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Lego Indiana Jones 2 Walkthrough 10: Temple of Doom, The Treasure Chest Levels


Welcome to the Walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

This guide is in thirteen posts, with two posts for the six parts of the game, and then one more post for the Bonus Levels. If you need to jump to another post sometime, you can do so here.

For each level, I will first discuss the first five levels of the hub, and then discuss the Treasure Chest Levels of that Hub.

It is in the Treasure Chest level where you can learn the location of the Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Green Bricks, plus all the Characters and Vehicles. 

1)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The First Five Levels

2)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The Treasure Chest Levels

3)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The First Five Levels

4)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The Treasure Chest Levels

5)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The First Five Levels

6)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The Treasure Chest Levels

7)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The First Five Levels

8)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Treasure Chest Levels

9)  Temple of Doom, The First Five Levels

10)  Temple of Doom, The Treasure Chest Levels

11)  The Last Crusade, The First Five Levels

12)  The Last Crusade, The Treasure Chest Levels

13)  The Super Bonus Levels

Creator Level not covered (yet!)

The first one is located right at the door, inside the place with the car. It is called Shang-High.

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This one is one of those levels with Balloons, and you will have to find all ten to beat it.

The First Balloon is located to the right, up a ramp. It is very easy to get. Turn right and go down that street that is filled with silver studs.

When you get to the end of this street, turn around and go back through a ramp that is parallel to that street. You will find the Second Balloon right at the edge of a ramp.

Turn around after getting the second balloon, and go down that one street again, then turn the corner. The Third Balloon is in the lower right hand corner of this level.

If you keep going around, you will see a ramp on the right that has the Fourth Balloon on it. Ride up the ramp to get it.

Continue down the street, traveling to the left. You will note a car with wooden boards on it. If you go on the jump, you can get the Fifth Balloon.

Keep going to the left, and you will see that down the road is a small ramp that will have the Sixth Balloon.

When you get to that balloon, go to the lower left corner of the level. The Seventh Balloon is located conveniently down a back alley, and it is easy to hit.

As for the Eighth Balloon it will be located in a market that is right outside the back alley, to the right. It should be easy to get.

The Ninth Balloon is located on a ramp in that corner. Very easy to get.

Keep traveling right, and you will find the Tenth Balloon, which requires going up on a ramp and off a porch. It’s nice.

The Treasure Chest will be revealed in the center of the “track” here. You will be able to get it.

Back to the Hub

After this level is complete, you should take the time to buy a Shanghai Hoodlum for 15,000 studs. You can also buy Short Round’s car for 30,000 studs.

Be certain that you get all the coins in this area that you can. You will find the First Red Brick in a back alley by the rickshaw that needs fixing. The Second Red Brick is located by the airplane. These red bricks are like half rock and half spout.

Go ahead and get Short Round to fix the Rickshaw and buy it for 25,000 studs. Take it through the race. This will open up the Lao Che character, which you can buy for 50,000 studs.

Go ahead and go cross the bridge, and head up to the town where you faced (level). While you are at it, get the Third Red Brick, the First Blue Brick, the Second Blue Brick, and the Third Blue Brick. These blue bricks are found in round vases.

You should probably purchase the Thugee character here for about 15,000 studs. In the town, you will find the Fourth Red Brick and the Fifth Red Brick. You will also find the Four Blue Brick and the Fifth Blue Brick.

Don’t forget to go to a level higher than the city via ladder and get the Sixth Blue Brick You will also find the Seventh Blue Brick, which is located near some plants, somewhat obscured from you.

You will notice in the back that there is a Tractor. You won’t be able to get to that until later, so forget about it. You will also find the vase with the Eighth Blue Brick, and you will also find a vase on the opposite side with the Ninth Blue Brick.

You should be a Thugee or the Maharajah at this point, and head to the statue of Kali. This will open up the next level.

Slave DriverCave

This level will default you as Indy and the Maharajah. You will essentially have to pull a lever, and this will start a rock rolling. You will then have get Indy to the end, where he can hit a whip hook and stop the rock from rolling. This isn’t one where I can really tell you how to do it, because it involves speed rather than strategy.

Anyway, you have to do this twice. Each time, try to save time.

Back to the Hub

Now, you are probably going to want to do as you head down by the bridge and you will see these cylinders that serve as posts. You can take them all out to get the First Green Brick, Second Green Brick, Third Green Brick, Fourth Green Brick, Fifth Green Brick, Sixth Green Brick, Seventh Green Brick, Eighth Green Brick. You should also go up to the castle and get the Pankot Assassin for 20,000 studs.

