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Lego Indiana Jones 2 Walkthrough 1: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The First Five Levels


Welcome to the Walkthrough for Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

This guide is in thirteen posts, with two posts for the six parts of the game, and then one more post for the Bonus Levels. If you need to jump to another post sometime, you can do so here.

For each level, I will first discuss the first five levels of the hub, and then discuss the Treasure Chest Levels of that Hub.

It is in the Treasure Chest level where you can learn the location of the Red Bricks, Blue Bricks, Green Bricks, plus all the Characters and Vehicles. 

1)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The First Five Levels

2)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 1, The Treasure Chest Levels

3)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The First Five Levels

4)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 2, The Treasure Chest Levels

5)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The First Five Levels

6)  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 3, The Treasure Chest Levels

7)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The First Five Levels

8)  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Treasure Chest Levels

9)  Temple of Doom, The First Five Levels

10)  Temple of Doom, The Treasure Chest Levels

11)  The Last Crusade, The First Five Levels

12)  The Last Crusade, The Treasure Chest Levels

13)  The Super Bonus Levels

Creator Level not covered (yet!)

Go to the blue mailbox by the clock, and smash it. You will find a banana. What you need to do is grab the banana, and then throw it to the monkey down the road, who will give you a key in exchange.

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Use your key to open the gate. You are now ready to start the first official level.

Hangar Havoc

Indy and Mac are now in the Area 51 Warehouse. The first thing you should do is smash anything to get studs, as you will want to make True Adventurer here. There is one box that cannot be smashed, and you will need that to get to a higher ground. Just carry the box and put it in the green space. You will notice some studs that are high up, that you cannot get to. Ignore them for now.

While you are up on the high ground, look behind you. There are two lamps with the orange whip-knobs on them. If you get Indy to swing on them, he can climb up and get the blue studs on top. He can also swing out to the left and jump on the high crates with the unreachable studs on them.

Go back over to the higher ground to the right, and you will be given instruction to swing from the lamps. You might as well go down into the area and smash anything smashable first. Indy can then swing across. He will have to push a box on a smooth surface that will dump parts of a ladder that have to be built to get Mac up on the higher ground.

From there, it is to an area to smash up a lot of stuff. You will notice one button that will be uncovered that starts a fan. You need to have on character stand on the button, then switch to the other character in order to ride the fan to the top. Here you will find the rare and prized purple stud.

In this area, you will also notice a statue. What you need to do is find the two toolboxes that are within some crates. Put the toolboxes on the green areas. This will become some scattered parts, which will become the arms of the statue. If you haven’t switched to Mac yet, switch to him and use his gun to shoot a target on another box. This will cause a box full of staves of Ra to open. Have a character grab a staff, and then go into the lighted area. The staff becomes a laser that can be aimed at the statue’s eye. Repeat with the other one, and the statue will smash!

Of course, there is a fire to put out, so grab a bottle and target the fire itself. You can put out the fire in sections and can proceed to the next area. After you rebuild the statue into a stepping stone, of course.

You will now be in another area full of stuff to smash. Mac will have to aim his gun at one box, and a box full of spears will open. These can be used to target the area with the spear-targets. When the three spears are in place, then a player can use them to climb up to the proper area. Indy or Mac can push a box, and a bunch of tools will fly out to be magnetized.

Then Indy or Mac can go to the central pile of boxes and use the chains like Tarzan vines to cross to the top of a big box. Then it is a matter of pushing a smaller box over the edge, and the magnet effect happens again.

This will begin a new place in the level, one where Mac is switched with a character named Janitor. A mad bomber guy will also be here, and he has to be taken out. However, it is difficult. Try not to stay in too long of a place at any given time, or he will blow you up…Boom!

You should rush the bomber man, and he will leap up to high ground where you can’t reach him. However, you can get into the jeep and drive it to the nearest orange square and leave it parked on it. You’ll notice the square goes from orange to green, and you will need to do the same for the other orange square. So what you need to do is just go to the top of the box with the two buttons. Just get Indy there, and the Janitor will join him. The doors will open to reveal a tricycle that looks like the one you obtained earlier. Drive it to the other orange square.

