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"Legend of the Phoenix" Game Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (How to Gain Fame and Ingots)

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The Game

Legend of the Phoenix is an Antiquity Chinese Otome mobile game released for Android and iOS. It was developed and published by Modo Game and Modo Global.

The Global version was released under the name Legend of the Phoenix on 9 June 2020 for Android and iOS.


In Legend of the Phoenix, the player takes the role of a young woman who finds herself reborn after having been murdered by her spouse, the Crown Prince. Given a chance to get revenge on her would-be murderer, she joins the Imperial Palace as a lowly maid, and starts gathering allies - and making enemies - as she works her way up the hierarchy.


How to Play the Game?

Gameplay centers around the collection of friends (called Partners) and romantic interests (called Confidants), as well as outfits, in order to accumulate power and attributes.

Main gameplay elements include:

  • Story - where the player uses their fame and their partners' momentum to progress through the central narrative
  • Main Story Quest - which prompts the player to pass various gameplay milestones
  • Daily quests - which reward regular activity
  • Timed events - with special rewards (Tip: make sure to check the deadline for the event. As you accomplish some goals for the event, you will gain points. Make sure to exchange these points for items before the event ends or you will lose the chance to gain items!)

Strategy: Newbie players should focus on accomplishing the main quests. As the player progress and the main quests can't be accomplished easily, start to accomplish the daily quests and timed events.

Tip: Make sure to claim all the rewards from quests and achievements. You can use these rewards from the items section. Always look out for the red dot besides achievements and events to claim the rewards! Gaining more items will help you progress through the main quests quickly.

Tip: Always check the items section and use whatever items you can use (especially the travel journals, business cards, daily tokens, palace duty tokens, even the vitality, and stamina pills) early in the game to progress quickly in the game. Here are only the items that you should save: ingots and brocade. Save them to exchange them for more expensive items that will give you more power (for example, use only your brocades to exchange for a long skirt that requires 40 or more brocades but will surely give you immense authority)

The game is multiplayer and encourages both collaboration and competition. Core multiplayer elements include:

  • Guilds
  • Ranking challenges
  • World bosses
  • Debate
  • Ceremonies

Strategy: After focusing on the main quests, make sure to check all these other elements every time you play the game and gain rewards from them. As you begin to unlock more elements of the game, make sure to visit them and accomplish everything that is required of the game. Always check the points that you gain from these game elements and see if you can exchange them in the points shop. Remember to save these points until you can acquire more expensive items that will give you more benefits in the game.

Make sure to check all the other places in the game as you go out of the palace, so you won't miss the possible rewards that you can get from them.

Make sure to check all the other places in the game as you go out of the palace, so you won't miss the possible rewards that you can get from them.

How Do You Get Fame?

Fame can be acquired through:

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  1. Accomplishing palace duties
  2. Daily sign-in
  3. Travel
  4. Accomplishing daily quest
  5. Main story quest
  6. Hard labor camp
  7. Usage of business cards

Fame is consumed by:

  • Story battles
  • Pranks
  • Unlocking certain travel regions

How to Increase Fame?

Your fame income will help you get through the storyline (except for archrival fights that are based on your momentum gained from your partners, we will tackle that one later).

Fame income is the only one that consumes as it provides fame. It consumes your silver.


  • The best way to collect fame is to handle your palace duties
  • Look at your numbers and always make sure that your politics number is higher than your charisma number or you won’t have enough silver to consume and collect fame. If you’ve run into fame deficit you can:
  1. Hold off on gifting the purple charisma books
  2. Buy more politics books and focus on gifting them to your partners
  3. When bonding with your confidant hold off on clicking charisma levels and instead focus on politics
  4. Sometimes it’s best to hold off on gifting the blue random attribute books as well as they can increase your charisma when you’re trying to hold off
  5. In the potential option when clicking on a partner, don't advance the charisma part when possible
  • It is easier to use all your business cards from your items early in the game to acquire more fame and advance through the story and accomplish the main quests quickly
The best way to collect fame is to handle your palace duties.

The best way to collect fame is to handle your palace duties.

How Do You Get Ingots?

A player can get ingots through:

  • completing daily quests will randomly drop ingots occasionally
  • worship in the rankings
  • greet in the Kunninggong
  • sometimes can be accomplished in the Timed Reward event
  • sometimes from achievements
  • purchasing Monthly or Lifetime Pass (Monthly Pass gives the player 280 ingots for 30 days, along with a White Jade. Lifetime pass gives the player 2880 ingots plus 120 ingots that are claimable permanently everyday the player logs in, along with the permanent title "Rich Brat", a broken Potential Fruit Shard every day, and a 10% increase in Confidant encounters while traveling).
  • and purchasing ingots with real money

Tip: The Academy is a good place to use your ingots to get more spots as it brings up the attributes of the partners you see there. You can also build in the academy for higher rewards with silver and ingots. If you find you are unable to build and the option goes grey, then level up and promote some partners.

Tip: I would highly recommend splurging your ingots to get 5 pigeons for fast letter sending. Just make sure you've at least clicked through each available conversation because fast letter sending will only send to letters you've opened. (Always check for a new letter popping us as you can get a higher chance of getting a confidant when traveling if they pop up in pigeon mail to send a letter).

Strategy: Save ingots as much as you can to use them for spots in the Academy and for buying five pigeons for fast letter sending. After splurging your ingots in these two, buy slots in raising foster children in the palace hall. Remember to save your ingots for these three: academy spots, five pigeons, and slots for foster children. After investing in these three, you can spend your ingots for other items, but I would suggest spending it next in banquets.

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