There is the Sixth Red Brick here.

Go ahead and enter that building, and you will need to be a sword character and Indy to defeat Disarming Duel level.

Disarming Duel

You will have to be a sword character or Indy to enter into this level.

The reason why is because all the bad guys in this level have swords, and so they must be disarmed using a sword. This will eventually result in some disarmed Thugees who will fight with their fists.

You will notice that the disarmed ones can be destroyed, but four of the unarmed ones cannot be killed. There is a good reason for this. Indy needs to use his whip to bind these stubborn ones, and then carry them to the one area with five buttons. At least three of these guys have to be put on there, but this has to be done quickly as these guys do not stay tied up forever. When three are put down, you can have Indy and the other sword-swinging player hit the other two buttons, which will open up the Treasure Chest.

If I were you, I would bind all the bad guys before getting all the coins in the room to become True Adventurer. It’s just easier that way.

Then, once you have qualified as True Adventurer, get the Treasure Chest and end the level.

Back to the Hub

After you beat this level, go over to the left and use your sword character to chop down a box hanging on high. You can then use the stuff in the box to build a ladder and there is an entrance to another level there called Princess Rescue, for some odd reason.

Princess Rescue

You will default to Indy and a British Commander, a character that you might not have yet. Go ahead and get all the stuff that you can to get more studs. Indy can then use his whip to get spears from across the water.

He will then need to get those spears to targets on the right side. He can then use them to cross to the other side. When Indy is over there, he can turn a crank to raise up a bridge, which will make the British Commander able to come over.

From there, Indy needs to climb a ladder, which will enable him to use a whip-hook. When used, this whip-hook will open a gate nearby, and Indy has to climb a ladder to get a shovel. He can then dig up some steel rocks that will need to be blown up. In one of them is a wrench, which will fix a blue engine to the left.

The engine will start up some moving platforms on the left, and you can then go to them to solve what you need to solve over there. Start by crossing over the moving platforms. Then go over to the area with the bars, and jump up to get to an area with some waterbottles. Use the waterbottles to extinguish a fire below. Then drop down and pull the lever. This will open a door with a button, and you will notice a button down at that level. Go on and have Indy wait on the button below, and the other character should automatically go up and hit the other button.

This will raise up an elevated platform, and Indy or the other guy can use it to get to the Treasure Chest and end the level.

Back to the Hub

You should then go down to another level, where there will be a bunch of guys trying to attack you. Go ahead and buy the Thuggee Acolyte character for 25,000 studs.

You should get the Acolyte and a sword character and go to the bridge where you faced Level 5: Mola Rampage.

While you are there, you will see two posts that must be knocked off. You will find the Ninth Green Brick and the Tenth Green Brick. A parcel will be parachuted in that will have Ice Rink for 30,000 studs.

By the way, the Seventh Red Brick is around there.

Go on and enter in the level at the bridge, called Cliff Clamber.

Cliff Clamber

You will need to be a spear character and a sword character in order to do this level. I want you to know that I hate it. Why? Because you can fall in alligator infested waters, and you have to swim all the way to the left to get on a bar to get out. And sometimes, getting off the bar to solid ground is tough.

On the right, there will be three spear target areas. Get your spear guy to use them, and you can use the spears to cross over. From there, it is all about smashing through rocks and using the hanging rope to cross over to the other side. The swordsman needs to cut down a weight, and this will cause a trapdoor above a ladder to open.

Climb up the ladder and go to the right. You will see some rocks that you can easily get out of the way, and there is also some shiny rocks. You will need to cross a plank bridge, and then jump to a rock platform, then another. This one will have a plunger switch that will detonate the silver rocks. This will reveal a weight on a rope, so get your sword guy to cut it.

The plank will become like an elevator. Take the elevator and go to the left. There will be a bridge you can cross but it goes in and out of the wall. Get to it when it is out, and here is where it gets tricky. You need to grab some dynamite, cross that retracting bridge, and then use the dynamite on the silver rocks. For some reason, I found it hard to target the silver rocks with the dynamite, and you can’t throw the dynamite on the bridge. You will probably destroy the rocks one at a time.

Once the silver rocks are destroyed, it is all about crossing several hanging ropes like Tarzan and getting to the next area. You will need to spear two spear-targets, and then climb up to the next level.

