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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Ten: Undercover

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase McCain is going undercover. Chan Chuang, owner of the city's biggest and newest chop shop racket, may have connections to Rex Fury, and McCain has to figure out what they are.

As soon as this chapter begins Ellie will hand over the Chase Undercover (Police) outfit, a variation on your standard Police uniform. Your next destination, toque in hand, is Chan's Scrapyard. You have to join his gang and discover his connection to Fury, if there is one. Hop in your new undercover car and make tracks to the central neighbourhoods of LEGO City, previously blocked to you.

Hop in your car, drive across the Heritage Bridge, go through Festival Square and enter Pagoda. The waypoint is near the entrance of this part of town. Ellie will unlock Audio Scan, and a Scan point will appear on a building across the street. Use the blue and white pipe beside the 'Aidan's' sign, a grapple point and a suspension wire to get to the roof. Trash the can up here to make a trampoline so you can get the Super Brick on the shack, then use the Scan Point to hunt around the opposite buildings. The signal that’s scrambled is the one you want. It IDs a guy named Bucky Butler who is headed to Chan's Limo Company. Chase has to replace him to get in with Chan's gang.


Get back in a car and make your way to the piers of Uptown. (There are great brick multiplier opportunities along the way, so don't hesitate to smash through stuff.) You'll find a Call-in Point Super Build near the waypoint which will unlock the Hestia collectible and a Gold Brick. Check out the waypoint to reveal a Scan Point by the train tracks. The one you want is on the top floor of the opposite art gallery.

After listening to the chat Bucky will leave the art gallery, and Chase will tip him off. High-speed pursuit time! Follow Bucky across the port and corner him when he hits the park on the other side. His car isn't terribly durable, so it won't take much to bash him into submission. Catch him on foot after he abandons his car. (If you catch him in the park you'll likely also spot another Super Build spot across the street for a Call-in Point. This will get you the Hazard collectible and a Gold Brick.)

The path will lead you back to Pagoda and right to Chan's Limo Company. There you'll get a new mission: escort no less than Forrest Blackwell, billionaire, from Blackwell Tower to a distant theatre. There are two parts to this trip.


During the first you just have to get to Blackwell Tower in three minutes. Hop in the limo and speed along the waypoint point. Not difficult - but try not to trash the limo too much on the way. Speed is essential. (There are two Super Build sites to find along the road, as well. Drive close enough that they appear on your map so you can come back for them later.)

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The second half requires you to drive Blackwell to the theatre. In this case you'll occasionally get hit by paparazzi on motorcycles. Keep to the straight and narrow and let off the gas only on turns. The only tricky part is right at the end, where you have to take a hard turn to the left to get to the waypoint.

Old Quiang will call you back to Pagoda. Head to the waypoint, across from the large, central pagoda, and Chan himself will give you a series of small missions to prove yourself as a minion.


Begin by heading to Paradise Sands to pick up a car. The waypoint will guide you straight and true. (And you'll find a Super Build for a Call-in Point along the way. Unlocking it will get you the Epona collectible and a Gold Brick.) Guards are watching over the car, but you can run to the nearby pool party and assemble a stereo at the end of the pool to lure them away. Get a record from the nearby magician to get the music started, then groove out on the turntable's mini game to lure away one of the guards.

The other guard isn't interested in music. He wants food. Bash up the red bricks by the complaining chef near the pool to assemble a barbeque, then check the right side of the pool for food stalls. The first stall has a crate of chickens you can deliver to the chef to lure the second guard. Stick the chicken on the BBQ for him and the guard will run off.

Now you can grab the car… only there's a costume party worth of guests who want to stop you from taking off with it. Beat them up with your usual assortment of moves, hop in the car, and bolt for the waypoint. The police will dog you the whole way, which is especially dangerous given this car's poor turning. Stick to the straight and narrow as much as possible to avoid collisions - it can't take too many hits.


Deliver the car and Chan will ask Chase to check out his Limo Company, which appears to have an alarm going haywire. Head down the street to have a look at long last!

The visit to the inside of the Limo Company is pretty short, as a thief busts out of the Company and makes for the rooftops. Follow them to the side of the building and climb the sign to give chase. The rooftop run isn't too difficult so long as you mirror the thief's movements as much as you can. Don't worry about falling behind - just try to look awesome while you're leaping across giant gaps and sliding down zip lines. (There are some things along the rooftops which you can't get at yet. We'll come back to them later.)

The thief should be quite familiar, and they'll leave after some discussion of a father, missing, and another gang leader called Vinnie Pappalardo. That done, the chapter will end, you'll be able to engage in the chase again whenever you like.

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