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League of Legends: How to Carry from Mid Lane

Patch 6.3 OP Mid Lane Champions

Update 6.3 Patch: As of now the OP Mid Laners are:

  • Ahri;
  • Lux;
  • Zed;
  • Talon.

With the new item for AD Assassins, Duskblade of Draktharr, the mid lane is the nastiest place ever for squishy AP champions. Zed and Talon are true terrors in the Rift at the moment. Enjoy freelo!

League of Legends Mid Lane Champions

League of Legends Mid Lane Champions

The Mid Lane

Almost always, a solo queue game is a nightmare. Flamers everywhere, crappy duo queue buddies in your team and god like duo queue buddies in the enemy team. I feel you.

However, I believe that the mid lane is the most influential lane of the game. With many different play styles, you can carry your team to victory, easily. Some argue that bot lane is the most important but lets face it... If the top laner or mid laner are super fed, the adc won't do much. Secondly, the mid lane is always in position to help the other lanes, unlike the jungler, who most of the times is in the opposite side of the map when you need him! That's my personal opinion and the reason why i like mid so much.

Lets check out the play styles then!

If you have the time check out how to carry from the top lane as well!


This is one of the most annoying styles ever, especially if you're a ganker. And i feel your pain. Against this style, it's really hard to do anything, unless you can outplay your opponent hard or get extra help from your jungler. It's nearly impossible to outplay unless you're getting help, since the champions that are able to play like this, usually have escape mechanics or are so safe that they're never in danger.

That's why they're so good to play :D! They're annoying as hell and effective! You just shove all day long and profit. Around mid-game you'll be two levels ahead of your enemy laner and voilá. It works on every division since there isn't much you can do about it, unless your jungler can dive with you.

Godlike Pushers: Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Orianna and Lux.

If you ward and just push push, around the twenty minute mark you'll take down two towers and over level anyone in the game. This style is more effective when the enemy bot lane is getting crushed, so your enemy mid laner will feel the need to help them out while you take towers down :D!


Much alike the Pusher style, but now the objective isn't to take towers but rather just farm everything. It was more used before the jungle revamp, but it's still viable. It consists on having a money/level advantage. What you do with it, it's up to you. For this to work you need to ward the enemy jungle, and steal their wraiths every time. You have to take champions that can wave clear fast and move to the camps as soon as possible. Don't even try to harass or anything. Just farm till the twenty minutes mark. The number of minions will be intimidating :D!

Godlike Farmers: Ziggs, Orianna, Anivia, Malzahar, Syndra and Yasuo.

When you're like 60 minions ahead, then it's time to do something with your extra gold and level(s). Gank, push, pressure, it's up to you.

League Of Legends Mid Laners

League Of Legends Mid Laners

League of Legends Guide for your Performance


This is my favorite play style! But it's hard to pull off because it takes quite a bit of coordination with your other laners. Especially, in high level play where everything is warded. Still, it's doable and is more team play centered. You're sacrificing your lane most of the times to give the rest an edge.

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In order to work, you should talk to your team constantly. Ask the support to pink a route, so you won't be spotted. If the support is CC heavy, then it's free kills in the bot lane. The top lane is also easy to gank since they're so focused on the 1v1 battle and forget to ward a lot. If you can duo queue with a good jungler, then it's a recipe for success. Personally, i prefer to assist the jungler ganking lanes. It's easier and with communication it's super easy. Usually, i'll push my lane level two and try to kill the enemy jungler in their blue/red with my jungler. The chances of getting a kill are high, even if you're followed. On top of that, if you're followed and manage to get the upper hand, your enemy mid laner will lose a ton of xp since his lane is pushed. The only problem here is when their top/bot lane follow and yours don't xD! But that's why you need to warn/communicate!

Godlike Gankers: Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, Pantheon, Zed, Talon and Yasuo.

This picks are godlike in this style, simply because they have escapes, jumps, high burst, mobility and tons of damage. They're not so combo dependent, which means you don't need a specific jungler to work with you, in order to shine.

Team fighter

This is a safe style for people who aren't conformable with the mid lane. You just farm and try to not get squashed, which is easy if you're not a mid laner! Even if you're 0-10, you'll be important because your skill set wins fights. It's that simple. I highly recommend it for people who were forced to mid in the champion selection!

Godlike Team Fighters: Orianna, Kayle, Lux, Talon, Zed and Yasuo.

Even if you suck at it, with these champions you just need to do your combos and voilá. You're set, if you don't miss your skills completely :P!


This is another play style that i love. My favorite lanes are top and mid due to the 1v1 battles and this is what domination is all about! Here you just focus on killing the enemy laner. That's it. Assassins or one man bursters are the best option here. On top of that, if you manage to get even a little ahead, you'll snowball like crazy. Late game you can instantly pop the ad carry!

Godlike Domination: Fizz, Talon, Zed and Yasuo.

Talon and Zed are extremely strong at the moment. If you don't fall too much behind, you can kill anyone. If, by any chance, you're able to get a small lead, you will crush anyone!

New League of Legends Cinematic. New Dawn! Insanely cool!


This is more of an honorable mention to the global play style! It isn't used as much but it sure is fun :D!

Godlike Global Champions: Twisted Fate and Karthus!

Karthus plays a role everywhere and Twisted Fate still rocks it, hands down. Ziggs ultimate takes too long to arrive, otherwise we would be in this list as well :P!

Ziggs, My Favorite Mid Laner!

Ziggs, My Favorite Mid Laner!


Hobez Alameer on November 23, 2015:

u forgot one of the most important mid lane ever ...

Yasuo the wind fighter man ;)

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