Go left, and use your spears again on three more spear-targets. Jump to the spears, and get yourself up to the next level.

From there, you have to target one spear-target, and then jump to it, in order to cross to the other side.

There is the Treasure Chest. Now you could just grab it and end the Level, but you are nowhere near getting enough coins to become True Adventurer. You need to jump on the bars to get higher. Watch out for the platform there, as it is a trapdoor. Stay on the orange side. You can then get the coins here, and go right on a bar to get even more coins.

You can then go back to the trapdoor, and drop down to get the Treasure Chest and end the level.

Back to the Hub

Go ahead and go on up to the town. From here, you can take an elephant down to the airport, and step on the orange pressure pad to release the plane. You can buy the Stunt Plane for 100,000 studs.

Take the plane on the race, and this will open up the British Commander that you can buy for 30,000 studs. You can also buy a Scooter for 20,000 studs.

Fly the plane up to the town, by the Club Obi Wan, and you will notice a section that is normally impossible to get to. Parachute off there, and drift to the cave entrance. Go on and get the Eighth Red Brick.

Go on and enter the entrance, and you will be at the MountainCave level.

Mountain Cave

You will automatically be Indy and the Maharajah. Go up the stairs and take out the Thugees at the top, then jump across a gulf, where there is a crank on the other side.

Turning the crank will lower some steps, and you should be able to use the steps to get inside an area here. There is a lever here that will open the door so you can get out, but why not take a rocket launcher on the way?

Leave that room, and then go across to where the crank is. Follow a pathway down some stairs, and you will see silver barrels of dynamite. Use the rocket launcher to blow up the dynamite, and gather up all the studs left behind.

This explosion will reveal another crank, which must be turned to reveal some elevating platforms. Follow the platforms to another area, and dispatch the Thugees there. You will then need to clear off some bush to reveal a small door that the Maharajah can take. The Maharajah needs to cross a thin bridge to a lever, which will open the door around the corner to the right.

From here, Indy needs to go to an area with easily dispatchable Thuggees, and get about 30,000 studs from everywhere around him. This isn’t difficult. There is a rocket launcher that can be used to destroy a box, which will reveal a shovel. There is a place that can be dug up here, and it will reveal a steel rock which will be blown up to reveal a spear.

This spear can be used on a spear-target on the right side. There is also a lever in this area with an annoying bush in front of it. The bush can be cleared away with the rocket launcher, and, when the lever is pulled, another spear will appear. This spear can be used on the second spear target.

In one corner is a lot of brush and plants, and that needs to be cleared for a dig-spot. You can eventually clear the area to get another spear and use it on the spear-target.

Use the spears to get up to an area with lots of studs. If you aren’t True Adventurer by now, then you must be doing something wrong.

By now, you should have plenty of studs to open up the 30,000 stud door. Go up there and dispatch the guards. You will notice a crank, but don’t turn it yet. Instead, get rid of the boxes. The one in the lower right corner can simply but pushed out. This will leave to, and the one on the right has to be pushed up and then to the left. The other one can easily be moved.

Turn the crank, and those boxes are no longer blocking the lasers. This will raise up a ramp which will allow you to get to the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

Since you have the British Commander and Indy, take them to the town and take the entrance in that town to the Wrong Gong Rung level.

Wrong Gong Rung

You will have to be the British Commander and Indy to defeat this. It starts by using the rocket launcher to blow up some steel stones. The debris from it can be used to build a gong, which will have a whip-knob on it. Indy can use his whip to “bang a gong”, and ten swordsmen will come out to do battle. Defeat them all, and the Treasure Chest will be atop a palm tree.

Yes, it is pretty easy. What you should do then is get as many coins as possible and then go to where the elephant is penned up. With a shot from the rocket launcher, you will have it.

It is a very easy matter of riding the elephant and getting the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

Take the British Commander to the town by the Club Obi Wan sign. Shoot it with a rocket, and it will fall. You can then enter the Club Obi Wan level.

Club Obi Wan

You will default to this level as Indy and Short Round. Go ahead and smash stuff to get coins, and then use the small door to get Shorty to fix an engine. This will elevate a platform, which can be used to get higher.

Unfortunately, the way is frought with flames a buzzsaw blades. Time your jumps well, and you should make it to the other side. Go on and take out the Thugees.

What happens next is perilously jumping from stone to stone until you get to a ladder. Climb up and push a box over a smooth area as far as it can go. Use the box to jump over some flames.

