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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Sixteen: Scrapyard Scrap

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase McCain's main (and reluctant) squeeze Natalia has been cornered while snooping around Chan's Scrapyard, and Chase has to get inside and save her. Pals Studski and Clutch have the outfit he needs to remain incognito… but the moment they step inside they all get unwanted attention. So much for doing this quietly.

This assignment begins with your typical brawl. (Studski and Hutch are utterly useless, so don't expect any help.) Take out the enemies, then look for a way to start the generator (bottom-left corner) that will help you open the gate and let you inside. You need three gas cans.

  • The first is a few feet away from the generator. Piece of cake.
  • Bust up the blocks near the generator until you find a Scan Point. It will lead you to the second can, inside a dryer.
  • The third is sitting near the gate on the right side of the yard.

Pull the switch after the generator is full to start a wind generator. Use it to get to a crane that will drop a Super Brick and a large metal tube. Hop on the tube and roll it to the indentation in front of the gate. Roll on it for a few seconds and the gate will open.

(While you're here you'll notice some beat up cars laying around. You can destroy two here, and two more in the next section of the yard, for a Police Shield Piece.)

Beat up the thugs in the next section and have a look around. There's a Super Build you need to make, the Car Crusher. If you have enough bricks already, great; if not, have a quick look around first.

Bash the rocks sitting beside the trailer with the dog out front. This will reveal a dynamite vending machine. Grab some and use it on the white dumpster to the right of the trailer. Reassemble what's left into a dog house. The dog will run into it, leaving the way into the trailer open - and gifting you with a Super Brick. There's also a safe in here with the Chase Suit, in case you wanted to look smooth outside this area. (You know you do.)

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There's a grapple point near the gate you can use to pull a piece of machinery down. Reassemble it into a Green Color Swapper. Run to the pool of oil in the bottom-right corner, hop up the pole, and grab the wheel at the end of the pole at the top. Use the wheel on the crank at the bottom of the pole to pull a generator out of the oil. Shoot it with your Color Gun to activate a pump that will empty the pool, allowing you to get the Super Block - as well as a Police Shield Piece from the safe.

That'll do it. Create the Car Crusher and watch it go to work. It will create a cube you can use as a platform in the first area. Beat up the tough guy here and make your way to the car grinder, which is both active and dangerous at the moment. Hop your way across once a car drops (don't shimmy or you'll never make it) and use the switch at the other end to drop junk down onto a lower platform. Assemble said junk into a ladder and follow the super-obvious arrow.

Take out Chan's thugs in the next area and have a look around. Bash the junk littering the area (two pieces near the entrance and one above the poles) to get a three of four count going.


Bash through the rocks blocking a section of the north wall. Grab the crate of bricks hidden behind the rocks and take it over to the green panel by the right wall. Assemble them into a new car motor to move the beige truck nearby away from a manhole cover. You can pry open this manhole cover to get some dynamite. (There's also a purple stud at the bottom of the manhole if you jump inside.) Hop onto the truck and use it to get to the hopping poles that lead to the trashed plane. Blow up its nosecone to get pieces for a teleporter.

(You can also pull a grapple point out at the right end of the yard before you leave to create steps up to the big donut. There's a purple stud up here.)

Teleport to the next yard over. You'll face a bunch of thugs, and, after they're gone, Natalia will reveal her presence - suspended from a crane. Check the top-right corner of the yard for debris you can form into one last silver statue, earning you a Police Shield Piece, and shimmy up the pole to get to the crane. Turn it on to free Natalia and get out of the Scrapyard. Getting through here will earn you a Gold Brick and move the game to a new chapter… where Chase is finally getting slagged for all his hard work.


Make a return trip to Chan's Scrapyard after completing the game and getting all of the collectibles to find some more stuff worth grabbing with your new powers.

  • There's a drill point in the first section of the Scrapyard. Bust through it for the Schmoozer collectible.
  • On the far right side of the first yard is a Rex Fury pull point. Under the crate is a catapult that will launch you up to a Red Brick.
  • There are six flaming barrels in the second half of the assignment, five on the ground in the two lots and one by the crane. Extinguish the lot for a Police Shield Piece.
  • After using the teleporter you'll come out beside a drill spot. Get through to find a gear that will activate a nearby catapult. Return to the previous yard to find the Jalopy collectible.
  • Beside the fence in the second half of the second lot is a door to bash open. Inside is the Studski collectible.
  • Up a pole near the door you just opened is a fuse box.

Getting all of the Police Shield Pieces and enough studs will earn you two more Gold Bricks.

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