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Laura (Creature): A Nightmare in Hell of The Evil Within Series

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Horror video games are popular among people of all ages. People enjoy them because they give people a chance to live their fantasies. People like to scare and horror video games give them haunted feelings. Horror video games give us some satisfying disturbing feelings and make us jump off the bed.

The Evil Within franchise is well-known for its jump scares and disturbing moments. The Evil Within series contains the most disturbing monsters from the horror genre of video games. These monsters have some resemblance to Silent Hill monsters because they show human trauma and pain. Laura is one of those disturbing monsters. Laura represents the painful memory of a tragic death. Laura is a distorted version of a girl who was burned alive in the fire. She is a twisted reincarnation from an innocent girl to pure evil. Laura is a boss from The Evil Within series. She truly is a terrifying monster. Laura is a nightmare in the game and can haunt you in your dreams.


Appearance of Laura

Laura has a very obscure body with four arms. Two arms are connected with the vertebrae bone on the back and the other two are in a normal position. Arms are long to which gigantic claw-like hands are attached. Nails of giant hands are increased to the size of a big knife. Two long legs are attached to crawl and attack swiftly. If you see the death animations of the main protagonist closely where he is butchered by the monster, she is wearing blood-stained shoes. Her skin is mottled because she was burned by the fire and presents a patchy appearance. The severe wounds are also visible in detail. She is mostly naked but her oversized long hairs completely cover the chest area of her body. Laura’s face is expressionless and presents a terrifying look. She can teleport or appear from the bodies of defeated enemies, Laura has a horrifying appearance.


Origins of Laura

Laura seems to have been inspired by the jorōgumo, a spider Yokai of Japanese folklore that takes the form of a seductive woman to lure her prey.

Laura was a teen girl. Her age was 17. She liked to wear a red dress. She was very close to her little brother, Ruvik. Ruvik is the main villain of the series’ first game. It is mentioned in the game that she was the only person who understood her brother. Rubik and Laura had wealthy parents who bought new land and a farm. Both siblings often used to play in a barn which was in the middle of the field. One day, previous owners of the farm decided to light the barn on fire because they wanted to show their supremacy. The barn started to burn with fire. Both siblings tried to escape through a window. Laura tried to help her brother to escape. Rubik falls out of the window in flames and escaped the fire despite being burned to heavily disfigure. Laura was not able to escape and left in the barn to die. She screamed as she was burning alive. But she survived the accident and was left in a vegetative state. She eventually died of severely burned wounds.

"Hmph. I didn't hear anything."

―A villager setting the barn on fire, purposefully ignoring the sounds inside


What Laura Represents

Laura represents the pain and agony of a girl who was burned alive. The resurrected Laura represents feelings of guilt. Rubik first thought that she blamed him for her death and returned from the grave to come after him. Laura is always screaming because she wants to tell us how pain feels like. Her patchy mottled skin tells us about the bad memories that can’t be forgotten easily. Remained marks of the wounds work as a reminder of pain. Bad memories can affect our minds and imagination, make us depressed and vulnerable. Laura’s sharp claws tell us about cruelty and greed. The cruel world can snatch innocence with its sharp claws because of greed and jealousy. The blood-stained boots of Laura show the little humanity left in her. Her long arms show the approach of the cruel world to an innocent. We can’t escape from the world. This world can swallow our innocence in no time.

"Deep down I knew she was only an apparition, but I would regain my face, recover what was taken from me, restore her. My beloved sister, Laura."

―Ruvik vowing to make things the way they used to be


My Final Thoughts

The world is a bad place with bad memories. Laura’s reincarnation as a monster tells us about the filth of bad memories. Monster Laura is nothing more than a bad memory of her brother. Laura reacts violently toward the flames in the video game because she was burned alive. This anguish is related to the pain of burning in fire. Painful memories are hard to be forgotten but they can be forgotten with time. Video games make us live the unknown realities through their fantasy worlds. Video games often teach us valuable life lessons. They can make us happy and make us sad the very next moment. They can make us cry and laugh. But the most important thing is that they let us experience the world in our way.

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