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Legion of the Damned Codex - Warhammer 40k

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Legion of the Damned Codex Review

Legion of the Damned Codex Review


It's official: the Legion of the Damned has its own codex. Released as a digital download, this new codex allows players to field the Legion of the Damned as a Primary Detachment, or as an Allied detachment.

So exactly what options are included? Let's take a look at a standard Legionnaire first.

Legion of the Damned Codex Review

Legion of the Damned Codex Review

Legion of the Damned Rules

We only have to look at the newest Space Marine codex to see what a standard Legionnaire looks like.

  • Standard Marine States with a few exceptions
  • 2 Attacks base
  • Leadership of 10
  • Power Armor
  • Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag, and Krak grenades

The Legion have a host of special rules as well:

  • Fear
  • Fearless
  • Slow & Purposeful
  • Deep Strike (with re-roll scatter), cannot be joined by Independent Characters
  • Ranged attacks Ignore Cover
  • 3+ Invulnerable Save

Wow! So we have a bunch of deep striking space marines, who can shoot heavy weapons as if standing still, ignore cover, have a 3++ save, and have to be killed to the last man before they are gone. Fun!

Note that the squad can also upgrade with a special weapon AND a heavy weapon, and that the sergeant can also upgrade his weapons.

Let's look now at how you can field Legion of the Damned in your army! These are new rules straight from the digital codex!

Legion of the Damned Codex

Legion of the Damned Codex

Legion of the Damned Forces

Legion of the Damned can be brought two ways: as a Primary Detachment or as an Allied force. Let's look at the details of the Primary Detachment first, then we will get to the Allies.


  • 1 Legion of the Damned Squad
  • 1 Legion Sergeant is upgraded to your HQ, but he is not an Independent Character. He does have his own Warlord Chart, and the trait effects his whole unit.


  • 3 additional Legion of the Damned squads

So there aren't a lot of choices, but it does allow you to bring a lot of these amazing troops. What's more, if you field the Legion as your Primary Detachment, then all units count as scoring! Good luck to your opponent pushing your 3++ power armored ghosts off an objective.

Also, you take an ALLIED Legion detachment with your Primary detachment. The joke is now, Hey Bro, I heard you like Legion of the Damned with your Legion of the Damned... As long as your Primary Detachment is Legion, then all your Legion forces (primary and allied) count as scoring.

Now, what about using the Legion as an Allied Detachment? Here's the deal: the Legion is a Detachment... which means it can be taken in ADDITION to a normal Allied detachment, AND it breaks the Force Org chart. So even for Allies, the Legion has 1 mandatory squad and up to 3 additional squad, and you nominate 1 sergeant as the HQ.

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The difference between bringing a Legion detachment as Primary or Allied, is that an Allied Legion detachment is not scoring (unless your Primary is also Legion).

So who can Ally with the Legion?

Battle Brothers:

  • All Imperial (and Inquisition)


  • Eldar


  • Tau
  • Dark Eldar


  • Everyone else!

Legion of the Damned Warlord & Relics

With a new codex, the Legion of the Damned get a set of Warlord Traits and a new Relic. Your warlord is actually one of your sergeants that you nominate; he remains a Character (not Independent), but his Warlord Trait affects his entire unit.

  1. Unit has Soul Blaze.
  2. If your Warlord's unit is in base contact with an enemy, that enemy unit has -1 LD for every additional Legion unit on the board!
  3. Units bolter weapons have Armorbane.
  4. Unit has Feel No Pain.
  5. Unit can choose when to enter from Reserves.
  6. Unit has Preferred Enemy (everyone!)

That's a nice list and it's amazing that each entry effects the entire unit. I suppose that makes up for not having a multi-wound IC in your army. Let's look now at the new Relic.

Animus Malorum - Gives the unit Feel No Pain. Each time an enemy unit within 12" fails a Fear, Morale, or Pinning check, one random model of that enemy unit is removed with no saves. In addition, your unit's Feel No Pain is bettered by one, to a max of 2+ Feel No Pain.

That's a pretty fluffy artifact, and has some great rules, too! Combined with the Warlord Trait that gives negative modifiers to LD, this could be a recipe for a deathstar unit growing through the game!

Legion of the Damned Poll

What Do You Think?

That's about it. It is a mini-codex, with only a few options. What separates this from one of GW's dataslates is that introduces a new Primary Detachment and it also includes a lot of great new art and background. I will say that the codex does not solve the mystery of the Legion, but rather gives background for their greatest battles and possible origins based on different perspectives. It's a neat read!

As always, thanks for reading and stick around to comment. Murphy Out!


tommy82 on April 16, 2016:

I think there okay but gotten smaller since they first came out. I remember that they had a pretty cool dreadnaught piece that seems to have mysteriously disappeared since they seem to have a lot of deep strike rules I think it would be fitting if they had a custom drop pod but wishful thinking on my part.

Murphy (author) from Florida on February 23, 2014:

I agree with you, Tharn. I don't think we will see a wide model release, and probably not even new units other than a LotD character to make an HQ for allied slots. That will still be cool, and there will be a lot background included in the ebook. Looking forward to it... I might have more and more reason to play Imperials now (with the release of Knights, too).

Thørn on February 22, 2014:

I must admit I believe the LotD codex will be much more like the recent Inquisition codex, so the LotD basic unit would still be Elite, but I bet a LotD chaplain would be really cool (as would a LotD captain, but who better than a chaplain for a skull themed army)

Murphy (author) from Florida on February 21, 2014:

I wonder if the new Codex will open more options for current SM players? Or will it just be a way for NON SM players to take Legion as Allies without having to take normal SM HQ and Troops choices first? Time will tell!

But they ARE great units, if pricey. A local friend is using them in Kill Team games and they are deadly. Ignore cover?! That hurts in Kill Team...

jbmocksnc on February 20, 2014:

I like using LotD in SM lists for the Deep Strike, Slow & Purposeful (shoot heavies even after moving via Relentless), Flaming Projectiles/Ignore Cover shots and 3++ save. Great choice for dislodging hard to crack or high toughness units.

Murphy (author) from Florida on February 18, 2014:

Agreed. I've never actually run across an opponent using the Legion, so this might encourage someone to try something new.

Ray on February 17, 2014:

at least it's not some big space marine chapter, I don't remember seeing much about the legion in anything, and it is a small codex, so it's not like they got some huge big thing. the legion is cool, who doesn't love ghostly things killing things.

Murphy (author) from Florida on February 17, 2014:

TRK, those would be some awesome options. Yes, another Marine army, but super elite. Let people play what they want to play... I think Xenos are doing pretty well this year and are proving popular. I've always said, make the other armies better and people will play them :)

Alex on February 16, 2014:

Hooray. Another Marine army... Because that's exactly what 40K needs. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not impressed.

TRK on February 16, 2014:

I believe in the old Apocalypse there was a Legion of the Damned datasheet with the following:

Legion Captain

Legion Dreadnought

Legion Terminators

The basic Legion Marines

Legion bikers

So I hope they will do likewise for this. Here's a point for you, I've just finished a post scheduled for Tuesday evening in which I refer to the Emperor as a Chaos god and the Legion of the Damned as his Daemons.

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