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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Twenty-Five: High Steal

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Turns out that whole Blackwell job was good for something after all. Chase has taken down one of Rex's gangs, and in doing so he's found a way into one of Rex's jobs at a construction site. Time to bring the bad guy down for good? Let's find out.

Hop in a car and ride the short distance to Sunset Sands. The construction site is just off the main road, beside the Honey Hotel. Approach the waypoint to start the special assignment High Steal. Chase is immediately accepted onto a construction crew - but he needs an outfit to fit in. Push the barrel out of the way of the door in the top-left corner and break into the enclosure to find the Chase McCain (Construction) outfit in a cupboard. Your last outfit! Woo!

Do as the foreman asks and hit the fuse box inside the enclosure with your hammer to turn off the power. After you do one of Rex's men will show up Chase and mention why you're needed here: Rex wants a crane. Huh.

In the bottom-right corner of the yard is a crate. Break it open to find a space crate. It will beam in a Green Color Swapper. Use the Color Gun on the light in the north of the yard to open up a steamroller. Bash the rocks behind the steamroller to get one of five and roll the steamroller out and onto the big red button beside the right gate to open the path into the next area. Check the pipe in the south of the yard for a purple stud before you proceed.


There's a fair bit to do in this next section of the yard.

  • Bust up the rocks down the entrance ramp and in the top-north corner of the yard for two of five.
  • On the girders north of the entrance is a spot where you can take a coffee break in your Construction outfit. This will count for one of three.
  • Bust into the door by the entrance to find a fuse box containing a bunch of studs. This will also open up a teleporter outside that leads to yet more studs.
  • Break into the next door down from the last to find a Red Brick.
  • The last door in this row also contains studs.
  • On the ground just below these doors is another stack of rocks you can destroy.
  • The fourth and fifth piles of rocks are on the right side of the yard. Getting all five will earn you a Police Shield Piece.
  • There's another coffee break spot in the bottom-right corner of the yard.
  • Use the cement mixer in the bottom-right to knock down some bricks nearby. Assemble them into a button-pressed elevator to reach the Foundation collectible.

Once you've checked the place over, use your pneumatic drill in your Construction outfit on the wriggling cement squares in the area. Doing this to four of them will stop the water from flowing in the pit to the north and allow you to get at a space crate. Use the crate to beam down pieces to a hoist. Use the hoist to get another horde of pieces down to build a ladder.


Climb to the second floor of the construction site and use the Grapple Gun to get up to the third. Shimmy to the right and break through the door to get at some dynamite. Use it on the wall on the second floor to get to an elevator… which isn't working. Of course. Keep running left to get to a grapple point. At the top you'll find the last coffee break, which will net you a Police Shield Piece, and a fuse box that will get the elevator running. Drop into the elevator and hit the switch inside to ascend. (Make sure you check the blue locker two floors up from the right of the elevator. Inside is the Construction Foreman collectible.)

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Put out the fire up here and water the red pot to get to the next floor. Run right, hop over the gap in the elevator's roof, and go down the ladder. Turn off the gas valve to open up the path to the right. Jump down into the pit and bash open the door.

Bash up the box in the next room to find the Roller collectible, then drop through the tube. A worker at the bottom will complain that the construction yard's guard dog has stolen the key to the gatehouse beside him. You have to get it back. There are several things to do in this part of the yard before you retrieve the bone.

  • Near the middle of the yard is a drill point that will propel you up to a Super Brick.
  • Check the right side of the yard. You'll find a drill spot that will unleash a torrent of water. This will take you to an area filled with random objects. Bash them up to get a Super Brick.
  • Just south of this yard is a couple of orange and blue bricks you can mash up and reassemble into the Tt logo - one of three.
  • Check just north of the ladder back down from here to find a fuse box that will activate a Blue Color Swapper. Use this to blast the silver wall in the north so you can climb it. At the top are some crates; bust these up to get pieces to a LEGO head that will count as two of three. Bash the machinery in the left corner for the Patrick Wenham collectible as well.

Back to the dog house. Bash the rock beside the house to find a Scan Spot. Follow the trail to the south to find a hidden bone. Take it to the dog bowl to get the key from the dog. Use the key to get into the gatehouse and activate the switch to open the gate to the south.


One last area, and a little more to see before you set up the Industrial Crane Super Build.

  • Bash up the pieces near the foreman's… twin… and assemble a duck that will count as three of three and net you a Police Shield Piece.
  • Climb atop the crates in the top-left of this area to make your way to a Super Brick in a small shed.

Your forays in the Construction Yard should have earned you four Super Bricks, enough to make the Super Build worth 40,000 bricks. Woo, Crane! Steer it into the main yard.

(After you have the big Crane ready, hop out and bash up the three rocks that appear in the main yard. Underneath is a Scan Spot that will lead you to a bunch of blocks you can assemble into an RC Crane. Guide this micro-sized construction vehicle around and dig up the four spots here for a Police Shield Piece. One will even yield a Super Brick.)

Guide the Crane into the waypoint and use it to move the coloured pipes into their proper fittings. Doing that will open up the gate out of the Construction Yard. Guide the lumbering machine through and out to freedom! Criminal freedom! You'll even get a Gold Brick for completing the assignment and getting all the Police Shield Pieces, and another if you collected enough studs!

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