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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Six: Miner Altercation

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chief Dunby's being a pain, as usual, and Chase McCain is ignoring his orders, as usual. Rex Fury managed to escape from Albatross Island Prison thanks to a hammer he got from Bluebell Mine, and Dunby has ordered Chase not to follow up on the lead. Chase will, of course, do it anyway. To Bluebell Mine!

As soon as this chapter begins you'll unlock the ability to take the train, in this case between the Cherry Tree station and Bluebell National Park. This will also give you two Gold Bricks. Score. Aftr you're done talking with Ellie, check the small police kiosk beside the pier for the Butch Patterson collectible using your new Robber duds. You can use it again a bit further down the pier to get into a door containing a ton of studs, and then again on the way out of the workout yard behind the police station to get the Security Guard collectible.

Wander through the park next to the police station and hop on the train to fast travel to Bluebell National Park. Check the small structure to the left of where the train leaves you and you can find two Super Blocks, one atop the roof (you'll have to assemble a trampoline from parts off to the side) and one atop a stump behind it (you can get to it by using the hand holds).


The mine is right beside this building, but it's blocked by workers who won't leave until the steam whistle blows - and if you check the whistle you'll see that the valve is missing. Break into the house to the right and check the safe for the valve. Use it on the steam whistle to send the workers packing, which will get you into the mine.

Two goons will blow up some dynamite the moment you set foot inside, but you'll still be able to move about the Mine relatively unimpeded. A short ways north of the entrance is a grapple point attached to a floating block; grapple and tug on it to reveal the Ross Wilding collectible. That done, break into the door in the north, hit the switch inside to bring a bunch of blocks down, and assemble them into a box. Move the box to the left to jump to the upper level.

Climb the bricks to the top up here and grapple-swing to the right. Bust up the equipment beside the miner and reassemble it into a catapult that will send you to a shack with a few miners outside it. Break into the shack and you'll find the Chase McCain (Miner) outfit in a cupboard inside. Put this on and bash through the rocks to the right of the shack to get back to the bottom floor.

Now that you have the Miner outfit you can do a great deal more stuff down here.

  • Bash the rocks below the rope you drop down to get to the ground floor. There's a handle underneath them. Take this handle to the switch along the right way and plug it in. It will open a chute above that will drop a slew of pieces. Assemble them into a vending machine that you can use to get dynamite while wearing the Miner outfit.
  • You'll also find parts for a trampoline under the aforementioned rocks that will propel you up to a scaleable wall covered in studs.
  • Smash the rocks near the entrance of the mine for a Police Badge Piece.

Take some dynamite from the vending machine you just opened up and place it in the barrel next to the giant bronze wheel in the right corner of the Mine. Freeing the wheel will send bits of tracks raining down in the middle of the mine, near a cart full of explosives that's been locked in place. Assemble the rails into working tracks and you'll be able to roll the dynamite-laden cart into the silver rocks ahead. Take out the two goons who charge out after doing this.

There are more goons in the next room, though they're just as easy to take down. Check the top-left of this area for a vending machine with explosives after the room is cleared and use the dynamite on the outhouse near the cliff edge. Use the pieces to create a diving board at the cliff edge and hop off when you're ready (which Chase never is). Avoid objects on the way down and try to go through the stud rings during the decent to collect a ton of the things. You can make quite a killing if you're careful.

You'll land in a big, empty pit of water at the bottom. Climb the ladder, bash up the equipment and rocks in here for studs and bricks, and slam through the rocky obstruction at the end of the tunnel. You'll come out in a new area with a new purpose: create a Cable Car Super Build. Fortunately, there are lots of Super Blocks in this area for that purpose. Start by checking the small red shack to the right side of the entrance, where you'll find one if you bust in.

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Bust up the rocks just south of where you came in. You'll find a Scan point you can follow to a set of clay jays sitting atop a trap door. Inside is dynamite you can use on the big lump of yellow and grey blocks near the entrance. Reassemble them into a block you can move to reach an upper level. Take out the goons up here and bash through the rocks to the top-left for another Super Block.

