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League of Legends Best Champions For 1300 IP


Malphite is a great champ and one of his greatest assets is his ability to tank a lot of damage which makes him not only very easy to play but also extremely fun. Also, Malphite can jungle and top lane which makes him very versatile and gives you different options.



If you like playing middle the Morgana is a great choice for the next champion you buy. She is pretty easy and fun to play and has sustain, which is great for staying in lane longer and getting beast late game.



The great thing about Jax is that he can deal a ton of damage and is one of the best late game champions in the game. You can just power farm during the early stages of the game and basically kill carries while tanking a great deal of damage.



Tanky champions like Singed are extremely fun to play because you can get in the middle of a team fight and not die. Getting farm is a great factor in getting tanky and that's another one of Singed's strengths. He can farm and split push very easily.


Twisted Fate

Although Twitsted Fate can be difficult he is a great champion to learn and practice. He is really fun and you can experiment with split pushing and back dooring with TF which can make for some pretty fun games. He is also a great farmer. If you get fed you can just clear lanes with wild cards and get really powerful.


Cho Gath

Cho is one of the best laning champions in the game because his passive allows him to heal after killing minions. This allows him to tank a lot of damage and stay in lane a lot longer. Cho also is a great wave clearer and can farm pretty easily at later levels. Overall a great champ and very fun to play.

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If I had to number this list in level of importance I would say that Amumu is the best champion in the 1350 price range right now. He is just great and very fun to play. His skill set allows for a lot of diversity and a lot of damage. If I had 1350 to spend I would definitely buy Amumu.



Mark Bryant on December 21, 2015:

Ah Ok

Samuel Franklin on September 09, 2015:

Cho'Gath, Singed and Morgana. Basically the first 3 champions I bought and used them all the way up to level 30. Covers your top and mid lanes well but also good for Domination/3v3 which I was playing a lot pre-30.

rico on January 08, 2014:

mundo vegar

mundo on January 05, 2014:

where mundo?

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