A garage door will open, and you will see a lever there. Smash the crates and pull the lever. You will then see a rope ladder come down that will allow you to get up to the bomber man. You’ll have to Tarzan your way across the chains to get there, and climb the ladder. You’ll then have to jump your way toward him, and he will come to the ground, jump down there to fight him, and you will have to go into another level.

This room has a rocket car sort of thing, and there is a soldier on top with a machine gun. You will want to avoid his firing and the red hot flame from the back of his thing. You might not want to smash things here to get all the coins you need to be a True Adventurer. Instead, use your whip to lash him and drag him around the room while you can safely smash things.

Now that you have your True Adventurer status, you shouldn’t have to worry about dying. You will need to end this level, so stand on the buttons in the corner, and your custodial comrade will join you. This will turn on the flame on the rocket-sled thing in the center of the room. Drag the solder to a place where the flame will hit him, and it will count as one hit.

The soldier has three lives, so just whip him, use the buttons, and place him before the open flame. That will end the level, all right.

Back to the Hub

Follow down the road, and you will find a green arrow pointing to a house.

Doom Town

This next level is all about smashing furniture for stud coins, as well as making your way in this house to eventually escape. Once you smashed all in this Living Room/Hall area, grab the two “toolkits” in the room and put them in the specially marked green areas. One toolkit is located near the guy sitting on a sofa, and the other is on the back wall. Once planted, build the tiles necessary to move the big box out of the way so you can pull a lever. Once the lever is pulled, a gate will open and you can go up the stairs.

Now you are in the Bathroom/Hallway area. Smash everything again, and I don’t think that the two houseplants at the top of the stairs can be smashed. They do give lots of studs, though. You will note that smashing a tiled wall by the bathtub gives a whip knob. Have Indy use it, and a key will appear in the tub, along with lots of studs. Get the key, and run into the hall where a lock has been made for it. This will open up a trap door, but Indy will have to use the whip knob at the end of the ladder for you to get up in the Attic.

In the attic, Indy can do in the right-hand corner and smash some crates. He can then assemble some into a rocking chair, and smash that for more studs. From there, it’s to the left where Indy must build a box, and then push it around the corner. Once he stands on the box, he can jump up to a rope, which will cause something to fall that will punch a hole in the floor. He needs to quickly jump down to the next level to get there.

Indy is now in a bedroom, where he needs to assemble a triangular thing to be put on the green pad in this room. You might want to take some time and push the bed away from the wall. It is cushioned so you can jump back up to the next level, in case you forgot to smash all the crates in the attic. I would check, because time is not a factor in this game. Anyway, the triangular thing goes where you would expect it to go, and open the door to the porch and backyard.

Wreck everything on the porch, and grab the toolbox to jump down. As you might have guessed, there is a pad for that, so use it. Before you build the thing that is revealed, smash everything in the yard that you can. There is a lever in the corner, and if you pull it, a sprinkler will start, and flowers will grow. The flowers will give you more studs. You can use a flower to bound you back up to the porch if you need to, or build the railings that will be revealed if you smash up the garden. You can then assemble the lawnmower, and it will go nuts and open the kitchen door. Before you go into the kitchen, you might want to have Indy go to the shed, and open the doors with the whip. There will be a shovel there, and your Janitor friend should have it for later.

In the Kitchen, there is a lot of stuff to smash, so if you aren’t at True Adventurer Status now, you will be once you are hitting this stuff. The one thing that you can’t break is the giant padlock on the refrigerator door, but all you need to do is send your janitor friend out in the backyard with his shovel. He will dig up the dynamite that is hiding in the right corner, and have him quickly run back to use it. Going toward the refrigerator will effectively end the level.

Back to the Hub

Since you are back at the staging area, you might as well go on to the next level. It is a diner that is right in front of you.

Café Chaos

Okay, this is your first level with Mutt, and you are in a barfight. You could concentrate on destroying the three spies that you are supposed to do, but it is better to start smashing stuff for some studs. Go behind the counter for some really high value studs.