Run to your right and hop across the gap. Shimmy along the blue and white pipe and bash up the piles of bricks here to get pieces for a catapult. Stop here a moment to destroy the protrusion of yellow bricks on the right wall, as well - they count towards something. Use the catapult to fly up to a higher platform.

Grab on to the pipe to your right to crawl across to another Super Block, then use your Grapple Gun to bring down the bridge to your left. Bash the small blue cylinder at the end of this path to find parts for a trampoline and use it to get up to the upper platforms. Go right from here, build a bridge to the far platform, and grab the fuse from the wall. Take it back to the fuse spot on the opposite platform to light up some dynamite and open up another path above. Be careful not to fall while crossing the slim bridge or you'll have to start over!

After two jumps you'll be on another platform. To the left is a bird you can liberate from a cage, counting as one of four. To the right is another mass of gold bricks on the wall and several swinging jumps. Go across them to the right and climb the ladder to find more gold bricks to break and another pole to swing on. Use it to reach a platform with another bird to release and, up some scaleable wall bricks, a Super Brick. Grab it and slide down the rope to your left to find another Super Brick. Slide down the chain here to locate a heap of rocks shielding another Super Brick from view. Drop down a hole here and you'll be back where you started.


That should give you more than enough bricks for a Cable Car. (If not, bash everything in sight until you get what you need.) Build the Car and ride it across. Naturally, a goon will trash the thing and send you flying down onto a small island.

Make your way right. There's another gold formation here you can't destroy (yet) and, when you go far enough, you'll find a wall you can climb. Be careful on the opposite island, as a thug above will drop rocks that can instantly take you out. Release the bird at the end of the path, wait for one of the rocks to fall, and start climbing upward. Beat up the thug at the top. (From here you can leap down onto the gold outcropping you saw before and destroy it, though you'll lose some studs in the process. No huge deal?)

Check the left side of this area for a mine shaft you can scale with your Grapple Gun. Make your way up here to a conveyor belt, avoiding any molten rocks that get dropped down by the belt as it spins along. Jump carefully once you're on the belt and keep climbing to an upper platform. Follow the path to a large clearing and take out the thugs populating it.

The last bird is up here, earning you a Police Badge Piece for its release. Take out the crates to find pieces for a dynamite vending machine which you can use to blow up the outhouse to the south. Reassemble the outhouse into a catapult and use it to get to the boardwalk above the shack. Hop inside the shack and crack the vault to find a voice recorder that will reveal the whereabouts of Stinky, the guy you came looking for… and give Chase a chance to square off against Rex Fury.

(It ends badly.)

The chapter ends here, and you'll get another Police Badge Piece and a Gold Brick for your efforts. You'll also receive a new tip from Duke, Ellie's uncle, to go see a guy about learning some premium kung fu moves. Chase'll need 'em if he wants to take on Rex Fury, that's for certain.


Come back for more? This section will assume that you have all of the necessary outfits to completely explore the Mine.

  • There are five fires burning in the first area: three on the bottom floor, two on the upper levels. Get all five for a Police Shield Piece.
  • In the first area of the mine is a fuse box attached to a water syphon. Fix it up to get at a manhole containing a Spikey Don collectible.
  • After pushing the yellow crate to get to the higher level in the first area you'll find an electrical track you can jet across. On the other side is a fuse box that will activate a Green Color Swapper. You can use it on a light at the top of a climb to the left to find the Dumper collectible in an elevator.
  • On the left of the section with the cable car is an elevator. Jet up on top of the elevator to grab a box of parts and assemble it on the green patch at the bottom. This will pull up the elevator, which contains the Steadfast collectible.
  • There's a Chicken Glide point atop the shack where the level ends. Use it to find a section with tumbling rocks. The last of the yellow crystals is here, earning you a Police Shield Piece, as well as a purple stud, a Red Brick and a teleporter. The teleporter will shunt you back to the end of the level.
  • There's a drill point at the end of the level containing a purple stud.

Snagging all of the Police Shield Pieces and maximizing the stud count will earn you two more Gold Bricks. Woo!

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