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"League of Legends": How to play Jhin

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Jhin, the Virtuoso

Jhin is a mysterious performer with a twisted sense of art. Unlike any other Champions (playable character) in the League, the Virtuoso doesn’t kill for the common reasons such as justice, glory, bloodlust, or revenge. Jhin murders people because he wants to see them dying beautifully. He gains sadistic pleasure in turning people’s deaths into incredible works of art. And his idea of killing people artistically is always transparent with his actions. During his performances (killings) he is entirely calm, taking things slow with elegance, without any pressure, as if he’s calculated and orchestrated every single detail of the performance.

In the game, Jhin takes the role of an ‘AD Carry’, a role that is considered as the team’s primary damage dealer, who mainly relies on ranged and powerful basic attacks to nuke enemy champions and demolish structures and is ordinarily aided with a ‘Support’.

In the recent seasons of the game, he has always been one of the premiere ADCs in the League. Until now, he remains at the top of the ADC block with his high carry potential, utility, damage and a win rate of almost 50%, according to statistics. Jhin also has a very unique play style, clearly different from most ADCs who commonly deliver damage from a usual distance with extreme attack speed. His gameplay requires a lot of strategizing, calculations, and usually staying far from the battlefield, sniping until enemies are all burned-out.

Alright. Enough for the grand entrance, let’s dive deeper into the mind of the Virtuoso and learn more about his ins and outs and be a better Jhin player.

Whisper (Passive)

Jhin’s handgun, Whisper, allows him to fire devastating basic attacks at the cost of a fixed attack speed and a limit of 4 rounds in the chamber. So when he used all four of his bullets, he will immediately reload that takes up over 2.5 seconds. His passive also causes his critical strikes to be reduced, but still comes with bonus effects.

The good thing was that every 4th shot is guaranteed to critically strike and will deal bonus damage based on the percentage of the target’s missing health. And for every critical shot, Jhin gets excited and gains a burst of movement speed.

Dancing Grenade (Q)

Jhin throws off a grenade at an enemy target, which can bounce off up to four targets. If Dancing Grenade kills a target, 35% additional damage can be inflicted to the next target which also increases after killing its next target.

Deadly Flourish (W)

(passive) Caught Out

A target hit by Deadly Flourish is rooted if they are damaged by Jhin, his allies, or if they stepped on a Lotus trap in the last 4 seconds.


Jhin fires a long-range (3000 target range) shot that damages the first enemy champion it hits, as well as the minions and monsters along the way.

Captive Audience (E)

(passive) Beauty in Death

Whenever Jhin kills an enemy, a lotus trap will start blooming from the spot where they were killed, creating the same slowing zone and AOE damage of a planted lotus trap.

(active) Jhin plants an invisible lotus trap that activates when enemy champions walk over it. Once activated, it creates a slowing zone before blooming and dealing damage to enemies in its area of effect with a burst of petals.

Curtain Call (R)

Aims and prepares for firing super bullets at extreme range (3500 target range) that pierce through minions and monsters, but stop on the first champion. Each shot slows the enemy by 80% for 0.5 seconds, and revealing them for 2 seconds, while the 4th shot is guaranteed to critically strike.

Laning as Jhin

Jhin is an insane damage dealer but he is pretty immobile so what you’d want to do when laning as Jhin is clear the first wave early on by auto-attacking the first melee minion you see and weaken the entire wave with your Q. This way you can level up much faster, increasing your offensive and defensive capacity as you get your W. And here’s where you’ll consider Jhin’s immobility.

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After pushing the early waves, try your best not to push the wave so hard as you will be forced to advance and be opened to ganks or be picked by roaming midlaners. So you’ll do the farming by poking the enemy’s ranged minions from the backline using your autos and Q.

Because of his elegant gameplay, Jhin is one of the slowest moving characters during laning phase and doesn’t actually have any self-peel or mobility skill that’s why having anything in the bag that makes you more mobile is really important. Prioritizing Boots of Swiftness would be a great idea.

Not every 4th shot is worth the shot

Not every 4th shot is worth the shot. Yes, I know Jhin community knows that but it’s worth putting it here. Even the best Jhins get too excited to deal such massive damage and sometimes they take unnecessary damage or burn up their Spells and even end up dying in the process.

One thing to always keep in mind when playing Jhin was that 'not' firing your 4th shot is also a pretty useful tactic. Just the mere act of holding onto it displays a powerful threat. Knowing that this shot always critically strikes and can truly be lethal, your enemy will be pressured and forced to retreat, giving up gold and Exp in the process.