Once six spies are taken out, they will be followed by three gunmen who stand on top of the bar. These guys are vulnerable to whip attacks, from a distance. You can also throw a chair at them if it helps.

Eventually, a car will come in with three bad guys on top of it. You will have to take out three of the machine gunners and three spies. The spies are easy as punching them out, but like last time, whips and stools are the best course of action with the other.

That is one quick level. It isn’t too difficult to get True Adventurer in it, provided you do not get hit too much.

Back to the Hub

Now that you have Mutt, the game will direct you to a shop where a motorcycle hangs. You will need to take Mutt and use his ability to fix stuff in order to proceed to the next level.

Motorbike Mayhem

This next level is all about smash stuff to get some studs. Oh yeah, you should probably take care of the bad guys. The first to come are a three motorcylists. I really don’t care for these vehicle levels, but they make it easier by having a red arrow point to where the nearest bad guy is.

Once you get rid of the three motorcyclists, it is off to take on two motorcyclists and two cars.

Then from there, it is five cars.

Back to the Hub

Since you are back at the hub, head to the train and defeat the last level.

Crane Train

In this level, you are on a train while a train beside you has these mechanical arms that try to scoop you up. Yes, this isn’t in the movie.

In this level, getting True Adventurer is pretty difficult. If you die, you probably won’t get it. Ironically, you have to die in order to get the purple studs located on either side of the train. Once you get those, the only studs that are left are the blue ones near the guy who is attacking you.

The trick is to take out the claws by using the whip knob in the middle of them. Have Indy target it, and then Indy will be taken over to that area automatically. Then Indy can jump to the right, which will have him grab a chain. This causes the arm to fall back to the train, and Indy automatically lands back on the train. From here, Indy can whip the right arm. He needs to repeat this process three times before the arm is limp and helpless.

Indy then needs to do the same thing with the other arm, but this time, he has to jump to the chain on the left. He can then whip the arm into submission, and a whip knob will fall out.

Mutt needs to fix the right arm, and one of the characters needs to lift the whip knob and put it on the right arm. From there, the right arm will go in place, and Indy needs to whip it. The arm will then position itself above its controller, and Indy should jump into the controller’s booth and the level will end.

In fact, that ends this part of the game. The player has the choice to go to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 2 if he or she chooses. However, you probably want to get all of the red, green, and blue bricks, not to mention all of the Treasure Chest levels which you can go to here.  


deveaupa7 on April 21, 2012:

do you have to get true adventurer in order for the treasure chest to count?

huckster69 on January 29, 2012:

use indies whip to tie the guy and drag him, you and your partner need to stand on the button and drag the guy into the fire, do this 3 timjes, and your done.

gooberbob on January 28, 2012:

i just got on and i'm stuck on level1 how do you defeat that guy that sits in the spiny thing that blows out fire? My moms helping me but its not working help me!!!!!!!!

My brother and my dad did it but I cant seem to find how I wish they were home right now I hope someone responds to this to

Anna on January 22, 2012:

I have all 10 treasures but I dont know what to do now.

jody on December 08, 2011:

i cant seem to find a dang shovel in the hub???

Rob on November 20, 2011:

I had same problem for weeks. Doing the cafe and then treasure level fixed it. Thanks!

truck on November 12, 2011:

what do u do w/ the bench u can pick up in the hub?

Predatori on October 08, 2011:

It's doing the same thing 2 me, I redid diner destruction x4!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley on December 12, 2010:

Im stuck on the first level!

im at 0.7% and im stuck! somebody help me!

buffy on November 27, 2010:

Im having the same problem. Stuck at 97.5% and can't complete the last bonus lvl. Re did Diner Distruction and still nothing. WTH?

Matt on August 09, 2010:

I can't find all the vehicles in this level o

Scotty on June 07, 2010:

i had same problem misty. u need to redo diner distruction for it to work. think its a glitch. good luck

Misty on May 26, 2010:

I am having issues with level one. I have all 10 tresure chest, all characters, all vehicles, got true adventurer on every level, yet I can't get to the bonus level. Can someone help?

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