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League of Legends Best Crowd Control Champions

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Crowd control is one of the most useful things to have in League of Legends because it allows you to disable and cripple the enemy team. In the guide, we will go over the champions with the best crowd control and why crowd control is so important.

Why is Crowd Control so Important?

Crowd control has the ability to stop the enemy from attacking, casting abilities or escaping which can be the difference between getting a kill or saving yourself from getting killed.

  • Killing enemies. When you stun someone, you are able to get in range to do your combo or land auto attacks on them. This makes it easier to get kills. Without crowd control you are at risk of being turned on and dying or simply not being able to secure the kill.
  • Protecting carries. Carries are very delicate and without protection they can be mowed down like grass and die in seconds. Crowd control can stop the enemy bruisers from killing your carries, making the far more effective. By using crowd control you can create distance between you and your aggressor in order to save your life.


Alistar is great at keeping people away from your carries as well as starting team fights. His stun cannot be cleansed and also can hit multiple targets. This makes him very effective at protecting carries and keeping people locked down. Not only that but his knock back allows him to either push people into your team, or push them away from your carry.

  • Make sure you try to hit as many people as possible with Alistar's Q. The more people you hit with this the more people will be disabled and the more likely you are going to win that fight.
  • Alistar is one of the best peelers. He is great at getting enemies off your carries and making sure your carries stay alive. Know your role and job in fights and be sure that you protect your carry if they are getting assassinated a lot.


Curse of the sand mummy is one of the best crowd controls in the game because it is area of effect and has a large radius. This means that Amumu can get an entire team locked down for the duration of his ult. This allows your team to land abilities and do free damage on the people who are locked down. He also has a stun which is great for catching targets and setting up his ult.

  • Amumu is one of the best hard engage champions in the game. He is great at starting good fights and diving into the enemy team. Be sure that your team is near you when you go in so you have a good follow up on the enemy team.
  • Landing your stun as Amumu is really important. It is a skill shot, but with some practice it is fairly easy to hit. Make sure you are able to land it and the more you practice the better you will be.


Anivia has an area of effect stun as well as a wall that can cut people from advancing or escaping. Not only that but her ultimate slows as well. This makes it really hard to advance on Anivia as well as hard to get away if she can land her moves. Although her abilities take practice and skill to land, if you can land them it gives your team a very big advantage.

  • Make sure that you do not use your wall to block off your team. This can be tricky and a good wall can win your a fight, and a bad one might lose you one. This is why it is important that you know what you are doing and how to use your all properly.

Cho Gath

The silence that Cho has is not only area of effect, but it also last 3 seconds. That is an extremely long for a crowd control effect and is one of the reasons that he is such a good champion. Cho also has a knock up that can hit multiple enemies and slow them as well.

  • Chos abilities are skill shots so be careful when and how you are using them. It is easy to miss a skill shot and then you are making yourself far less effective.
  • It is a good idea to time Cho's abilities together for a nice combo. Once you knock them up it is easy to hit them with a quick silence.
  • Try and use the silence tactically. A common mistake is using your silence on whoever whenever. It is a very powerful ability and you want to use it on key targets. If you can hit their AP carry with a silence during the fight you are highly likely to come out on top.


Galio's ultimate is his man source of crowd control. It allows him to taunt multiple enemies and keep them locked down so your team can get some free damage down. He also has two abilities that slow and one that can haste your fellow teammates.

  • Galio's area of effect taunt is great for locking up teams and winning fights, but you have to use it properly. Be sure you get as many people as you can in it, flash if you need to.


One of the best if not the best crowd control champions in the game. Janna protects carries like no other. She is able to knock people up with her tornado as well as push them away with her ultimate. Her slow is also very strong and can really stop enemy advances on your ad carry.

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Leona is a CC machine. She is able to stun and slow multiple targets with her ultimate as well as single targets with her stun. Her diving ability also gives her good chase and allows you to lock down targets while you team finishes them off.



Unstoppable force, Malphites ultimate, is well unstoppable. He is able to knock up multiple enemies and start team fights extremely easy. One of the best imitators in the game and a very powerful champion.



Any time you are dealing with 3 second crowd control abilities they are bound to be extremely strong. Morgana has a snare that lasts this long as well as an ultimate that can stun multiple targets. This allows Morgana to completely stop the advances of the enemy as well as stopping them from trying to escape. Her snare, however, does take a lot of practice and skill to land.



The slows that Nunu provides are extremely powerful and he is able to completely zone teams from advancing on your back line. His ultimate, if used correctly, can stop a team in there tracks and either force them to take an extreme amount of damage, or run away while your team kills them.



Zyra is full of snares and knock ups that can really be useful with strong area of effect compositions. If you are able to land your snare on multiple targets, it is fairly easy to combo the rest of your abilities and completely destroy a team.


Other Champions With Strong CC

  • Ashe
  • Cassiopiea
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Kennen
  • Lux
  • Maokai
  • Nautalus
  • Rammus
  • Shen
  • Sona

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