You will then need to go to the left and use a vine to jump to the other side. Grab the spear and then cross back over. Use the spear on the spear-target, and you’ll be on another side.

You will then have to jump over a buzzsaw to get to some water-bottles. Use the bottles to stop some flames, and then turn the crank that the flames were blocking.

Some elevated platforms will arise, and you can use them to take you to the next side. Take out the enemies here and use a whip-knob to raise up a bridge. You will get a purple stud which should make you get True Adventurer.

Back to the Hub

Go back to the town with the shaman (where is he?) and blow up the gate by the tractor. The Tenth Blue Brick is here. You can buy the Tractor for 35,000 studs and ride the tractor through a race for the Indian Farmer and Tuk Tuk. You can buy the Indian Farmer for 20,000 studs. You can buy the Tuk Tuk for 20,000 studs.

Okay, in that town you will see a man frightened by two snakes. You will also notice another man also frightened by snakes. What you need to do is free those men by killing the snakes. Someone other than Indy needs to do this. You will then need to go to PankotPalace and free other man from two snakes. This will then reveal the Village Elder whom you can buy for 75,000 studs.

Take the Village Elder down to the cave below PankotPalace, and make certain the Thuggee Acolyte is with him. You should enter in the LavaLake level.

Lava Lake

You will need to have the Village Elder and Thuggee Acolyte for this level. As you may have guessed from the five green pads in front of you, you will have to place toolboxes on those pads. Fortunately, the first toolbox is right in front of you.

The Village Elder needs to go all the way to the left and up a ladder and across a bridge. Using the runes with his book, he can open up a secret passage and get the second toolbox.

On that left side of the room, the Thugee Acolyte can use his spear to target two areas, and then use those spears to climb up and jump on ramps to get another toolbox. It’s very easy to drop down and put it into place.

From there, the characters need to go to the right. The Acolyte has to go up an elevator, and then go until he can jump on a blue platform. Switch characters, and have the Elder turn a crank. The blue platform will move across the screen, and the Acolyte will automatically get off on the other side. The Acolyte needs to push off a chest to the ground, and then use a spear on a target. He can then swing himself over to the other side, and grab that toolbox. He can also assemble the ladder that was in the box that he pushed over the edge.

The fifth toolbox is found in a corner, and the wall needs to be bashed in to get it. Take it and put it in its resting place.

You will then use those pieces to assemble a lava boat, and you should take some time to get all of the studs floating on the magma if you want to be True Adventurer. Get the Treasure Chest and get out of there.

Back to the Hub

You might as well head down to the beach. Just cross the bridge and follow the path.

The Village Elder needs to open a door there, which will lead to the BeachsideCave level.

Beachside Cave

You will default to Indy and Short Round on this one. After getting all the stuff here, have Indy and Shorty go down one level, and move a box on a smooth area. Grab an explosive from the chest of them there, and head back up to where you started.

There are three steel stones there. Destroy them with the explosive and you will see a spear. Use the spear on the target far away from you.

Have Shorty take the short door. He will soon be at a place with a crank. When he turns the crank, the water levels will rise, and so will some platforms. He can use the platforms to cross over and grab a spear. He can then jump back to the short door to go back up to where he started, and hurt the second spear at the spear-target.

From there, it is back down through the short door to the crank, and turn it again. The water levels will go down, which will allow the characters to swim to the wall with the two spears on it. They can use them to jump to the top there, but use the rails to get a purple stud.

When you are up there, it is very easy to time to get through the buzzsaws to get to the Treasure Chest.

Back to the Hub

You should explore the beach. You will note the Ninth Red Brick here. (Correct this here number.) There isn’t much on the beach except for a Mola Ram that you can build, and it will cost 500,000 studs.

You will eventually come to a dock. You can buy the Junk Boat for 35,000 studs, and then take it to a race. After you are through with the race, you can buy a Dancing Girl for 25,000 studs.

From here, you can go up the beach path to grab the Tenth Red Brick. Make the corrections here as good as you can.

Go onto the ship all the way to the left and smash all ten gold Treasure Chests.

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If you would like to simply go on to the next level, click here

Don’t forget, to get a 100% percent complete, you will have to have all Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Characters, Vechicles, and beat the Super Bonus Level. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Red Bricks:  Score x 6 which can be purchased for 4,500,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Blue Bricks:  Stud Magnet which can be purchased for 200,000 studs. 

Here is the box that will parachute in after collecting all Green Bricks:  Ice Rink which can be purchased for 30,000 studs. 


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