do.

REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LUVZ U!!!!!!

Crystal on October 26, 2010:

Yes you need to do the diner dash again once you get the chest again you will see that another box is over by the rocket.

britt on September 30, 2010:

hi i have completed everything in part 1 i have all vehicles, charaters, bricks and true adventure on everything and yet there is a treasure chest that i can't get to finish the rocket to super bonus level. any ideas? I have 97.5 % completed.

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