After using up 4 of his ammos, Jhin will take 2.5 seconds to reload – that's the moment when Jhin is the most vulnerable. In the game, 2.5 seconds is a lot of time where a lot of things can happen. When facing a Jhin, the enemy bot lane always waits for that window of opportunity. Supports with average to high engage potential are always ready to capitalize on that weakness. That instant can get you killed, so aside from landing your 4th shot you also need to ensure that you are in a safe distance and position while reloading.

Jhin is one of the ADCs with the strongest lane presence; here's how you maximize your Jhin’s dps

By using the Dancing Grenade properly, you can gain the upper hand in every trade or duel. Take note of how Jhin’s Dancing grenade works: the grenade can bounce for up to 4 times and for each unit it kills, the next bounce will get an increased damage of 35%. Armed with this, you can increase your damage output exponentially.

And there are times when the 4th shot is better saved for later use, right? You can take advantage of the fact that Jhin can prevent reloads and hold onto the 4th auto as casting any ability will give another 10 seconds. You can cast your E to keep your 4th auto while you’re still waiting for the “finale”.

You have to be very mindful of the minion wave, the movement, their health, their positioning because you need them to maximize your damage output.

• weaken the minion wave with your autos

• choreograph the wave movement, in a way that the 4th grenade from your Q will bounce on the enemy

• And whatever you do, land your Q before taking the shot. As we know, Jhin’s auto scales with the target’s missing health (15 / 20 / 25% (based on level) of the target's Health missing health as bonus physical damage.)

So, yes, you’re going to land your Q not on your target champion but on the dying minion nearby to amplify the damage you want your enemy to receive. So, you also need to analyze minion movement. Even if you didn’t get to kill him, this way your opponent (now with a low hp) will retreat or will either lose the confidence to contest on cs.



During teamfights, you don’t actually have to be worried of your attack damage as your autos would have tremendous damage at this rate but you’re still pretty fragile and immobile. What you have to be worried about are the potential threats to your life and these are:

• People with high engage potential such as: Malphite, Alistar, Amumu, Rakan, Rengar, Kha’zix, Yone, Yi, Kayn

• People highly capable of locking you down: Ashe, Bard, Blitz, Pyke, Thresh, Nautilus

Curtain Call is by far Jhin’s most useful skill for teamfight but he is also most vulnerable during the skill. He can easily be picked and stopped by Bard’s tempered fate or Ashe’s enchanted crystal arrow because he is completely immobilized in this state. You also have to worry about Kai’sa because she has a very high backline access thanks to her Ult.

Because of his relatively low attack speed and fair immobility, you’d need to move in between of auto attacks. You need to take either a step backward or sideward for every shot you take, otherwise you’ll be caught and this will probably be the end for you.

Jhin as a “supportive” adc

Well, Jhin’s auto attacks are sure powerful to eliminate squishy champs and sometimes even the tanky ones, but it’s not the only thing that makes him an excellent AD Carry. He may be the only ADC who is categorized as a “Catcher” because of his “supportive adc” gameplay.

Thanks to his Deadly Flourish and Curtain Call he can easily coordinate with teammates even when he’s a distance away from the battlefield. He’s able to lock down enemies from a sizable distance with his Deadly Flourish. That’s a whopping 2 secs of root duration if maxed.

Jhin's Lotus traps can be used as alternate wards for vision. It may only provide a small field of vision but that is useful enough to avoid ganks. And when activated, this ability reveal enemy units, it’s useful in detecting sneaky assassins such as the enemy Kha’Zix, Eve, Rengar or Shac.

Jhin’s traps are also a great tool for maximizing map control. Thanks to the team’s trinkets, control wards, and your lotus traps you can have expanded vision throughout the map – earning you the advantage of easily pinpointing enemy positions.

Base damage and health are primarily the key to winning situations. That is why, right before the clash, you can open fire and poke at your enemies so your team can potentially gain a health advantage or even better, mobility advantage as some enemies especially the core champs will try their best to avoid that impairs movement for 80% and use their dashes, blinks, and even flash.

Standard build for Jhin

Boots of Swiftness for Mobility (recommended for prioritization)

Galeforce for Mythic item

The Collector/ Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon for Crit items

Either Mortal Reminder or Lord Dominik’s Regards for Armor Penetration


Standard runes for Jhin


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